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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Risky for FFG- so buy it here- Mutiny vs Sybil

These ladies pull out all the stops, and tops, to try to defeat each other! Sybil wears a leotard, tights and wrestling boots, while Mutiny is barefoot in a bikini. . Sybil and Mutiny fight. . and Mutiny fights dirty and distracts Sybil. . fun and sexy competitive match up! Mutiny is topless for most of the match. . 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sybil Starr Fan Fiction- Sybil vs Marilyn Monroe

Sybil was so tired!! She just got back from a trip to Los Angeles where she met new friends and did a lot of professional wrestling and even some competitive wrestling. She got to relax and even toured Hollywood and the Grauman’s Chinese theater where the footprints of all her favorite stars were located. She got to see Marilyn Monroe and some of her new friends told her that Marilyn was a huge fan of professional wrestling back in the 50’s and 60’s. She would sneak into the studios of the weekend wrestling shows and loved it when she saw the girls in action, which was every weekend.

 Someone told her that she had been a huge fan of Betty Niccoli, who was the California ladies champion during her lifetime and wrestled a lot in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. She got some star magazines with Marilyn Monroe on the front of the cover in bathing suits, and also got a “WRESTLING” magazine with Betty Niccoli in blonde hair and the California ladies title belt around her waist as it was an article back in the 60’s talking about California wrestling and how Betty Niccoli had taken the womens division over by beating everyone, including becoming the new world champion by beating the Fabulous Moolah in San Bernardino!!

Sybil turned on an old video of wrestling back in the 70’s that was called “BIG TIME WRESTLING” from Detroit, Cobo Hall as she watched two girls boxing in the ring, and told herself, “I would have knocked that bitch out in just one minute!! Wow..I’m tired!! I think I will just close my eyes for a few minutes…”, and suddenly, Sybil closed her eyes just for a minute, but when she woke, she was sitting in a seat at Cobo Hall, the crowd was cheering and standing up as she saw a big man in the middle of the ring, holding a championship belt over his head as blood covered his face!!

Sybil turned and saw her dad sitting next to her, smiling and cheering, yelling, “SYBIL!! DID YOU SEE THAT? SYBIL WAKE UP!! DID YOU SEE THAT? ERNIE LADD JUST BEAT THE SHEIK!! HE IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!! WOW!! WHAT A MATCH!!” Sybil, not realizing where she is, gets up and sees Ernie Ladd leaving the wrestling ring and they carrying out the Sheik who was also bloodied and hurt!!

Sybil’s dad smiled and said, “Now it’s time for your favorite…the girls are coming to wrestle!!”

 Sybil still trying to figure out who and where she was, as she asked her dad, “Who is wrestling?”

 “IT’S YOUR FAVORITE SYBIL!! YOU HAVE BEEN AFTER ME TO GET THESE TICKETS FOR MONTHS!! WHEN YOU HEARD SHE WAS COMING TO DETROIT, YOU BEGGED ME TO GET THESE TICKETS!! WE MADE A DEAL, YOU GET GOOD GRADES, I GET YOU TICKETS TO MARILYN MONROE’S MATCH AGAINST BETTY NICCOLI!!", yelled her dad as he saw Betty walking passed them as she climbed into the wrestling ring, the United States ladies championship belt around her waist as she went to her corner! Her dad continued, “Aren’t you supposed to have your first match on tv in a month? I didn’t pay all that money for wrestling school for you to not be a wrestling star!!”, laughing as he saw Sybil’s favorite girl wrestler come down, the former movie star and now professional lady wrestler, Marilyn Monroe!!

Sybil saw how beautiful Marilyn was as she climbed into the wrestling ring!! Marilyn had a white jacket on with ‘MM’ on the back of it as she wore white wrestling boots and a white one piece that was very form fitting because she was known as a Playboy bunny and loved to show her muscular body as well as softness as she got into the wrestling ring. Her platinum blonde hair bounced around as she pulled on the ropes as the ring announcer was about to speak. The ring announcer screamed as the ladies stood in their respective corners, ready to wrestle, “THIS NEXT MATCH IS A LADIES BOUT!! 1 FALL, 30 MINUTE TIME LIMIT. IT IS FOR THE UNITED STATES WOMENS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING TITLE BELT. INTRODUCING FIRST THE CHALLENGER, FROM BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, WEIGHING IN AT 122 LBS, SHE IS MARILYN MONROE!!”

Marilyn smiles and waves to the crowd as she takes off her wrestling jacket and pulls on the ropes to get ready to fight! The ring announcer screams, “…AND HER OPPONENT, SHE IS THE CURRENT UNITED STATES WOMEN'S PRO WRESTLING CHAMPION, FROM KANSAS CITY MISSOURI, WEIGHING IN AT 144 LBS, HERE IS BETTY NICCOLI!!”

Betty takes off her US ladies title belt, and holds it up for everyone to see and hands it to the referee who holds it up for all to see again as Betty takes off her wrestling jacket and is in a blue one piece and black wrestling boots. Marilyn was playing to the crowd and blowing kisses at Sybil’s dad who was staring wanting-ly at Ms. Monroe. Sybil didn’t know why but she saw how beautiful Marilyn was in the wrestling ring and watched her come out of her corner as she and Betty Niccoli heard the bell for the match to begin.

Marilyn glided in the wrestling ring as Betty turned her head away, and was always staring at Marilyn, and suddenly both girls lunged at each other in a collar and elbow hook up. But as Sybil watched and expected Betty to do her evil tactics, she saw Marilyn poke Betty in the eye and grabbed her by the hair and tossed her across the wrestling ring by the hair!! The crowd cheered as Marilyn smiled sexily as she tossed her platinum blonde lady wrestler hair as she strutted to the corner where she grabbed the top ropes and using her boot tip, she ground it into Betty Niccoli’s throat viciously!! Sybil exclaimed, “OH MY GOODNESS!! MARILYN WANTS THAT US TITLE DOESN’T SHE DADDY?” She watched her choke Betty Niccoli ruthlessly in the corner. Marilyn would stop choking her up to the 4 count and then ram a knee into the stomach of Ms. Niccoli and go back to the illegal choking! The match went back and forth until Marilyn tossed Betty out of the wrestling ring and attacked her mercilessly outside the wrestling ring!! Marilyn rammed Betty’s head into the ring post 2 times and found something under the wrestling ring and hid it from the referee and Sybil saw what it was as Marilyn had a fork in her hand and smiling evilly, she drove it into Betty Niccoli’s forehead, cutting Betty wide open!! She also heard, in a sexy voice as she watched her father just ogle at her beauty, “Do you know, Betty, the Sheik loves to watch me wrestle!!? He told me, to be a champion, you have to injure your prey!! HAHAHAH!! I LOVE TO MAKE YOU BLEED, BETTY!!” Little did Sybil know, within the next month, she would see a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the front of a wrestling magazine as she pulled Betty Niccoli’s hair back and those words would be on the cover, with an explanation, “MARILYN MONROE…AS SADISTIC AS THE SHIEK?” The match continued as Marilyn dragged Betty, who happened to be the US ladies champion, all over that wrestling ring, smiling and punishing Betty Niccoli badly!! Marilyn finally finished Betty Niccoli off by delivering a spinning neck breaker and a piledriver off the second turnbuckle as she used the ropes for leverage as the referee counted 1..2..3!!

Sybil cheered but knew that Marilyn cheated and thought to herself, “If I ever get the chance to wrestle Marilyn Monroe, I better be careful!! She beat up Betty Niccoli badly! Marilyn was now the new US ladies Professional wrestling champion, as she strutted around the wrestling ring and even stood next to Betty, taunting her and yelling, “THANK YOU BETTY FOR BEING THE LOSER IN THIS MATCH!! HAHAHA! I AM THE CHAMPION!!”

Weeks passed as Sybil learned more about professional wrestling and even got to get into some school matches, even tag team matches with some other pro girls who would come to the school to see ‘how the competition’ was doing. Sybil had become one of the better trainee girl pro wrestlers and even watched “BIG TIME WRESTLING” and saw they had girls matches every week, especially with Marilyn Monroe, wrestling in tag team matches and she fought Betty Niccoli, Kay Kasey, and other girls for the United States ladies title, and it always turned out to be a vicious match with Marilyn doing more damage to her opponents and then looking into the camera seductively.

Sybil had noticed another thing, her father enjoyed watching Marilyn wrestle and became a huge fan of hers, which Sybil argued with her father, “SHE CHEATS!! SHE IS ALWAYS TRYING TO HURT HER OPPONENT!! THAT’S NOT WRESTLING!!”. But her father always said, “MARILYN MONROE IS A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!! SHE GETS PAID TO WIN! IF SHE DOESN’T WIN, SHE DOESN’T GET PAID!! I would expect you to do the same, Sybil!! After all, isn’t that why you are in wrestling school?” 

Sybil was relaxing at home and was watching “BIG TIME WRESTLING” on the television with her father, as they heard the announcer, “WELCOME TO BIG TIME PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!! OUR FIRST MATCH, IS A LADIES BOUT! 1 FALL, 10 MINUTE TIME LIMIT! INTRODUCING, FROM NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, WEIGHING IN AT 122 LBS, JEAN ANTONE!!” Sybil saw Jean Antone and saw how little she was, but she knew she could fight after seeing all the articles in wrestling magazines about her “feud” with Betty Niccoli that seemed to never end. She had read that Betty and Jean had a falling out and wanted nothing more than to put each other out of wrestling, and Betty was always trying to injure Jean no matter where she went to wrestle. Sybil then saw another woman in the other corner. She had a white sequined jacket on , and platinum blonde hair with ‘MM’ on the back of the jacket!! Sybil’s heart skipped a beat as she knew who it was in the other corner as she saw Jean take off her wrestling jacket! The ring announcer screamed, “…AND HER OPPONENT, HAILING FROM BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA. SHE IS THE CURRENT UNITED STATES WOMEN'S PRO WRESTLING CHAMPION, WEIGHING IN AT 124 LBS, SHE IS MARILYN MONROE!!” Marilyn turned around and smiled as she waved to the few fans she had and took off her 10 pounds of gold that said, UNITED STATES WOMEN'S WRESTLING CHAMPION on the belt. She handed it to the referee and took off her wrestling jacket and quickly went after Jean Antone and punished her from pillar to post!! Sybil’s dad was yelling, “YEAH!! GO MARILYN! BEAT UP ANTONE!! SHOW HER WHO IS A REAL BEAUTIFUL LADY OF WRESTLING!”

Sybil turned and couldn’t believe what she was hearing from him. Marilyn grabbed Jean Antone by the hair and arm and tossed her into the opposite corner and came to her hard with a knee to the chest! Marilyn was happy as she grabbed the second ropes in the corner and rammed a shoulder block into Jean Antone’s stomach and caused Jean to fall to the mat. Marilyn had Jean hurt and she smiles as she pulls Jean Antone out of the corner and delivers a flying bulldog, slamming Jean’s head into the mat!! Marilyn lays on top of Jean Antone as the referee starts to count, “1...2...”, but Marilyn smiles and pulls Jean up by the hair, stopping the count. She blows a kiss towards Sybil’s dad and yells, “OH baby, you don’t want me to pin her yet do you? I know what you want, you want to watch me, don’t you baby? Ohhh, I am soo glad you are here to see me wrestle!!!”, and she then pulls Jean up by the hair and tosses her through the ropes right at Sybil’s dad!! Jean crashes against the guardrail as both Sybil and her dad get excited as Marilyn comes over to them, and smiles and blows a kiss to Sybil’s dad!


 Marilyn just stares at Sybil and says, “Oh honey, you wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the ring with me, I would hurt you. Badly!! Just watch what I do to Jean!!” Marilyn raises Jean up by the hair and gets her to her knees. Marilyn then slams Jean head first into the guardrail and smiles and points at Sybil, and tells her, “SEE, honey!! You don’t want me to mess up that pretty face of yours, but, I would love to get a chance to do that!! Heehee!!” Marilyn then turns and puts Jean Antone into a tight headlock, lifting up her chin and drives a karate thrust into the throat of Jean! Jean hangs on the guardrail just inches from Sybil as she spits up and is visibly hurt by Ms. Monroe!! Sybil watches Marilyn viciously yank Jean up by the hair and stares at Sybil, and says, “MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION!! THIS IS LADY WRESTLING…PROFESSIONAL LADY WRESTLING, AND I AM THE BEST IN LADIES WRESTLING!!”

 Marilyn, grinning as she tosses Jean Antone into the ring post, and then cuts Jean open with a foreign object, tosses Jean into the wrestling ring!! Marilyn is all smiles as she sees a rope near the curtain of the ring apron, and grabs it and wraps it around Jean’s throat and chokes her mercilessly, and yells at Sybil, “THIS MAY BE YOU SOMEDAY, GIRL. JUST THINK, BEING BEATEN BY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN LIKE ME IN THE WORLD OF WRESTLING. YEAH, YOU KEEP TRAINING, BABY!! I’LL KEEP WINNING!!”

Marilyn tosses her long blonde hair as the ring lights show how beautiful her hair is when she is in the ring, wrestling. Marilyn blows a kiss towards Sybil’s father and stares menacingly at Sybil, since she knew that Sybil wanted to wrestle Marilyn Monroe, but possibly for Marilyn’s title belt. Marilyn then smiled at Sybil as she yells, “WATCH what I PLAN to do to you, honey, if you think you can wrestle me…”, as she grabs Jean Antone’s leg and spinning around quickly locking it over her own leg, and jumps and applies vicious pressure on her patented “MONROE DOCTRINE LEG LOCK!!” Jean Antone screams her submission as Marilyn looks at Sybil who is very agitated as Jean is begging the referee to make Marilyn Monroe to stop before she cripples Jean!! The referee pulls at Marilyn as she grins evilly as she stares at Sybil and tosses her long blond hair back and applies more pressure till the referee finally pries the girls apart!! Marilyn gets up and grabs her US ladies title belt and puts it over her shoulder and raises her arm in victory as she then leaves the ring.

 “She is evil, daddy!!” growls Sybil as her dad is staring at how beautiful Marilyn Monroe is as she leaves the wrestling ring! But Marilyn had one more look at Sybil and then just turned away with an evil smile on her face.

The next day, Sybil went to her wrestling training school, and as she was getting ready, her female wrestling instructor came in with a note. It had a date and said, “Sybil Starr’s first match will be in two weeks. She will be wrestling for the United States ladies professional wrestling title. Marilyn Monroe had requested this match and she is the champion, so get Sybil ready for her big match at COBO HALL. Oh, yes, this will be a televised match, it is the main event!! Have a great day!! Congratulations Sybil Starr. WELCOME TO CHAMPIONSHIP PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!”

Sybil was handed a big envelope that had a picture of Marilyn Monroe, with her patented sexy smile and the United States womens wrestling championship belt next to her as she posed in her gold one piece wrestling suit and gold wrestling boots. In the corner it was signed, “SEE YOU IN THE WRESTLING RING SYBIL. I AM GOING TO ENJOY OUR MATCH, SO MUCH! MARILYN MONROE, US LADIES CHAMPION” She also saw another picture of Marilyn holding her United States ladies wrestling title belt over her head as the picture showed Betty Niccoli being helped to sit up, with her face covered in blood. Marilyn wrote on the picture, “this is what you get to look forward to, seeing me with my belt and you…poor sybil, nothing is going to save you in that wrestling ring!! MARILYN” Sybil couldn’t believe it!! Her first wrestling match would be a main event and for the United States Women's wrestling championship title! But the two weeks were physically demanding as Sybil trained and trained for the title match she was to have with Marilyn Monroe!! She even got a surprise a few days before the match when Betty Niccoli came to the wrestling school to check out Sybil and ended up beating Sybil up in the ring and kept telling her, “THAT IS MY TITLE!! I SHOULD BE WRESTLING, MONROE!! I WILL TEACH YOU A LESSON IN LADY WRESTLING…NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!!”

Sybil was tied up in the ropes as Betty worked her over badly until a few other girl wrestlers came into the ring to stop Betty from ending Sybil’s wrestling career before it even started!! Sybil, however, was a very strong and beautiful woman and many people said she was a natural to be a wrestler and especially a professional lady wrestler. The next few days brought butterflies and anticipation into Sybil’s world and every time she opened the sports page she would see the poster for her match at Cobo Hall. She would see the huge word in the advertisement, WRESTLING!! She saw that there were going to be two girls matches as it was going to be taped for BIG TIME WRESTLING show on television. She saw the word, ‘GIRLS BOUTS! TWO GIRLS BOUTS!! THE LADIES OF WRESTLING FIGHT IT OUT AT COBO!!” She saw that Betty Niccoli was to wrestle Jean Antone in a strap match, and then saw the most important match. “MAIN EVENT!! FIRST TIME EVER!! WOMEN'S MATCH IS THE MAIN EVENT!! MARILYN MONROE DEFENDS HER US TITLE AGAINST SYBIL STARR!! FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!! NO TIME LIMIT!! NO DISQUALIFICATION!!” This was the first time she had heard that it was a stipulation match, but she didn’t care, because she knew she could beat Marilyn!! Sybil thought to herself, “if she wants a fight, I’ll give her a fight!!”

The night of the match was a sellout!! Sybil was getting ready as they advertised the match between Marilyn Monroe and Sybil Starr for the United States Women's Wrestling championship title. She watched the match between Betty Niccoli and Jean Antone as Betty dominated Jean and cheated all the way through the match, keeping the referee away as she injured Jean’s shoulder by slamming it into the ring post and using every illegal tactic and finishing Jean Antone with a piledriver and double leg hookup while holding the tights for the 1..2..3! They interviewed Betty after the match and Betty ranted about how she was the real US ladies wrestling champion and that after Marilyn beat Sybil tonight, that Betty was going to go after Marilyn Monroe and take her belt back from Ms. Monroe!!

 Sybil thought to herself, “When I beat Marilyn Monroe, I will be glad to challenge Betty and kick her ass too, all over the wrestling ring!!”

Sybil was wearing a red striped one piece and red wrestling jacket with SYBIL STARR on the back of it in sparkles as she tied her knee high white wrestling boots. Sybil walked out to the wrestling ring where another match had just finished and she high fived all her friends who came to watch her in her pro wrestling debut. Her dad gave her a hug as she came down the aisle to the ring. Sybil, climbing into the wrestling ring, looked like a veteran as she waved to her fans and went to her corner where she did some stretching as she waited for Marilyn Monroe to come to the ring.

Maryilyn, was then on her way to the ring. She was wearing a white one piece with MM on the butt area. She was also wearing a long white cape with MARILYN MONROE US CHAMPION WRESTLING on the back of it. Here white knee high wrestling boots also had MM on the sides of them as she had an entourage with her to the wrestling ring!! The ring announncer got into the ring, and the microphone came down from the ceiling. He grabbed it and yells, “WELCOME BACK TO BIG TIME ALL STAR WRESTLING! OUR NEXT MATCH IS THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, TELEVISION TIME LIMIT, AND IT IS FOR THE LADIES UNITED STATES PRO WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELT. INTRODUCING FIRST…FROM DETROIT, MICHIGAN, WEIGHING IN AT 119 LBS, HERE IS THE STARR GIRL…SYBIL STARRRR!!”

 Sybil waves to the fans as they cheer for her and she takes off her warm up jacket and shows off her metallic silver one piece with SYBIL on the front with a gold star on the front of her wrestling tights. The ring announcer speaks again. “…AND HER OPPONENT. SHE IS CURRENTLY THE UNITED STATES WOMENS PRO WRESTLING CHAMPION. WEIGHING IN AT 122 LBS, FROM BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA. MARILYN MONNNNROEEE!!” Marilyn waves to the crowd as she has the US ladies championship belt around her waist and she goes to the middle of the wrestling ring as the ring announcer leaves the wrestling ring. Sybil comes to the center of the wrestling ring as she stares at Marilyn stood there, not smiling, staring at Sybil and saying, “I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO LEAVE NOW, BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, I’M GOING TO INJURE YOU AND PUT YOU OUT OF WRESTLING!!”

 Sybil was about to say something, but as she did, Marilyn slapped Sybil in the face!! Sybil, not thinking, rammed a fist into Marilyn’s stomach, but like a rookie mistake, forgot that Marilyn was still wearing that 10 pounds of gold!! Marilyn opened her robe as she dropped the belt on the mat, and grabbed Sybil by the hair and arm and tosses her into the corner. Marilyn then struts over to Sybil, seeing she is stunned and smiles and yells, “I AM GOING TO ENJOY THIS WRESTLING MATCH!!” and kicks Sybil in the stomach. Marilyn grabs Sybil by the hair and launches her out of the corner with a flying hair mare. Marilyn Monroe blows kisses to the crowd as she struts to Sybil, who is stunned and getting up on all fours. Marilyn then delivers a boot to the ribs of Sybil Starr! Sybil falls onto her back and Marilyn puts a boot on her throat and presses down as Sybil gasps for air and struggles to get free. Marilyn, grabs the top rope and grinds down on that throat of Sybil’s as the referee warns Marilyn she is using an illegal tactic and she has to break the hold. The referee pulls Marilyn off of Sybil as Marilyn smiles evilly and walks around the referee, trying to get at Sybil to do more damage! The referee backs up and yells, “wrestle!!” as Marilyn grabs Sybil by the hair and puts her neck on the second rope and Marilyn places her knee on the back of Sybil’s neck, pushing it into Sybil’s neck and choking her at the same time.

Sybil sees a monitor and it is showing a smiling Marilyn Monroe as the tv announcer yells, “MARILYN IS SHOWING WHY SHE IS THE MOST DOMINANT WOMAN IN WRESTLING!! SHE BEAT BETTY NICCOLI FOR THE US TITLE AND SHE WANTS TO KEEP IT AROUND HER WAIST!!” Marilyn smiles as she now gouges the eyes of Sybil as the referee starts to count to five! Before he does, he yells at Marilyn who then turns and runs her fingers up and down his shirt, giggling, “DON’T you like me as champion? I love being as wrestling queen, JUST…FOR…YOU!!”

Sybil falls off the second rope and to the mat, gasping for air as she hears a familiar voice. But the voice doesn’t yell for her, it is yelling, “YEAH, MARILYN!! MARILYN MONROE!! WORK HER OVER BABY!! I LOVE MY WRESTLING MARILYN!!” She saw her own father at ringside, cheering for Marilyn!! Marilyn then smiles and says, “LET’S GO VISIT MY NEW BOYFRIEND!! HE LOVES ME, AND LOVES HOW I WRESTLE!!” Marilyn shoves Sybil out of the wrestling ring and causes Sybil to fall to the floor. Marilyn then grabs Sybil by the hair and drags Sybil over to the guardrail and rams her head first into the guardrail. Sybil falls to the ground as Marilyn puts her boot on her throat and starts chatting with Sybil’s father and says, “Your daughter shouldn’t wrestle, because I am the more beautiful woman in wrestling…don’t you think so honey?”

Marilyn grabs Sybil by the hair and slams her head into that guardrail and Sybil falls to the floor. Marilyn smiles at Sybil’s dad and then placing her wrestling boot on the throat of Sybil, Marilyn giggles, “I bet you love watching me wrestle, don’t you honey?”

Sybil yells as she gasps for air, “DAD!! GET HER OFF OF ME!! SHE IS CHOKING ME!!” Marilyn grinds her boot into Sybil’s throat as Sybil’s dad says as he kisses Marilyn, “sorry honey, Marilyn is talking to me, she wants me to watch her wrestle!!”. Sybil is slapping Marilyn’s leg but Marilyn just stomps on Sybil’s stomach and kisses her father and grins, “TIME for more lady wrestling, baby, see you soon!!” Sybil looks up at her father, and cant believe what she sees as Marilyn pulls her up by the hair. Marilyn then grabs Sybil by the arm and still has a handful of Sybil’s hair and rams her head first into the ring post! A loud clang is heard as Marilyn smiles as she watches Sybil fall to the floor. Marilyn grabs an electrical cord and wraps it around Sybil’s neck and starts to choke her mercilessly. Sybil hears the television announcer scream, “MARILYN WANTS TO HOLD ONTO THAT LADIES TITLE AND SHE IS SHOWING SYBIL STARR WHO IS THE BEST WOMAN IN THAT WRESTLING RING!!”

Marilyn whispers to Sybil, “I want to really hurt you, and I’m going to do just that honey!!” and then tosses Sybil head first into the ring post! Sybil falls to the floor, she feels her head and a cut is formed over her right forehead as blood trickles out of the cut. Marilyn smiles and puts Sybil into a headlock and pounds away on that open cut, causing Sybil to scream and suffer at the hands of the US ladies champion! Marilyn, smiling, drives a boot to the head of Sybil Starr. She grabs Sybil by the hair and rams her head into the ring apron. Sybil is on her knees, blood trickling down her face as she sees two hands go for her face. But as this happens, Sybil drives a fist into the stomach of Marilyn Monroe! Sybil catches Marilyn again into the stomach and chest, but is then met by an axe handled double fist to the back of her head, as Marilyn is now very angry at her opponent!

“OK, LITTLE GIRL, TIME FOR YOUR LESSON IN LADY WRESTLING!” screams Marilyn as she pulls Sybil up and tosses her back into the huge wrestling ring! Marilyn lifts Sybil up by the arm and hair, ramming an elbow into the shoulder of Sybil Starr! Marilyn grabs Sybil by the arm and tosses her into the ropes and as Sybil bounces off the ropes, Marilyn connects with a perfectly placed flying drop kick that causes Sybil to fall out of the wrestling ring. Marilyn then stalks Sybil as she walks back and forth, waiting for Sybil to get back into the wrestling ring!!

 “Come on, honey!! Time for more wrestling!!” growls Marilyn as the referee keeps her from the ropes as Sybil struggles to get back into the ring. Sybil starts to climb through the ring ropes but Marilyn grabs her long red hair and pulls her into the ring! Marilyn then lifts her elbow up and drives it right into the back of Sybil's neck, sending Sybil down to her knees. Marilyn then rushes to the ropes, bouncing off the ropes, then coming back at Sybil and driving a knee into the side of Sybil Starr's head! Sybil falls to the mat and is met by a boot to the back from Ms. Monroe! Marilyn smiles and jumps up into the air and drives a knee into the side of Sybil's head, causing more pain and suffering to Sybil's head! Marilyn, smiles as she grabs Sybil's long red hair and pulls her up and puts her hair over the top rope and pulls down on it, causing Sybil to scream, “SHE IS PULLING MY HAIR!! TELL HER TO LET GO!! REF!! HAIR REF!!”

As Sybil is protesting, Marilyn then takes her free hand and gouges both eyes of Ms. Starr's!! Sybil screams as Marilyn rakes the eyes and causes Sybil to stagger around the ring, blinded and stunned by the brutality of Ms. Monroe! Marilyn smiles as she grabs Sybil by the hair and pulls her up and drives a thumb into that throat area, causing Sybil to fall to her knees and gasp for air! The referee checks Sybil but Marilyn pushes him out of the way and yells, “She isn't done yet!! Lets wrestle baby!!” Marilyn smiles as she walks along the ropes as Sybil tries to get back into the fight and get her breathe back, but as she does, Marilyn comes at her and rams a knee into the side of Sybil's head, sending Sybil Starr crashing to the mat!! Marilyn smiles as Sybil stares up into the ring lights, stunned as she is grabbed by the hair as Marilyn speaks, “That's right honey!! This is CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING! I grew up with it in my house and now I'm going to put you OUT OF WRESTLING!!”

Sybil, her face stained with blood, as she was pulled up by the hair by Marilyn Monroe, heard a familiar voice as her head was put between Marilyn's strong sexy 'Playboy' legs as she heard the voice yell, “YEAH!! PILEDRIVER TIME!! YEAH MARILYN!! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT MOVE!!”

 As Sybil is trapped, she sees her father as she is upside down, he is cheering for MARILYN MONROE!!! Next second, Sybil feels the hard mat on the top of her head as she now sees stars as Marilyn Monroe drives her head into the mat with a brutal piledriver!! Marilyn covers and hooks Sybil's leg as the referee counts, 1...2...!! But as Sybil is unable to get Marilyn Monroe off of her, Marilyn pulls Sybil up by the hair and laughs, and says, “NO NO NO!! WE GOT TO KEEP THIS MATCH GOING!! MY MAN LOVES TO WATCH ME WRESTLE!!” Marilyn pulls Sybil up by the hair and turns her away from the referee and drives a spike into Sybil's forehead, causing more blood to flow, then putting that illegal object back into her tights. Sybil protests as Marilyn looks at the referee and says, “I WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! THAT IS CHEATING!!”and Sybil is shocked at what the referee says as Marilyn punches her in the face, sending Sybil Starr into the corner! She heard the referee say, “I know Marilyn! You are the best lady in wrestling and I am a huge fan!! I loved watching you beat Betty Niccoli last weekend on “Big Time Wrestling!” Marilyn just smiles as she grabs Sybil by the hair and puts her boot laces up against that open cut and scrapes Sybil's forehead viciously! Sybil falls to the mat as Marilyn repeats the move two more times, causing Sybil to scream out as she is almost finished! Marilyn Monroe does a wrestler's pose like in a lot of the wrestling magazines Sybil would see and then grabs Sybil by the hair again, scooping her up and delivers a brutal body slam to the mat! Sybil grimaces in pain as Marilyn grabs her by the hair and drives a knee into the face of Ms. Starr! The crowd cheers for Sybil as Marilyn is in control of this match! Marilyn, grinning from ear to ear, puts Sybil on her stomach and puts Sybil's arm behind her back and does a full handstand and drives her knee into that lower back, just where Sybil's arm is located and tries to break Sybil's arm in the process!! Marilyn smiles as she climbs through the ropes, holding Sybil's arm over the top rope and grabbing Sybil by the hair, puts her neck on the top rope and grabbing both the hair and arm, Marilyn jumps off the ring apron, and slingshots Sybil off the top rope, and causes Sybil to fall back into the wrestling ring, grabbing her shoulder and screaming in pain!! Marilyn smiles and goes over to Sybil's father and gives him a kiss on the cheek and says, “WANT me to work over your little girl more in the ring or outside the wrestling ring?”

Sybil can barely stand up but is held against the ropes by the hair from Marilyn as Sybil sees her father nod approvingly as Marilyn stands up on the ring apron and puts her boot on the throat of Sybil's on that third and bottom rope!

 Marilyn smiles and tells Sybil, “I'm going to enjoy PUTTING YOU OUT OF LADY WRESTLING, HONEY!!” as she works that choke and grinds the boot tip into Sybil's throat! Marilyn holds and ties Sybil into the ring ropes and stands on the ring apron, stomping on that shoulder! Sybil is screaming as Marilyn shows an evil smile as she keeps kicking and jumps high in the air and rams a flying knee into that shoulder area!!

 “I watched June Byers injure Mildred Burke with these moves, honey!! I am going to do the same to you!! HAHAHHAAHAHAA!” yells Marilyn as Sybil is hurt badly as her shoulder feels like it is on fire as Marilyn grabs Sybil's arm and twists it then drives a knee into that shoulder, hyper extending it badly!!

Sybil is screaming badly as she yells, “STOP IT!! STOP IT!! I GIVE!! I GIVE!! YOU BITCH!! STOP IT!” Marilyn, laughs and says, “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WANT TO STOP, HONEY? THIS IS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!! I LOVE DOING THIS TO YOU!! JUST LISTEN TO MY FANS!! THEY WANT ME TO PUT YOU OUT OF WRESTLING!!” Marilyn then gouges the eyes and bites down on that open cut, making Sybil bleed as Sybil begs for Marilyn to stop!

Suddenly; another girl wrestler comes down and gets onto the ring apron, putting her wrestling boot on the throat of Sybil Starr!! Sybil screams her submission and sees the other wrestler is BETTY NICCOLI!! Betty yells, “WAKE UP, SYBIL!! YOUR NOT EVEN IN OUR LEAGUE, YOU CAN'T WRESTLE!! WAKE UP SYBIL!!” as Betty holds Sybil's arm down so Marilyn can work on that damaged shoulder!! Sybil is struggling and yelling for the referee to make her stop but the referee is just looking at her wondering what she is saying.

Suddenly; Sybil wakes up and hears, “THANK YOU FOR FLYING WITH US, WE HOPE YOU COME BACK AND SEE US AGAIN. WELCOME TO DETROIT!!” Sybil is shocked as she is struggling and trapped and she turns her head as she sees a blonde stewardess, and her name is MARILYN!! Marilyn tries to calm Sybil down as she yells at her; “I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DID THIS SYBIL, BUT I'M A WRESTLING FAN TOO, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LET YOU GO OF THIS SUBMISSION HOLD...HEEHEE! HERE, let me release the belt....there, are you ok?”

Sybil gets free and turns to see a woman with black hair, giggling as she sees Sybil's wrestling magazine and says, “My aunt Betty wrestled!! She was a champion too!! Are you a pro lady wrestler ma'am?” Sybil turns and sees the woman, who looks almost identically as Betty Niccoli!!

 Sybil gets an embarrassed look on her face and says, “SO IT WAS ALL A DREAM? I DIDNT WRESTLE MARILYN MONROE? SHE WAS TYING ME UP IN THE ROPES AND WAS HURTING ME!! IT WAS MY FIRST EVER WRESTLING MATCH!!” The stewardess named Marilyn, just giggled and said, “Yes, Ms. Starr; you were dreaming!! It must have been a very exciting dream!! Sounded like you were really having a battle! Some of the flight attendants walked by, saw the wrestling magazine and thought, 'she must be a pro girl wrestler' and let you sleep. But then it got a little more involved and we saw you twist your safety belt around your arm and it looked like you were going to hurt yourself!! The lady behind you worried that you were going to 'lose your title match', because you were screaming that you gave up!! You mean, you weren't winning, Ms. Starr?” laughed the stewardess as she looked at the woman who looked like Betty Niccoli.

 Sybil; shaking her head; very embarrassed; as she smiled and said, “Yes, I was losing, to MARILYN MONROE!!” They all laughed as Sybil grabbed her wrestling magazine and got ready to get off the plane quickly and thanked the stewardesses. One stewardess; who was a wrestling fan, laughed as she yelled, “good luck with your rematch with Marilyn Monroe!!” Sybil shook her head and thought to herself, “I got to stop dreaming about wrestling, but I do love it so...I AM A GREAT WRESTLER AND WILL WIN THE BELTS..HAHHAAH!!”

 the end...?

 by J Zimmerman

Friday, January 11, 2013

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