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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1 of Fetishcon Trip

ok, so My media producer/cameraman/webmaster and I drove for around 8 hours
yesterday and pulled into somewhere in the smoky mountains last night. . .we
got a room and I am now waking up in the mountains. . just grabbing my first
cup of coffee for the day now. . will get a good work out in before I hit
the road today. . . I hope to be in Tampa tonight. . my SStarr car was
running hot yesterday.. . she is packed full. . lights, mats, cameras, two
trunks full of costumes and clothes and other fun accessories. . . anything
could happen. . . . especially if you are in a 1993 accord with 204000 miles
on her, and no air conditioning. . LOL. .I am so old school. . but what the
hey, she is paid for. . . LOL. . anyhow. . we are slowly making our way to
Tampa. . I am sorry we didn't make it to Atlanta last night but it would
have been like 5 in the morning and I wanted a little sleep. . I know Devon
already has a house full right now. . so no worries. . I might stop along
the way for a redneck tuding trip. .for $8 they give you a tub and throw you
into the river. . LOL

more soon. .
Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

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