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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fantasy Fight Girls go to HELL! 6!

I am very excited about this big shoot. . we are trying something different this time around. . and working a format that I have always wanted to try. . .

I am leasing a house on the beach of Lake Michigan and inviting ladies in for our HELL 6! Custom Video and Picture shoot (yes I do think it's crazy that we are celebrating our 6th year!!!)

Lia Labowe
Betty Battles
Amanda formerly of sexy grappling
Betty Jaded
and Myself (Sybil Starr)

we also have Van the Man
and CJ coming in to take beatings and work with the ladies if you have any mixed wrestling/fighting scripts in mind!

We are getting together Sept 25-28th to shoot.  During that time the gals will be asked to make behind the scenes videos, participate in a calendar shoot and a cat fight team tournament--along with shooting our videos that you, our fans, order!
 If you are interested in helping us to make these cool things happen and being part of our drama and fun please check out our "Fund Us" page to see what packages we offer or if you just want to help out. . all donations and sponsorship levels are accepted. . .

And, as usual, our custom prices are very reasonable!

and if you know of any gals who might be interested in participating or anyone you personally think would be great, please let me know! just e-mail me directly at

I cannot thank the sponsors and customers we have had over the past 6 years who have helped us to make this event such a success every year!!  Thank you thank you!
kisses and scissors,

Saturday, August 03, 2013

SSP Needs Sponsors to Grow!

Hey Starr Army!
We have big plans for the future here at Sybil Starr productions and in order to grow and get better, we need the help of our fans, as always.  We hope to continue amusing, titillating and entertaining you with our fight videos, assassin chicks, panty hosed villains, cat fights, pro-wrestling shows and more. . and in order to do this, we would like to purchase some new equipment.New cameras would make the quality of what we produce even better!

 We feel that these cameras would help our company get to the next level in production.  We want to film more fight girls series videos and also have a fighting girl/zombie movie on the books. . .with our biggest shoot of the year right around the corner we are asking for help now. 

Also during our Hell Week events, we will be having a private party for our sponsors which will coincide with our day of  "Team Cat Fighting." Captains will chose their cat fight teams and the girls will compete for points!

For more information about our big shoot at the end of September, contact me directly!

and use our sponsorship/donation page to help us out, all levels are welcome!

Thank you so much for your continued support and belief in our company!