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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Session Review

Review of Sybil

I wrestled Sybil in a "semi-competitive/fantasy" match just a few days before her big MMA match in Japan. My huge mistake was that I taunted her in an email that I had been holding back in our prior matches and lettingher win. The match in Adrian started as an other except I feltshe was a bit more cocky in her confidence. She had of course been training intently over the last month and was in peak physical and warrior condition. However, she was chewing gum at the start and this continued throughout the entire match...the message being that it would take little effort on Sybil's part to defeat me and she was convinced of my easy demise before we even started. This extra confidence combined with the skull on her bikini top psyched me out a bit before we even started. I know from prior experience that I have my best chance of getting a submission if I try in the first 15 minutes. After that, her superior cardio kicks in and I have a difficult time taking on an offensive, let alone a defensive position. This time was different though, her arms were considerably stronger than I had experienced in our last 8 matches. She infact had displayed her new biceps to me early on---still very feminine muscle tone but much larger than I remembered in the past. I did get to "kick her ass" 3 times early in the match.

The bottom line was that I severely struggled trying to overpower her arms with mine but felt that effort was going no where. I found myself 99% on the defensive, just trying to stay out of the continuous onslaught of holds she was throwing at me. Before I knew it, within 5 min of starting, with her Ninja speed she got behind me and had applied a rear sleeper hold with her arms and I quickly submitted. Per our normal procedure, each fall won by Sybil she humiliates me a bit by forcing me to worship her also gives this exhausted wrestler a breather. At the start of the second fall, I averted an attempted arm bar but quickly found myself in her body scissors. She had me perfectly positioned to administer her python technique intensely squeezing followed by a release. It was less than 10 min in and she had already wore me out as I struggled to catch mybreath. She then quickly put me in a schoolboy mount over my biceps and lifted let her ass and full bodyweight fall on me again and again. She then slapped me so hard in my face that I saw stars (no pun intended). From that point on, the match became one of seeing how many different holds Sybil could get me into and make me submit. She did get me into that seemingly harmless wrist lock with me begging into her foot as she gave the Sybil cute little he-he-he. She does love to control a guy. She did also slap my ass hard once and later that nite I still had the outlineof her fingers as a souvenier. Along the way, we did do a straight arm wrestling match best of 3. My lower arm is about 5 inches longer than Sybil so she really shouldn't have a chance. Even so, I really had to struggle and give my max effort to win the first one. The second, we did left handed and she won. The 3rd we'll throw out since she had her whole body off of the floor and foot on the wall. Well, at least I got to hold Sybil's hand.

All in all, a great match and one that taught me never to tell Sybil that I am letting her win. And please know Sybil that I always give 100% in our fights andwill continue to do so. I cannot truly compete atyour level any longer but thanks for allowing me to try.

(I know M. Thanks for the review and the great time!)SSTARR

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The day is lamost here and I have butterflies the size of spider monkey's in my beelllllyyy!!!! Dear God, I leave tomorrow morning to fly 14 hours to a place where I do not read or speak the language, to fight a girl I have never met and have no qualms with. LOL The life of a warrior. A good friend just e-mailed me and he said that I have "tremendous reserves of tenacity." And I can't help but to take that as one hell of a compliment.
This is my opponent:
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I travel halfway around the world to make another one of my dreams come true!! Getting to fight for Smack Girl in Japan!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Milwaukee Session Review

I had a great session with Sybil when she was in Milwaukee, March 4, 2007. I made an error in judgment that she was just too nice, too petite of a girl to dominant a guy in a wrestling... Well, that was nearly a fatal mistake... Not only did she attack like a lioness, she had little sympathy for me when I tried to tell her i must have made a mistake thinking so foolishly. It didn't help, she kicked my butt... Make her day, just tell her she can't dominate you... On a lighter and softer side, Sybil has a great personality, a contagious laugh, great sense of humor, and is so much fun to session with. You won't have any regrets."

Mixed Oil Wrestling Video review

This is a great review I was sent to day for Sybil Starr productions Video"Mixed Oil Wrestling"!!Thanks B!

I just finished watching Mixed Oil Wrestling for the second time.... I didnot know whether I needed a typewriter or a cigarette afterwards...LOLThe close up intimate shots of the grappling are outstanding. I enjoyed theway that you slicked up again for the last fall, that was really exciting.It looked not only like you were sexy in oil but that you had been sweatingwith exertion.Your outfit was outstanding and you were so attractive...your moves showed you off and CJ got to show himself off to the female crowd that may bewatching with their men...I'll bet a LOT of people got slicked up and sweaty together after this match came out. The way that you kept each other's bodies in view while you were applying your holds was great and reallyprofessional. The close ups were a little fuzzy at times but that was notdistracting at all...The banter and the spanking was really felt (minus thespanking of course) like I was watching one of our matches from outside myown body..except I look NOTHING like that! You could really tell the offensive and defensive moves that you wereusing...I love the backbreaker that CJ used on you and that marvelous bearhug he caught you with in the first fall. Your figure four leglock andtriangle choke were things of beauty. The slipping and sliding was reallyexciting and fun to watch...

The intensity that you showed throughout was also very exciting. I can't sayenough about the bear hugs, headlocks, and some of the other positions I could describe but not name. The match had several instances where you twostopped bantering, got quiet or did heavy breathing, and locked in ahold...there was a good combination of noisy battling and quiet intensitythat was really, really captivating

Finally, the sleeper. Ahhhh, the sleeper......but the sleeper, the way youlowered your voice, got all powerful, triumphant, and a bit evil as yourvoice became husky and sultry...that's what I LOVE to see, just Love to seeand hear...great camera work to catch that intense, exciting experience fromstart to finish...your secure figure four body and deadly locked in hold,the way you described the whole experience, and the great way in which yousold the hold . I was too mesmerized to tell and have never been knocked outby you...and only kind of altered once...but I will be in my dreams, overand over again, lost in a sea of incredible sensations...that was the most exciting and stimulating part of the entire are beautiful and captivating (there's that word again) when you have power...Women are a fascinating mixture of shape the world with gentleness and with passion... and with your killer instinct, that not many women have but you do...the entire video was a really fantastic experience for a lover of hot, intense, but still fun and funny wrestling.Other than that, it was okay...LOL

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Update, Japan, Philly Brawl

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Now I can't even go Fishing

without having to worry about I am hurting the fish? Give me a break, they are fish!!!

Ever Fallen in love with a pair of shoes before?

I have. . . LOL
but I am afraid I just bought myself a new pair of boots for wrestling. . . UGH!!!! Next time. . .