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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do you plan to return to Fetish Con in 2010? If so, can I bring you another outfit like the purple leotard & tights I brought you last year? :)

yes and I could;)

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ok. i'm going to ask a deep, soul-searching question. what is it about wrestling/"fighting" that got you into it?

what do you mean "got me into it"? I have been scrapping my whole life. . I started training in BJJ for self defense when I was training for my first marathon, as I was often out late at night, alone, running all those miles. . I took to my BJJ training right away, I was a natural. . I fell into doing the video work and then pro-wrestling and MMA. . .

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Can u wrestle me?

sure. . will I? If I feel like it. . .

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

what barand of pasntyhose do you wrestle in? :)

Shiny danskins or sparkly lurex

Ask me anything

Ask me anything

were you ever in a wrestling match that started out friendly but ended up with you and your opponent hating each other because it got too intense(ie..catfight)?

I wouldn't say "hate" but I would say "heated." Two particular match ups come to mind, one with Lia Labowe in a "webringit" cat fight. .she got so pissed at me we had to break so she could get in the shower and towel off. . she had every right as I was more concerned about winning than about our safety. .and my last and most recent comp match with Robin. . I was starting to get claustrophobic and frustrated, and after I already submitted to a hold, she released it and then slapped me in the face. .my immediate reaction was to kick her in the cunt. . and I did. . SIGH. . not too long after I messed up my knee. . I wonder if I wasn't so "accelerated" that I would have tapped instead of trying to get us safely to the ground, I may not have popped my knee. . really to be a good fighter, and to win, you need to remain calm and focused. . I am getting there, much better than I was when I started, but I still have so much to learn. .

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You've just been arrested and been taken to a death row prison in Texas. The prison is surrounded by an electric fence. What was you're crime & how do you intend on escaping? Ask a question back?

if I am on death row I must have taken someone's life, right? Then don't I deserve to die. . ?

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You've cited Wonder Woman and Emma Peel as being early influences of yours. Who are some of your other favourite "kick-ass" women from movies, television, and comics?

BUFFY the vampire slayer, Miss Piggy, Mildred Burke, all the women in GLOW!!!!
most of my other female influences are real people. . Mother Theresa, Joan de Arc, Countess Matilda of Tuscany, Queen Victoria and Princess Diana (RIP)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big fan of girls armwrestling -- ever go mano y mano w/ Gia Primo and/or Lia LaBowe? Also, submission match w/ you vs. Fawnia would be epic. Lujack

never arm wrestled either one of them. . well maybe Lia, but I don;t remember. . they probably won. . a submission match with Fawnia? are you kidding me? She teaches pole dancing and is a fitness model. . . she doesn't have any real fight training at all. . I love her to bits and pieces. .but being a "wrestler" is pretty far down on her resume. . BUT DAMN THAT BODY IS KILLER!

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how long have you been wrestling

since 2004

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In custom matches for example with Lady Victoria, does it hurt your arms when you get tied up in the ropes?


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Return of Cybele

fred wrote this for me. . and it is too lovely to keep to myself
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. .

Return of Cybele

In the beginning
Creation burst into being
From nothing. Driven by Her desire to experience
An "other,"
Nebulae, galaxies beyond counting, stars, comets, planets
All came to exist in an instant of cosmic orgasm.

On our earth,
in a primordial pool of chemicals,
Life came into being
As Cybele blew Her breath across that pool
Billions of years ago.

One celled flagellates were driven by Her force
To split, and then become two celled, and then four celled,
And then simple organisms became complex.
Magna Mater breathed Her spirit into a bipedal being
And it became aware--of Her, of itself, of desire.

Unashamed, our ancestors pursued the pleasures of the senses.
Their one rule "An it harm none, do what thou wilt!"
Cybele spoke to the hearts of Her worshippers:
"All acts of love are my sacraments."
For thousands of years the people followed Her wisdom,
They prospered and were happy.

Then the age of the patriarchs--ashamed of their bodies dreaming
Of a sexless paradise outside of physical reality,
Attainable only by denying the physical facts of their own being
And desires.
But the call of Cybele, throbbing like a wire in the blood,
A green force in the secret heart demanding expression
Could not be denied.

She will have Her way!
Deny Her, deny life, and the force of creation
Will erupt in the atoms of your being!
And consume you.
"Return." She calls," return to life
"The way home is not to deny My creation,
But to embrace it!"

"There is more holiness in an act of love
Shared by two lovers, than in all the temples
Your hands have built."

Monday, March 22, 2010

do you like to tickle guys while wrestling? if so, what move do you fancy for this? :)

any of them! . . .the other night I was at wrestling practice for the Adrian Area Club (boys and girls ages 3-17) and I watched two eight year old boys get in position to wrestle, and right before the on in top position would make his move he would tickle his opponent, and then the other boy would do it back. . I thought it was so adorable. .and also good to know that eight year old boys and I both like to have silly fun while we wrestle. .

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When you and your opponent are barefoot in a match, do you or them have stinky feet or do you shower down before competing?

um. . you shouldn't wrestle people if you are dirty. . .hygiene=health. Mats should always be cleaned appropriately too. . you do not want a staph infection. . .but barefeet? um. . if they were clean before I put my shoes and socks on, then they are fine to wrestle. . and my feet don't get very stinky. . Bacteria thrives in the uria of your foot sweat. When the bacteria releases toxins, the toxins give off odor.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi. My name's Sergey. You're really created to win. Do you have in your plans a visiting of Europe for session?

you know, I get asked this quite a bit, and I really can't think of anything less enjoyable than to travel to a strange country where I don;t speak the language to meet up with strange men in hotel rooms or small studios to wrestle. . I mean, ya'll don't even wear deodorant. . so, I have no current plans to do a "session tour" overseas. . though I would love to come compete at Monica's. . and some other people's events they put on. .and if at that time I have time and the interest, I would meet up with people for private wrestling

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Have you ever had someone lick your really, really dirty feet clean? I mean like walking around outside barefoot for a while type dirty!

OH YES! I have a friend that I wrestle. . and I go out and walk around my front yard and in dirt patches to get my feet as dirty and gross as I can. . we have a deal, if I can get a grapevine on him, he will lick my feet clean. . sometimes it takes me a little while. . but I always get my man. . ;)

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What's the longest time you have ever stood on someone's face full weight? Were they able to take it easily?

I probably have a harder time standing than the guy at taking it. . especially my friend CRUSH. . I have stood on his face as long as I could and he could take more. . ever since I folded my left foot in half in a pro-wrestling match 4 years ago it has not been the same. . I cannot wear high heels for very long, and especially not very high ones, and keeping my balance on someone's face for a long period of time tends to hurt it. .

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I just saw that you like to play softball! I love softball and play on 4 teams. I also manage one of the teams and it's coed ball. If you happen to be in my area this spring or summer and you have some time, would you like to play with us? :)


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excluding wrestling, what sports do you personally like to play?

softball, basketball, running, swimming, biking, fishing & hiking

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Is your pubic hair also red?

really? really? this is what you ask?

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On a previous Q&A you stated you wouldn't competitevly box or MMA someone unless you met him first. How about for competitive wrestling?

if I feel like it! I have one rule, I only do what I think will be fun and I want to do. . if I don't think I will have a good time, I won't do it. . so if I like your attitude in e-mails and communication, I might add you as a new client to my list (but this is rare, why would I meet a stranger who I don't know would be fun or not when I can meet up with a friend who is a sure thing?). . and I take comp wrestling sessions with men up to 200# and women up to #240. . over 200# I would ask that you don't lay on me. . so you would have to limit the use of your weight if you were in a top position

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Do you like crush guys between your legs?

I like crushing women too. . (more)

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has a man ever made you cry in the ring?

you betcha! and on the mats, and in my beer, and over the phone, and via text. . ;)

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Have you ever been knocked out or stunned in a boxing match?

oh yes! I waited forever to have it happen, but training for one of my last fights one of my sparring partners, (Mike, MMA fighter,165#) hit me right on the button, as we call it, and I went down to me knees as the world swam black before me and I saw stars. . it didn't really hurt, it was "beyond" that. When I got my senses back all I could say was "WOW! Cool!!" Mike looked at me and said, "You are the toughest girl I have ever met." It was so cool

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The head gear that you use during boxing sessions, how much pertection do they offer?

they cover your ears and jaws, but not your mouth and nose. . bloody noses do still happen and I recommend using a mouthpiece

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Can Scissors Kill You?

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 4:29 PM, D S wrote:

Hi Sybil,

I am a newcomer to wrestling or domination sessions and I have some doubts (probably stupid doubts, but well, that's why I ask, to stop being stupid ;-) ).

Are scissors dangerous for the 'victim'? Can they be lethal? I don't think any women has such strong legs that she can crush a skull, but I have read somewhere that the head scissor might block some veins (or I don't know what) and then your brain might not receive oxygen and that can have terrible consequences. Is there any truth in that?

Are head scissors more dangerous than neck scissors? Or the other way around?

I thought that, since you are a trained fighter, you would be the best person to ask. Thanks for your answer.

Kindest regards,


but you can';t even tell me a name? But you can e-mail me like this? man, do I get tired of all this subterfuge. .

scissors can kill you. scissors can give you brain damage. Hell, anything can. . .
head scissors hurt, but they won't knock you out, and the pressure it would take to crush your skull is more than most people could do with your legs. . your head is not a watermelon. . it is bones. .. . neck scissors against your major arteries is what will do you in. . it cuts off blood flow to the brain. . which is fine for 30 seconds. . but a minute or more could be deadly and if you have any type of heart problems it could kill you. .

generally, scissors are just gonna really hurt and cut off air and blood. . . for the most part, they aren't going to kill you. . but SEE SOMEONE WITH TRAINING. . don't go to just anyone to session. . not even for wrestling. . amateurs will hurt you because they don't know what they are doing. . I know because I was an amateur once. . and I broke many of my boytoys that way

ok guy with no real name. . I hope that answered your question

what's the longest you have held someone in a schoolgirl pin?

I am not sure off the top of my head. . . (there have been so many!) But I know I could keep someone there all day. . .

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ever make a man cry in the ring

and on the mats, and in their beer, and over the phone, and by text, and with my legs, and with my words, and with my holds, and with my lack of holds ;). . men seem to cry all the time around me. . must be their hormones. . .

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're the best!!! What do you feel when put your opponent in a knockout by sleeperhold?

like I am ten feet tall! Like I am the powerful creature I was created to be!

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Do you have any unreleased Lia Labowe KO stuff? Also, what are the chances of you and Lia visiting sleeperkid and his girls? Seeing you two vs Sapphire would be my dream custom!

It is possible that I do. . I have not gone through all of the content she has given me yet. . us visiting sleeperkid? Well since we have not traveled together for work in a number of years, the odds seem low of that happening. . but you never know. .

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Are you coming to Philadelphia anytime soon? I'm a college student, and really interested in a session of some sort.

I will be in Philly very soon, April 6-8

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Have you ever headscissored someone while drinking wine?

Oh yes, I do enjoy all the finer things in life. . ;)

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We know you love the Tigers. How do you feel about Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings?

The Lions haven't had a winning season in 47 years, so growing up I wasn't a football fan as I thought they were my only choice to root for. . UGH. . then I discovered the COLTS!

Pistons? I don't like or support Professional Basketball, as I think they all get enough money to support their illegitimate children. . and the pistons are a bunch of thugs. . college basketball is much more fun. .

Red Wings? Yeah, they are pretty awesome. . but my BLACKHAWKS are the under dogs I root for. . . and tickets are a lot cheaper. .

so to sum it up
baseball: Tigers
football: Colts
hockey: Blackhawks

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sojo? Hellena? Sin-D? Oh My!

Do you want custom videos with Sojorner Bolt from TNA?
How about the always hot and and ready to wrestle, Hellena Heavenly and Sin-D!!!! want to see the girls wrestle in a ring? Maybe you envision them on an adventure gone wrong? We make all types of custom videos and this an opportunity that won't wait!
Sojo Bolt, Hellena Heavenly, Sin-D and myself (Sybil Starr) are getting together to create your custom videos on March 28th. . . (I will also be down at Lady Victoria's on the 27th and she is filming us in custom videos there. . check out her site for details LADY VICTORIA


SSProductions Updates for this week!
The Kissing Game 5 with Mutiny. . this one gets topless, so don't say I didn't warn you about how hot it is. ..
More mixed Judo with Sybil as "Judo Teacher", and more mixed wrestling/foot domination with Mutiny in Selective Scissors.

The character page has finally been updated and more pictures have been added to the galleries. . .

See Tomiko, the Asian Prepster, Jamie T and Veronika Valentine in all new down jacket adventures! New picture sets added too!

See our newest model, the 19 year old "Asian Prepster" get into trouble when her boyfriend ties her up tight in a strait jacket and then hogties her too! You can find more of Tomiko here (getting kidnapped and thrown into a basement) and Jamie T here as well. .

Now all our clips have previews right on the same page! Tomiko and I are taken hostage attending a party and awake to find ourselves tied together in the basement. We struggle to get out, but find those pesky crotch ropes are awful responsive to our struggling. . and then our newest model, The Asian Prepster is tied up in a shiny catsuit and also tied to the couch by her boyfriend who has the evil tickling intentions on his mind!

I hope that is enough to get you through the weekend;)

My knee was hyperextended sideways until it popped out three weeks ago today in my competitive match against Robin while I was in California last month. I am happy to say it is healing, and I am still limp along Sybil but it is getting better every day. . . I will be back to wrestling and sessions by the end of March. . .

in the meantime.. ask me anything, drop me a line and take care!

kisses and scissors,

P.S. Big updates for Lia this month and also some updates for are ahead! We also are putting together a video of my sprained knee and recovery. . believe me, being stuck like this has been awful for me, but my deartest friends are always there to help me pull through. .

do you have news of Chloe the former Lusa girl? will she perform on your site?

she is busy in nursing school but always welcome to film with us. . . if you have a custom for her I can let her know. .

Ask me anything

do you ever get to the Buffalo,ny area? If so, I can give your feet/knees a good aerobic workout.

I am heading that way next month, April 14 and 15th

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

whats your choice for coffee?

hot and delicious
strong, dark and full bodied. . with a little milk;)

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Is it painful for a woman to be "boxbusted", or is that just a male fantasy?

well, I can only guess what a man must feel like when he gets hit in his privates, since I don't have those parts, but for me, I get hit, it burns for a second and that's about it. . . it hurts, but it is not going to take me out of a fight. . .

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

In some custom matches you wear very small pants and hold your victims head in a reverse headscissor for minutes. Maybe in some cases you get sexually excited but have you ever been ejaculated in such a position? If so did your victim realize that:)

ok, just for the record, if you ask me a sexual question I will delete it from here. . if you want to ask me privately, please e-mail me directly at and if you are nice and mind your manners, I will answer. . .

Ask me anything

Can you break neck of a man in a reverse headscissor

hmm. . . I would need to crush the spine with my thighs? yeah, nice fantasy, but welcome to reality. . I could kill you with a scissor hold, but I highly doubt I could break your neck. .

Ask me anything

Does it disturb you if your victim in a reverse headscissor put his hands on your butt??

I don't appreciate any dude I don't know and am not dating grabbing my ass. . ask the guys from Buffalo Chips campground how fast that puts a knee in their groin. . but usually, if I am in a private wrestling session, and they are grabbing my butt, it is to try to pry my ass/legs open so they can breath and not hurt as badly. . and this usually makes me chuckle. .

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do u meet fans and interact with them?
oh yes! Please keep up to date on my calendar so you know when I am near you!

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Polyester Bride- Liz Phair

I was talking, not two days ago
To a certain bartender I'm lucky to know
And I asked Henry, my bar tending friend
If I should bother dating unfamous men

And Henry said, \"You're lucky to even know me.
You\'re lucky to be alive. You\'re lucky to be drinking here for free cause I\'m a
Sucker for your lucky, pretty eyes.\"

And then he said, \"Do you want to be a Polyester Bride?
Or do you want to hang your head and die?
Do you want to find alligator cowboy boots they just put on sale?
Do you want to flap your wings and fly away from here?\"

I was sitting, not two days ago
Feeling lonely \'cause I\'m just feeling low
And I asked Henry, my bar-tending friend
Why it is that there are those kind of men

\"Princess, do you
Really want to flap your wings and fly...
\'Cause you\'ve got time.\"
He keeps telling me, \"You\'ve got time.\"
But I don\'t believe him
\"You\'ve got time.\"
I keep on pushing harder...
I keep on pushing farther away
But he keeps telling me, \"Baby,
He says, \"Baby...\"

bet you do Sybil-lol M


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Are you of 100% Irish descent, or is there a little bit of something else in the mix?

25% Irish, 25% Italian, 25% German, 25% French. . .100% American Girl ;)

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Do you get to Dallas much for sessions? (I might be moving there soon.)

I have never been to Dallas. . but I would like to get to Texas. . to see some new baseball stadiums. .

Ask me anything when will we se Lia tid up to get her toes sucked abd licked by you?

are you ordering a custom video? our prices are VERY reasonable. . .

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Welcome to Friday

Good Morning all. .. I am working on website updates, but I am a little behind this week, so we will have them up as soon as possible. .

I have more of Tomiko and Jamie in stra8-jackets at
We have a new model who debuted on our site already this week, she is the Asian Prepster, and will be featured in some bondage clips on this week.
I am working on pulling more Lia Labowe goodies out of the archives. . BTW she is traveling to Los Angeles for work on April 30 & 31.  I kinda want to put up my newest comp match with Kristie since someone posted about it, but I have so many videos with Mutiny yet. . . we will see. . but hey, head over to and check out Mutiny dominating and tantalizing joe. . .
I will add more picture galleries to everything. . . hmm. . and we do have meetings to update our sites, too.  . . in the meantime,
Red Hot Annie ( is in Detroit this weekend and wants to work together on some projects, so I am hoping to get her on our sites soon. . I think she would be great for and also . and who wouldn't want to put that hottie in a strait jacket. . . I am putting a picture of her up on the group that I really like from her website. . .

My knee is progressing. . . gigs are backing up on me. . but it is kinda fun to be home producing. . and thanks to Barry, I may not be down at Spring Training games, but I can still watch them. . thanks Barry. . .

more soon. . kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

When you hold a guy in a headscissors, do you like squeezing his face up tight into your crotch?

no, that's more of a face sit. . but the higher up my victims head are in my thighs, the tighter the squeeze. . . ;)

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Do you get sexually excited when you wrestle?

sometimes. .

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

What is your favourite martial art?

hmm. . . WRESTLING, and then Muay Thai Kickboxing, then BJJ then Judo. . .

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Is your red hair natural?

most of the time it is natural (8 out of 12 months a year). . my hair (being a natural redhead) doesn't take dye very well. . so I occasionally enhance the color (I like punky red and pink colors best)but other wise, I am 100% natural. I have had no enhancement surgeries, no botox, no Bullshit. . I am blessed with being pretty cute, having strong legs, gorgeous feet, natural size C breasts, fairly straight teeth, crazy wonderful hair, catlike green/hazel eyes and an IQ close to genius . I think I was wonderfully made. . Thank you God. .

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If you could wrestle any female celebrity, where the loser got tied up and was forced to worship the winner's legs, who would you choose?

I cannot help myself. . Angelina Jolie makes me weak in the knees. . even more than lately. . LOL

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What was the hottest one-sided classic jobber beating you ever put on a female opponent! Thanks!

jees. . .I really can't remember. . you guys probably know better than me. . and what type of match? Pro-style? Comp? Cat fighting? My company alone produced 460+ videos last year (I was not in all of them) and then I made videos for so many other companies. . . there have been so many great matches. . . on of my all time favorites was one I did with Mutiny for Leather and lace. . .

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Have you ever thought about making a bondage/foot fetish movie with Lia Labowe?? It´d be fantastic seeing her tied up e tortured by you

oh yes. . . a girl can dream can't she??

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