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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fetishcon Day 5 report

OH BOY!!!! Yesterday was a busy day for this rockstarr gypsy wrestler girl.
. .
First I shot with bouttimes, and what a blast! I got to work with Dakota
and Karrine and a new girl named Kathy Rice. . . so much fun! I also shot a
ten minute heart punch custom match with Dakota. . . . . . she does great
work! After Lunch/Dinner with Karrine and Dakota, I headed back into Tampa.
. . and I got to do a glamor shoot in a purple velor bodysuit and shiny
purple tights! After that it was almost 10 pm. . and I still had one more
shoot to do. . with Ross Bound. . Ross is infamous for always getting tied
up. . and especially as batman! So with a rigger, he and I got tied up
together and shoot. . I was Wondergirl and he was Batman. . . . and at 1 in
the moring I found myself, head to toe, tied to Batman, and there was a fire
in the hotel!!! I can't make this up. . the fire alarm goes off and our
rigger goes, "Oh this is great we can use it to film. . here you go, start
struggling to get out . . . " The alarm keeps going and getting worse. . .
. we are still tied head to toe when firemen bust in the door and they have
no clue what the hell is going on or what to say. . .they say "You have to
evacuate, there is smoke coming down the hall." (which there was). I say
"Can't you see we are trying?" as the rigger is working hard to untie all
that rope knot for knot. . . one of the firefighters comes over and take a
exacto knife out and start cutting me out of the ropes. . . as soon as I am
free I make a break for the door. . and yes, there was a smoke smell and
some smoke in the hall. . . I ran down 11 flights of stairs and out into the
streets, where everyone else from the hotel already was. . . . last ones out
are Wonder Woman and Batman. . LOL. . . .ok, so at this point, I am done
shooting. . . . and I know we wanted to shoot two more sets, and I know Ross
and I talked about doing it tonight, but I don't think I will have the time
to do our other planned shoots. . . . I finally made it to the pool for the
first time, where I met George Perez and he told me what a big fan he is of
MINE. . that is so crazy. . he is such a brilliant graphic artist. . it is
an honor and priviledge just to know him! I also met more hot girls, and
all my hot girlfriends in the hot tub. . after a couple of hours I was ready
for bed, so I headed back to my room and had a business meeting with my
Media Producer, we went over all the pictures and content we took that day
and I hit the hay around 4am. . we are getting the room ready to shoot right
now. . and I am shooting with Helena Heavenly and Sin-D this morning. . .
two pro-style customs in a hotel room. . . yikes! And then we will shoot
some coat goodies. . . and then it is time for the Super Hero line up. . . .
so I have got to go get ready!

Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

1 comment:

Rik said...

I was the rigger mentioned to do with this fire alarm at the Hyatt in Tampa, and have looked back at this in my thoughts many times over.

Had never been to FetCon before..and the loss of my dad to cancer in December of 2008 mixed up my life and sent me to travel in 2009.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet Sybil