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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years! Mutiny Comes to Michigan!

Sybil Starr Productions Facts for 2009
SSP launched 7 new websites.
SSP best selling video of 2009: Glossy Coat 1
Sybil Starr best selling video of 2009: Sybil Practices Self Defense Techniques
Lia Labowe best selling video of 2009: LiaJitsu
SSP released approximately 460 clips and videos in 2009

Sybil Firsts for 2009:
Professional Pillow Fighting
Saw the Tigers play in Anaheim
KO'd a guy with scissors from the back of the neck.
Got a dog
Spooky Empire
Deep Sea Fishing
Zombie Bar

And my first goal for 2010? kick Mutiny's butt!
Mutiny is traveling here! We have already agreed to a competitive match, but our sponsor dropped out! If you would like to sponsor our match, the cost is only $50 and you will have a full version of the match to download within 48 hours of it taking place! Please e-mail me if you are interested!

Also, if you have any custom scripts for us! Get them in now! Our Custom pricing is very reasonable!

Veronika Valentine will also be available to shoot with Mutiny. . so that is three of us you can choose from! All types of fantasies fufilled here! just ask

Lethal Legs
new Mixed wrestling with Lia and 2 on 1 Trampling with Crush and Sherry Stuns.

Sybil Starr
New Veronika Training Videos!

Lia Labowe
New mixed wrestling videos!

and finally
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe in your celebrating tonight!
Kisses and scissors and wishes for the best year ever!

The Zed Word: Zombie Blog: Z.E.O. (REVIEW)

The Zed Word: Zombie Blog: Z.E.O. (REVIEW)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Updates!

If you are a member of the Sybil Starr yahoo group, you already got your free download;) If you are not, sign up!

It is Christmas Eve (it was when I started writing this!), and I have found myself alone for the first time in many years. . . I have been getting ready to spend the weekend with my family and cooking and listening to Christmas music and making merry. I love Christmas time.. even the crowded stores can't stop me from smiling. I am incredibly blessed. I have my health, my family, my friends, my fans, and my businesses. . . not to mention God's gift of His/Her only son so that we might understand His/Her love and be reconciled to that Divine Force. A new friend of mine introduced me to "The Feast of the Seven Fishes," and though my Grandmother is Italian we have never celebrated Christmas eve in this fashion in the past (she doesn't like to cook, truth be known.) I love to cook, and decided that I would give it a go. . . I made it through 5 fish dishes, as I just ran out of time and inclination to do the last two, besides, I was only feeding 5 of us;).

I started my feast out with a simple shrimp ring with cocktail sauce. . easy enough, right? And then I jumped in! It has been quite a while since I made marinara sauce from scratch, but using an old Ma Blackerby recipe and some improvisations, I cooked the best marinara sauce of my life, letting it simmer for 3 hours. . . . Time to put the lemon pepper flounder in the oven to bake, and then I threw the teryaki salmon on the grill. . and after feasting on all of that I also made Mussels Magnifico (so unbelievably good!) and Spinach Alfredo Scallops and Linguine. I still have Whiting and Tilapia ready to go if I intend to do all seven dishes this weekend ;) I enjoyed yesterday with a couple of family members and friends, and today travel north to spend the day with my 12 nieces and nephews. . Merry Christmas my dears!

All of our websites have been updated. . .
Live Female Pro-Wrestling Matches!
Competitive Pins Match in Shiny Thong Leotards!
Mixed Wrestling: Devon Vs Van
Clips4sale Updated: Daily!
New Videos and Pictures with Veronika, bondage, modeling and layers!
Clips4sale Updated!
New Videos with Veronika in new strait jackets!
Clips4sale:updated for Christmas

Lia Labowe
It seems as if you are just discovering that, yes, retired session wrestler, Lia Labowe does have her own site! The content here is a mix of her old videos (still being processed, rendered, edited and archived for you!) and some original new content!
This week LiaJitsu 1 and Spy KO with Bethany are both "re-visited"!
Lia's Clips4sale

My favorite new website so far! Spy Bitches! Assassin Ninjas! Judo Sybil! Leotards and Tights! Trampling! Ball Busting! Martial Arts Gear! Looking ahead we will be running a big promo contest for Lethal leg type scripts for January, so sharpen up those pencils and get ready!

Queen of Tights
Previously unreleased Christmas Video! Kitty Claus vs The Queen of Tights!
our newly launched bondage site! See all your favorites struggling for their freedom! Christina Carter, Fantasy, Sumiko, Josie, Kordelia Devonshire, Gia Primo, Mutiny & more! Also a new bondage blog that I just started. . watch for this to develop in the next year ;)

Sybil's Locks

Mutiny is on her way here for a re-match and also to work for our websites Jan 10th and 11th! Any custom requests? E-mail me soon. . also if you would like to sponsor our competitive match!

Kisses and Scissors,

Merry Eve!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated for the weekend ;)

Very Merry Holidays ahead!

This week's updates for Sybil Starr Production websites:

the First three clips from my competitive pins match with Nikki "Pin Down Girl"
Devon vs Van, Mixed wrestling at it's finest.
Avon lady catfight (poor quality) with Nikki Fierce
Spy KO with Bethany Joy
new clips and pictures with Josie and Neveah and Fantasy! Getting tied up and kidnapped by yours truly!
I trick Fantasy into the short leather jacket. . so HOT!
so many new clips! Fantasy and Sumiko tied together. Christina Carter ties me up and tickles me. . there are topless videos here. (consider yourself warned)

a QOT exclusive! Liz Lightspeed makes her debut as "Kitty Claus" the Catfight champ of the South Pole! and a dirty fighter! the first three clips of this match are available.
trampling, Mixed wrestling and Mixed Judo!

ok, I am going to be in Chicago tomorrow and then Minneapolis this weekend, if you are looking for a butt whooping, drop me a line!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Treats

A short sample clip from the "Crotch Despair" series and a behind the scenes picture with Liz Lightspeed from the filming of QOT 8, which is just now being released at in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today's Picture

This Picture is from an upcoming release on "Midnight Assassin"

And this picture is from a boxing video I did with Devon at Sleeper Kids world. . .

today I added a ton of clips to the female wrestling/semi-comp category . . . all are pro-style female matches, two of which are live in front of an audience. . really great stuff. . . also been going through the Lia Labowe archives and finding more hot, almost lost to us, videos. . . launched and starr-girls launch is coming up! more details soon. . .

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Poem from fred

The Laughing Goddess
She will definitely kick you while you're down
And leave Her heel prints on your chest.
Use you, and abuse you in ever creative ways!
She will take your limits far beyond what you thought possible.
She will giggle at your pain, and deliver the dreaded "butt bomb"
When you least expect it.
And yet--days later, you will caress your bruises
With longing, dreaming of the day
When once again you will be summoned
To suffer, and serve
The laughing Goddess--Sybil Starr

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Spanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sybil Starr Productions Starr Army Affiliates Program

Recently we switched over to a new site to sell our downloads,
This site is so easy to use and has some really wonderful features! One of
the features I just realized is what they call an "Affiliates" Program. I
call it "how the Starr Army can make money." I know things are tough and we
could all use an extra dollar or hundred in our pockets. . and instead of my
company paying out hundreds to thousands of dollars to advertise all our new
sites, it dawned on me that maybe you guys and gals could utilize this
opportunity. . .
here is the link to the information:

basically, you sign up for paypal, you sign up as an affiliate, you put the
link on a website somewhere (even your myspace page or facebook would work)
and then whenever someone buys a clip from your link, you automatically make
20%. Sell a $5 clip, make a $1. Sell a $15 clip, make $3 dollars. . . sell
lots of clips, make lots of money. . . and I am offering this to anyone. . .
you go sign up for it. . you do it. . tradebits pays out every wednesday and
they have been doing this for four years now. . . if you already run a site.
. wrestling, bondage, hair. . etc and want to add a page for Sybil Starr
Productions products or just sell them as your own. . however you want to do
it. . YOU GET 20% COMMISSION on every sale. . . if Lady Victoria wants to
sell my downloads. . or Sleeperkid or anyone! Feel Free to do so!

I hope that you will take advantage of this . . . it could help pay a bill
or two every month. . . .
here is the link to all the products we have currently for sale. . but we have
hundreds more to upload and sell. . this is a limitless opportunity. .\

Sybil Starr

Thursday, November 12, 2009


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Friday, November 06, 2009

"Scissor Domination" and Sherry Stuns!

Scissordom with Shana vs Joe is selling like hot cakes over at my clips4sale store!
Checks it out!

Speaking of Scissors Domination. . it is time to feel the pain, my Midwestern brothers and sisters. . . I am coming around to take care of your wrestling needs! You boys in Michigan and Ohio who have been pestering me to meet. . . and maybe you have no references or you are a first timer? Now is your one and only chance! November 11th, Dundee, MI (an easy drive from either Detroit, MI or Toledo, OH). . book your time now. . . also Sherry Stuns is available on the 11th for 2 on 1's or solo sessions. . . . book now!

After Dundee, I will head south to one of my favorite Midwestern cities, Indianapolis, IN! I know guys, I always say I am coming, but I really really am this time. . for my annual visit! November 12-13. Also, PDG Nikki lives in that area, so if you woudl liek to see us tussle, let me know now so I can make arrangements with her!

And then it is on to CHICAGO, November 14-15. . (sorry vtm, Vancago). . . A great weekend in the Windy City. . . I will be doing sessions around the Logan Square Area. . .

I am excited to visit some of my favorite cities and see my favorite friends. . .

Also. . we need Help! Sherry Stuns is coming in on Monday November 9th, and I have no custom scripts for her! She would also like to fight me competitively? Are there any wrestling fans out there who would like a photoset? A video? A hardcore submissions match? Loser gets spanked?????? I really want her to do well, but I know with all my craziness this past month I wasn't able to get the word around. . I know you loved our chemistry in "Scissor Sluts" and so did I! So let's do more! I also want to shoot her for our new sites:

e-mail me please, if you have any questions or queries. .

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A look back at October. . .

Well, we got to film with Christina Carter this month, Pin Down Girl Nikki, Veronika Valentine, Van the Man, Hellena Heavenly and the Latex Concubine! Wow! I mean wow! What an incredible amount of filming we did! Not to mention I got to go to Orlando for Spooky Empire and work for bout time studios again, Leather and Lace in Chicago, and I ran a half marathon in Detroit and got to wrestle Hellena live in Coldwater, MI!!! JUST INCREDIBLE! And now I get to end my month playing the role of Magenta in Rocky Horror! What an insane month! But that is not even mentioning the updates we did to all of our sites!
there are new trampling clips up in the "other fun stuff" section
new competitive female pins action in the female competitive section
lots of new female vs female fantasy fight clips have been added
Tons of new clips were added to my membership site!
in the clips for sale store:
Hell Belly
Two men tied up with their belly's exposed, four women ready to take advantage. . . how long can they last?

Queen of Tights Captured: Superheroine Auction!
Sybil Starr makes a public appearance at as her super heroine persona, the Queen of Tights! She is captured and put up on the slave auction block by a deadly villianess! Watch the queen and many other super heroines struggle for freedom as George Perez helps to auction the all off to the highest bidders!

Super Mixed Tickling Full Video
Super Sybil takes on Villian Tampa Van Man in this mixed wrestling, superheroine, tickling clip!

Competitive Pins Match: Devon vs. Helena part 1
Devon takes on Helena in this 20 minute time limited pins only match! Sybil Starr acts as referee

POV Boxing
in this clip, be the victim of Sybil's punches and humiliation as she boxes at the camera while wearing one of her puffy down jackets and boxing gloves!

Sleepy Time for Sybil?
Cocky Sybil Starr needs to be taken down a peg or two. . and who is there to do it? Hellena Heavenly. . . Sybil fights dirty, trying to put Hellena asleep and then strip her suit off of her to humiliate her. . . sleepers, scissors and more, and in the end, one girl is stripped down to her wrestling boots. . . rated R for nudity ;)

Ball Bust Self Defense 2
Muay Thai Fighter, Mary, is teaching a self defense class! She is gong to teach Sybil how to strike a man down by using his most vulnerable area!!!

Lost Tickle Bet
sissy joe loses his card bet and is tied up and tickle tortured by Sybil Starr
videos added to her video store and clips4sale!
lots of videos and picture sets added!

is under going a make over! But there is a new hair bondage video for sale, lots of picture sets, and more to come!
also check out it's clips4sale page for more:

our newest website!!
pictures clips and more. . . . and more to come!
has been updated with videos
has new videos up!

Enjoy all this fetish entertainment. . . . hair bondage, tights and pantyhose, mixed wrestling. . .puffy jackets. .. What a great life I have! Thank you Starr Army for sharing it with me!

Kisses and scissors,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rocky Horror Show Tickets?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am so excited!

Today my private fight trainer, Krazz, comes in to work with me and one of the girls from the now defunct pillow fight league. . .it will be our first time training with her and she is the first of our new "Starr Girls"

also, we have another new website!

I didn't make it to rehearsals last night, my exhaustion finally caught up with me, and I ended up falling asleep last night around 9:30. . . my body has still been aching since my run on Sunday and I needed more rest. . . I barely made it through the day on Tuesday. . . so hopefully this ten hours of sleep wlll get me through this busy weekend ahead. ..
I am heading to Chicago to work at leather and lace Saturday morning and then on Sunday Hellena will be here to film some videos with me and then she and I will head to Coldwater, MI and duke it out at the Price of Glory wrestling show. . . I haven't done a match at a pro-wrestling show in over a year. . gosh knows I have some ring rust to shake off if I want to beat her. . . We have been so incredibly busy here at sybil starr productions, but you will all see the benefits or our labors in the months ahead. . . ;)
Sybil Starr

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

o solo mi o, how about some updateos

oh boy, we at Sybil Starr Productions have been working our little butts off these past couple of weeks to update and launch all of our new sites and to bring you the best we have to offer in the line of fetish entertainment!

Check out some of the new wrestlers pages!
also a ton of new clips for sale at all our stores:
including, Devon and Hellena's competitive pins match, some fantasy female wrestling and even some new mixed wrestling clips! Remember, they are always cheaper to buy through our paypal stores than clips4sale stores! And the starr membership area now has over 150 videos and clips to watch as part of your membership, and that subscription is only $20 a month! So, stop by and check it out!

well, the whole site is new, really, but the part we want to point out is there are updated pictures in the gallery section and more clips to download in Lia's video store area!

and the incredible:
yes, yes, new everything, but also new clips for sale. . . with the gorgeous Christina Carter!
this website will also be updated even more this week, with new picture sets, stories, and I have a had a comic artist contact me about doing a QOT comic! This super heroine fight in shiny tights site always makes me smile!
has had it's first updates, but more are on the horizon!

sybil's locks, will soon have it's own domain, but in the meantime:
and there have been hairwashing and hairbrushing clips added to our clips4sale store. . we will also be adding them for a cheaper price to the website this coming week. . but there has been so much positive response over this website already! It is so exciting to be starting so many new and wondrous projects. .

and the awesome site:
we have been filming like crazy for this site. . . new coats, girls and fun!

also, looking ahead:

kisses and scissors,

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sponsors Needed for Competitive PIns Tournament

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Quick Sybil Update!

first I want to say "I heart my fans!" and I hope that my spamtastic
e-mails of last week were not too bothersome! I just wanted my friends and
fans to get a little something back from me for all you do in my life. . . I
am grateful for your support and belief. . I wake up in the morning and
shake my head. . . sometimes all this doesn't make sense. . i really am just
a dorky. fiesty, bookwormy chick from the midwest. I love to wrestle. I
love to film videos. I love to cook, and run and read and write. . . I love
to fish and camp, and fly kites. . . but in recent years my favorite
activity has been corresponding with my friends and fans. . .

so, the news ahead. . . I get to see my sweet wifey tomorrow when she picks
me up at the airport in Boston, yes Ms Lia Labowe. . . gorgeous thing that
she is. . . and after spending the day with her I head to my hotel on Friday
where i will be kicking butt and taking names. . . I currently have one time
slot left open . . . better grab it while you can. . if you can! LOL. . And
then I get to tortu. . um. .play with my joepet all weekend. .. . I get back
to Michigan on Monday the 5th, and on the evening of the 6th I head into
Chicago. . . I am doing some sexy work wednesday morning there and then on
Thursday October 8th, Gia Primo and I, and Van the man are getting together
to do some videos. .it is going to be a blast. . and Gia and I have worked
out a deal. . which we will finalize next week, but
will be taking Gia Primo and her website under it's wing and become her
media producer, such as we do for Lia. . . I am very excited about this
opportunity for a few reasons, 1) I have always looked up to Gia, she is a
devastating beauty with a devastating body 2) this way she can keep doing
what she loves and get her work out there for her fans 3) I consider her a
very good friend of mine and I just adore her. . .

Then on Friday morning the 9th,I leave for Orlando. . . my sweet love, Scott
Kenemore has been asked to be on many panels and to make appearances at the
zombie Convention going on there, and to celebrate his most recent novel. .
. I get the honor and fun priviledge of work with the Mighty Hypnotic while
I am there. . .
I finally make it back to Michigan on October 12th, just in time for my
birthday on the 13th and Kordelia Devonshire's visit. .. . . but don't
forget, NIKKI! This girl is amazing and rarely get sto do work for other
companies. . she is a good friend of mine and I love to wrestle her. . I am
very excited about having her and Kordelia together. . .

Other news; I have two new girls coming in the third week of October to work
for my sites and get trained, they are local beauties whom I had the
pleasure and privilege of working with in the ill conceived (poor
leadership) pillow fight league. I am also shooting with a hair bondage
rigger this month and the Latex Concubine, whom I am a big fan of.

And Hellena Hevaenly and I also have a match together on October 25thm in
Sturgis, MI for POG wrestling

In other news, the Tigers are still struggling to make the playoffs, but
hanging in there

and I am playing the role of MAGENTA in the Rocky Horror Musical at the
Croswell Opera House . . Oct 30, 31 and November 1st. . .. I have never done
a musical beofre and last night was our first rehearsal. . heck I haven't
even done any theatre in 8 years. . though it is what my BA degree is in. .
. LOL. . great great things ahead! Also, we should have an actual launch
date for soon and the other sites we are launching. .
. We want to keep your blood flowing hot all winter long ;)

kisses and scissors,

ps. I thank you for all your concerned e-mails regarding someone speaking badly
of me, but why give that person any attention? As that is obviously what they
are seeking. I pray that person finds peace and happiness. But again, thank
you, my dear and loyal Starr Army. .

and yes, I will have the new calendar ready to sell by the end of october.. .
Sybil Starr

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hell! Hell! Hell!

This is it, the biggest custom production weekend of Sybil Starr Productions
for the year!!! It is here (well, almost!) We are concentrating on
pro-style wrestling for our customs this year! And do to so, we are bring in
Devon (of Sleeper Kids world and FWA) and Hellena Heavenly (!
Locally we have "Chloe" (formerly of and we will be giving her a
new name as the first Starr Girl!) and Heather Raven and Mary "Muay Thai
Princess." Pictures of all these gals can be found here:

Here is the* sponsorship* deal for Hell!
$100 will get you a DVD with Ten (10) ten minute pro-style wrestling
matches! You cannot do better than that! You will also get a ton pf
pictures from all the productions this weekend! E-mail me to get set up
with your sponsorship package today!!! For $150 you can receive copies of
all our matches from the weekend and also video from the live VIP wrestling
show we will be doing. Contact me directly at!

Here is the *custom video and picture* deal for Hell!
$100 will get you a 10 minute pro-style wrestling match IN A RING! Pick
Hellena, Devon, Van the Man or Jobber Joe, or me, Sybil Starr, to perform in
your pro-style scripts!
I would also like to have the Muay Thai Princess to do a beatdown on either
VTM or Jobber Joe. . . but I will need sponsorships to make that happen. . .

Still up in the air about getting a custom? Our prices are super good and
so are our reviews. .

what type of customs can you order?
Mixed wrestling
Beat downs
Ball busting
Pro-style wrestling
Super Heroine
Mixed Martial Arts
Hair Videos (torture, brush, wash, etc)
Cat fighting
Scissors/leg and foot domination
Belly Punching
Puffy Down Jackets
Nylon encasments
Glamor photo shoots
and much more. . . if it isn't on this list, just ask!

What we don't do. .
Full Nudity

This group may never be together again, so take advantage of this
opportunity now!

And. . SEE US PERFORM LIVE!!!!! Adrian, MI!
Details here:

A side note:
All websites have been updated and lots of new videos and pictures can be

kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr

Friday, August 28, 2009

Review of Custom Products!

This looks like a good opportunity for me to chime in with my review of Sybil's work on custom videos and photo sets. In a word, it is beyond first class, beyond awesome! Her most recent work for me was a video at fetishcon done with two experienced pro wrestlers, one as her opponent (Sin-D), the other (Hellena Heavenly), as ref. It was a mix of pro wrestling holds with a prominent fetish overlay, which was both skillfully executed and great fun. My instructions were very general in nature and included my usual request that the participants have fun, which indeed they did. I have found that my enjoyment of a video or photo set is directly related to the enjoyment the participants experience in doing it. With Sybil's peerless skills and creativity, a successful and immensely enjoyable outcome is always assured. The repartee alone was worth more than the price of admission.

Prior to my first experience with Sybil doing a custom for me, I had had a number wonderful customs done by pro wrestlers, mostly through Lexie Fyfe's Slamminladies operation. When I prepared my first request for Sybil and one of her most experienced colleagues (Jenn), I was concerned that my very general instructions for what amounted to a semi-competitive cat fight, with pro wrestling holds in the mix, might be unintelligible. Suffice it to say that Sybil turned them into a production of astonishing quality and entertainment value. I was ecstatic, and the reactions of others in the Group were very positive. Perhaps the most striking thing for me was the way in which the considerable skills and exceptional attributes of both Sybil and Jenn were displayed to great effect. Both women looked phenomenal, and the match was most creatively done! The kissing conclusion was none too shabby!

The two photo sets were more of the same. One, pro wrestling holds done by Sybil and Dakota, was professional work of the highest order, and delightfully sexy too. Two awesome women doing their thing -- superb!!! The other was a sheer fun thing, Officer Sybil throttling and ultimately kissing, a very hot con (Kordelia D). Awesome!!! Two wonderful ladies and close friends doing their thing to the utmost!!!

Sybil communicates very well, gets the finished product on its way very promptly, and conducts herself in a thoroughly professional manner throughout. Reliable to the nth degree, Sybil has always carried out my wishes more creatively and marvelously than I could anticipate or even dream of. A custom done by Sybil is a sure thing and then some, as creatively skillful, classy, sexy and entertaining as any of us could possibly want!

Bless you, Sybil!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hell Cometh and so does LIA!

Hello Sstarr Army!
I have been working my butt off for two weeks to bring you the finest in
fetish entertainment that I can produce!!! My production company has grown,
and I have taken on a partner (finally) a good friend of mine for the past
13 years. . I am very excited about our partnership as it gives us more
opportunities to offer you MORE!!!! And to commemorate our partnership we
have walked away from!!!!!!! It exists no longer as part
of our production company! From now on, find us at
We are working hard on launching various new websites this month, some in
partnership with other wrestlers, some are other aspects of my fetish life
that my fans have asked me to share. . . such as where we will be showcasing
superheroines/villanesses in shiny tights and leotards and short skirts.
These girls will do anything to take the anklet of victory from the queen!!
Including kidnapping her and chloroforming. . keep an eye out for this site
to just keep growing, as superheroines have been a thing for me since I was
five years old. . . I can't wait to produce more adventures of the Queen and
her friends and her enemies!!!!!

In the meantime, stop by here to see all my new wrestling videos:

Lia Labowe is visiting Sybil Starr Productions at the end of this month, and
she is available for custom videos and photo sets! Please e-mail soon if you
want a video done as our schedule with her is booking up fast! She is
retired from this industry currently and rarely does any work any more, so
this could be the last chance we have to film with her. . . sponsorships are
available for this custom filming weekend also. . . $100 will entitle you to
copies of all the content we create for her visit!
to learn more about our customs pricing, please check out this page:

the Weekend of September 11th will be Hell weekend for Sybil Starr
Productions! I am excited that we will be able to do a live event in Adrian,
The girls of Sybil Starr Productions will be taking part in the VIP show at
the Hope Center in Adrian, MI. It is a memorial show and the girls will be
vying to become a VIP girl. . (like me!) I have a feeling all Hell will
break out. . HHAHAHAHAHA. . but that being said, Hellena Heavenly, Chloe (a
former Lusa girl, we will be changing her name for our site) Lady Victoria,
Devon, Mary "Muay Thai" Princess, and Heather Raven will be here for filming
opportunities. .but, that being said, all these girls are available for
customs. . and competitive fights. . . please e-mail me regarding this: . and to be a sponsor for Hell is is $150 to get
copies of all the crazy content we will be producing from that weekend. .
also, I plan on many of this filming dates to have a Live PPV feed through
my membership site, so you could actually watch us film these videos,
LIVE!!!! I am also working on securing a wrestling ring for that weekend. .
as we have four pro-wrestlers available to work. . . I have posted pictures
of all the girls on my yahoo group. . so get over there and take a look. .
my custom pricing is fairly inexpensive and I take a lot of pride in my
customs. . so don't miss out on this opportunity!

Last chance for romance:
I am becoming a full time producer and my travel schedule will be very
limited in the coming year. . I do highly suggest that if you have wanted to
meet up with me, you do it soon, before I leave the session circuit all
together!! My plan is to produce and train as much as I can this next year.
. I want to be a ninja when (if) I grow up!!

August 23-25th, Los Angeles, CA
August 27th-30th, Lia Labowe visits SSP
September 8-9, Chicago, IL
September 11th, VIP in Adrian, MI
September 11-13th, HELL!!!!
September 18-19 Philly
September 20-21, Washington, DC

or keep updated with my calendar here:

Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Final Fetishcon 2009 Report!

Saturday was my last day at fetishcon. Admittedly, Fetishcon was a bit of
an emotional rollercoaster for me and a total learning experience. . . .I
would say that my dual role as both a producer and a model only complicated
my schedule. . . but on this last day I still needed to film customs with
Hellena and Sin-d, not to mention shoot for my Down Jacket site. . so I was
up at 9. . which after getting to bed the night before around 4am was way
too early. . but we got both customs done in time for me to get ready for
the Superheroine Showdown. . . . . The Queen of Tights was captured by the
mental powers of a Super Villian! I was forced onto the slave auction
block, and all was presented by George Perez. . . . SO MUCh FUN!!!! My
goodness! I have video and pictures from the whole thing, so you will all
get to see it too! As I was leaving the convention hall, I finally ran into
Van, who I had been trying to see for two days!!! But, after the show down,
all I wanted was something to eat!! I had yet to have even a cup of coffee
at this point. . so I headed down to the resturant in the hotel, and found
Scott, my boyfriend, had arrived at the hotel while I was being a super
hero. .. so we grab some food,checked out the convention hall (this was the
only time I even got to see it! BOO!) and then I grabbed Devon and Sappire
to finish up shooting, but Devon got called away to do another shoot, so she
and I never did get to shoot together., . . . Sappire shot footage for my
puffy coat site. . it included bondage and spankings and lots of other fun
moments. . . and then. . I was done. . I dressed up and made everyone a
cocktail and then Scott and I headed out and grabbed some dinner, and when
we got back, we grabbed Van and went to see what trouble we coudl find. . we
ended up in Darling Rikki's room (I just love that girl!) and then Van got a
strange text with a room number. . and we went there and found Devon and
sappire whosaid they were going to go to the fetish club, but that I needed
to get changed. . so back to my room to change into my thich high vinyl
boots and shiny black vinyl body suit and opera gloves. . . and we grabbed a
shuttle down in the lobby and heaed out. .. I still have no clue where I
was. . but MAN, what a blast!!!!Something crazy going on everywhere. . .
People dressed up, and having fun and I was just so happy. . I found
trouble, drank a bunch and then scott and I grabbed a taxi back to the hotel
in the wee hours of the Am. . . then VTM and I hit the pool for a bout an
hour. . . and Rikki let me play with her beautiful breasts. . (YEAH!) And
then I headed to bed. . . .
I awoke at 10 am the next day and BOOm, we pakced up Sybil Starr Productions
back into my little non-airconditioned black honda accord and hit the road
for home. . . 1140 to go!!! It wasn't too hot out and I said to G, (aka,
Gorby, my media producer and one of my best friends I have known for 13
years) "Let's just go home." So we drove all night. . . we let Tampa
around 11:30/noon and we made it to home at 8:30 am on Monday morning. . . .
and it was so darn good to wake up in my own bed in my own house this
morning. . . . .

a quick shout out to Wolf. . . . I know who you are now. . LOL

Sybil Starr

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fetishcon Day 5 report

OH BOY!!!! Yesterday was a busy day for this rockstarr gypsy wrestler girl.
. .
First I shot with bouttimes, and what a blast! I got to work with Dakota
and Karrine and a new girl named Kathy Rice. . . so much fun! I also shot a
ten minute heart punch custom match with Dakota. . . . . . she does great
work! After Lunch/Dinner with Karrine and Dakota, I headed back into Tampa.
. . and I got to do a glamor shoot in a purple velor bodysuit and shiny
purple tights! After that it was almost 10 pm. . and I still had one more
shoot to do. . with Ross Bound. . Ross is infamous for always getting tied
up. . and especially as batman! So with a rigger, he and I got tied up
together and shoot. . I was Wondergirl and he was Batman. . . . and at 1 in
the moring I found myself, head to toe, tied to Batman, and there was a fire
in the hotel!!! I can't make this up. . the fire alarm goes off and our
rigger goes, "Oh this is great we can use it to film. . here you go, start
struggling to get out . . . " The alarm keeps going and getting worse. . .
. we are still tied head to toe when firemen bust in the door and they have
no clue what the hell is going on or what to say. . .they say "You have to
evacuate, there is smoke coming down the hall." (which there was). I say
"Can't you see we are trying?" as the rigger is working hard to untie all
that rope knot for knot. . . one of the firefighters comes over and take a
exacto knife out and start cutting me out of the ropes. . . as soon as I am
free I make a break for the door. . and yes, there was a smoke smell and
some smoke in the hall. . . I ran down 11 flights of stairs and out into the
streets, where everyone else from the hotel already was. . . . last ones out
are Wonder Woman and Batman. . LOL. . . .ok, so at this point, I am done
shooting. . . . and I know we wanted to shoot two more sets, and I know Ross
and I talked about doing it tonight, but I don't think I will have the time
to do our other planned shoots. . . . I finally made it to the pool for the
first time, where I met George Perez and he told me what a big fan he is of
MINE. . that is so crazy. . he is such a brilliant graphic artist. . it is
an honor and priviledge just to know him! I also met more hot girls, and
all my hot girlfriends in the hot tub. . after a couple of hours I was ready
for bed, so I headed back to my room and had a business meeting with my
Media Producer, we went over all the pictures and content we took that day
and I hit the hay around 4am. . we are getting the room ready to shoot right
now. . and I am shooting with Helena Heavenly and Sin-D this morning. . .
two pro-style customs in a hotel room. . . yikes! And then we will shoot
some coat goodies. . . and then it is time for the Super Hero line up. . . .
so I have got to go get ready!

Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fetishcon, Day 4 Report

I was so wiped out yesterday. . . and so was Sherry Stuns, but we managed to
get together to create a wrestling video yesterday afternoon. . . . I went
to the meet and greet last night, again I was pretty tired, but I had a
great time. . rumors are that VTM was there, but, sadly, we never found one
another. . . I got my arms tied up and walked around for a bit. . . but by
pool party time, I was just plain tired, so I didn't go to the pool, I went
to bed. . . Today I am shooting with Bout Time Studios. . and more when I
get back to the hotel this afternoon. . . .

anyhow, hopping in the shower and getting out to the hot Sstarr car!
kisses and scissors,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fetishcon Day 3 report

Yikes. . .
holy cow. . .
WTF. .

ok, so soon after I woke up yesterday, Christina Carter went swimming in the pool at the Mighty Hypnotics Superstarr Hideout. . . . and she did it NAKED! And you know what? I was so happy. . LOL. . .I went swimming too! But after she was done. . . . LOL
After a mocha, my media producer and I headed in to Tampa proper to check in to our hotel. . . . and we weren't the only ones. . Devon and Sappire arrived soon after and so I had a drink or two with the girls while I made lots of new friends. . .Tracy Jordon, Sherry Stuns. . . and tons of other hotties. . who let strange men and women do strange things to them. . . WHAT A WORLD!!!! WWWOOOOHOOOO! Gigity! From my sheltered midwestern upbringing. . to . . . FETiSHCON> > >> yep. . my life is different now. . and I have a feeling that is is still going to be different tomorrow. . .

I also met different fetish producers and some relatively famous photographers. . .my impression is that people think they are famous or something. . . but really, would any of us even be here without the fans who appreciate what we do????

A bunch of us managed to go to the Crowbar last night for a sexy, kiny burlesque show. . . AH> . . . . I had often dreamt of seeing Angela Ryan's naked breasts in public. . and oh, boy. . . also, I would have to say that Kendra James looks just like her pictures, she is beautiful. . . I also played with a girl who was tied up in a cage. . . and well, I may have danced in a cage myself. . I am pretty sure there are lots of pictures of my shenanigans from last night. . but when my money ran out, and I had no clue where I was or how I would get home. . Kordelia and Dan put us all back in their car and brought us back to the Hotel. . . my belly hurt from my multiple brews and all the laughing and drooling. . . and I hit the hay around 2 am. . . I know Devon was hoping I would hang more. . but hey.. . it is only my first night ;)

I hope to put together a more multimedia blog later today or for tomorrow morning. .
in the meantime, I have already booked some wrestling shoots for today and now, I am going back to bed for a bit as my head is still spinning. . . .

kisses and scissors,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 2: Fetishcon

ok, after a long day of driving, we got to the Mighty Hypnotics superstar hideout at around 1 am. . . . we drove forever, in the rain, in the beating sun. . and only once could I get my co-pilot to take a two hour siesta with me. . at some Hooters in GA somewhere. . ah, they beer flowed and the girls all wore tights. . those were the days. . LOL. . .

Today it looks like we head to our hotel. . . I am still pretty disoriented from driving for two days straight, but I am sure all the fun ahead will be worth it. . .

Sybil Starr

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1 of Fetishcon Trip

ok, so My media producer/cameraman/webmaster and I drove for around 8 hours
yesterday and pulled into somewhere in the smoky mountains last night. . .we
got a room and I am now waking up in the mountains. . just grabbing my first
cup of coffee for the day now. . will get a good work out in before I hit
the road today. . . I hope to be in Tampa tonight. . my SStarr car was
running hot yesterday.. . she is packed full. . lights, mats, cameras, two
trunks full of costumes and clothes and other fun accessories. . . anything
could happen. . . . especially if you are in a 1993 accord with 204000 miles
on her, and no air conditioning. . LOL. .I am so old school. . but what the
hey, she is paid for. . . LOL. . anyhow. . we are slowly making our way to
Tampa. . I am sorry we didn't make it to Atlanta last night but it would
have been like 5 in the morning and I wanted a little sleep. . I know Devon
already has a house full right now. . so no worries. . I might stop along
the way for a redneck tuding trip. .for $8 they give you a tub and throw you
into the river. . LOL

more soon. .
Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Haps! Or whatever you want to call it. .. LOL

ok, so I am on my way to fetishcon next week. . I guess there is a first time for everything. . . LOL. . in case you were wondering, I am a Christian, I am Midwestern, and I am very conservative. . . LOL. . fetishcon should be a blast! Admittedly I am nervous, excited and all jumbled up. . but so many of my friends will be there! Stacy Burke! Kordelia Devonshire, Evelyn Rose (she is so freaking cute it drives me out of my mind!), Darling Rikki, Dakota, Karrine, Helena Heavenly, Sin-D, Sleeper Kid, the Mighty Hypnotic, Devon, Sapphire, and so many hot girls that I would love to work with, for both of my sites! and my main site, of course!

If you want any customs from fetishcon, e-mail me now! I am running a special! $100 for ten minute customs, of almost any kind (this includes bondage, spankings, tickling, wrestling, cat fighting, super heros, pro-style wrestling, etc!) and Picture sets for $30 (20 pictures). . so act now. . . also if you would like to sponsor my trip to fetishcon, it is only $50 and you get copies of all the content I create while at fetishcon. . you really can't beat that deal!!!!

and looking into the future. .
Lia Labowe is visiting Sybil Starr Productions at the end of this month, and she is available for custom videos and photo sets! Please e-mail soon if you want a video done as our schedule with her is booking up fast! She is retired from this industry currently and rarely does nay work any more, so this could be the last chance we have to film with her. . . sponsorships are available for this custom filming weekend also. . . $100 will entitle you to copies of all the content we create for her visit!

the Weekend of September 11th will be Hell weekend for Sybil Starr Productions! I am excited that we will be able to do a live event in Adrian, MI! The girls of Sybil Starr Productions will be taking part in the VIP show at the Hope Center in Adrian, MI. It is a memorial show and the girls will be vying to become a VIP girl. . (like me!) I have a feeling all Hell will break out. . HHAHAHAHAHA. . but that being said, Lady Victoria, Devon, Muay Thai Princess, Raven and two others I will be announcing as soon as I have confirmation will be here for filming opportunities. . I also hope to contact a local bar about either pillow fighting or oil wrestling, or both for that weekend. . but, that being said, all these girls are available for customs. . and competitive fights. . . please e-mail me regarding this: . and to be a sponsor for Hell is is $150 to get copies of all the crazy content we will be producing from that weekend. . also, I plan on many of this filming dates to have a Live PPV feed through my membership site, so you could actually watch us film these videos, LIVE!!!!

Kisses and scissors,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SSP News!

Hello Fight fans! I have been working hard all month long to bring you more
of what you want for less!!!!!
Check out these links for discounts on previously released clips, and also
better prices on new ones!!!!
Trampling: Lethal Legs 3!
Mixed Wrestling, Man dominates Woman: Crotch Despair 2
Face Sit Pins Match vs Renee
Quen of Tights 6!

Also, new clips on both these stores:

Also, Ladies, I am currently recruiting for video work and a Pillow Fight League. . drop me a line at if you are interested. . this is paid work!

I know everyone is having a beautiful summer. . .and I hope you are enjoying
it to the fullest. . . I am!
kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Heart My Fans!

quick note. . a real quick one to say THANk YOU!!!!

Thank you for your support when my mom was ill and then when she died.
Thank you for sending me great customs to film and shoot and trusting me
with them. Thank you for being patient with me when I get behind and
realizing that I am a one woman operation! Thank you for your sweet e-mails
praising me and loving on me. . in my darkest hours they have been a light
and an inspiration to keep going! Thank you for the gifts, cards, pictures
and other material things that you have sent to me to cheer me on, comfort
me and show me that you care. Thank you for your prayers and positive
thoughts! Thank you for enjoying my videos and pictures. . and thank you so
much for being my fan, friend, confidant! I am so very blessed!

I don't know that I am always worth all your praise. .. my life has been
quite chaotic for a number of months now, and things are just starting to
settle back down again. .I am training again and have plans to open two new
websites. . not to mention I get to do PROFESSIONAL PILLOW FIGHTING!!!!!

I have never thought of quitting but I get disappointed in myself when I
don't feel I am giving you, my fans, the best I have. . . I tend to be
pretty hard on myself. . but luckily, you have never given up on me either.
. . .
so, to you, my fans, my SSTARR Army. . . THANK YOU!!!!!!

Kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Queen of Tights 6

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Strippers, Baseball and Scissors

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Hollywould Beats Sybil Down!

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