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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Spanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. . I am thankful for you my dear SSTARR ARMY!
Enjoy the holiday! And in those boring moments, or those moments you
need to get away. .
Know that Sybil Starr Productions has you covered! This week's updates
are as follows:
new scissor challenge videos\

Not my Heart Please
Also Devon and Hellena's Match up on 9/11
and Wrestle Tickle Match with Sin D
Girl Wrestle Challenge with Devon
The Fists of Fury Continue! REVAMPED SITE!
Tomoe-Nage Torture! Mixed Judo! in gi's! You don't want to miss this one!
and also the continuation of Bad Bets! REVAMPED SITE!
Queen of Tights 6 vs Wonder Babe. . . .
sherry str8 Jacket 2
Secretary St8 Jacket 1 part 2
Sybil Str8 Jacket 4
New Pictures!
down bound and much more!

we have also been shooting and gathering content for our two newest
sites which will launch this month! and

I am getting ready to head to Chicago to spend the holiday with my
boyfriend and his family. . but tonight, look for me here:

Hosted by : Maya Sinstess & Miss Vine

Performances: Mistress Xena & Pain Kurst Girls

Music: DJ Peter Propaganda

Play Furniture: MyBondageFurniture.Com

Date: Nov 25, 2009

The Rockbox:

2624 N.Lincoln Ave.


I am gonna go and get my kink on!
kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr


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