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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sybil is Manhandled!!! (Not for the Faint of Heart!)

These pictures are from a video that will never be released to the public! And these are only from the first half of the match!  I take brutal punishment for over 30 minutes! But please don't feel too bad for me- it was just acting!

Speaking of "Manhandled" we have filmed two new mixed wrestling videos where the male dominates the female!

Dakkota takes a beating from the masked Russian wrestler- the Winter Assassin. . . . look for it today on clips for sale!
kisses and scissors,

Friday, October 16, 2015

8th Annual Hell Custom Shoot- Pictures and Deals

Another successful Hell Custom Video Shoot happened this week.
I am always happy when I get to wrestle and see my girls- I didn't have much time to get ready for the shoot this year, life being incredibly complicated as of late- but we had a great time and we were able to get all of our work done (13 video, 3 photo shoots) in a matter of hours.  These 3 girls are the best! Dakkota Grey, Betty Battles and Ashley Wildcat- I miss seeing SinD and Lia this year, it almost didn't seem like Hell without them. . . but we had some great matches and great times. . . next year I would rather get us more space and more time to shoot and be together, as the few hours we had, just weren't enough.  Sometimes I really miss being on the road and getting to see my wrestling friends- but I hate leaving this gorgeous paradise I live in with all the wonderful friends I have made since I moved here. I definitely have found my home. I do plan on traveling around the Midwest in the next couple of months (Chicago-Indy-Cincy) and I am hoping to do a East Coast trip also (Philly, NYC?) so e-mail me if you are interested in getting together!

I have had some technical issues lately (bad hard drive!!!) so I haven't been able to get my main websites updated- please check in on in the meantime- but if you are interested in any of the new videos we created at this past shoot- here is the list of what is available with the prices- just e-mail me and I will send you an online invoice to pay and then once paid, I just send a link to the direct download.

Bitch Fight- Dakkota vs Betty (10 minute street clothes cat fight) $10

CatFight Master- Ashley vs Dakkota (10 minute catfight in bikinis) $10

Cheap Ass Lesson- Ashley, Betty and Dakkota vs Sybil $20
(20 min 3 on 1 domination/humiliation street brawl)

Cheating Bikini Brawl- Ashley vs Sybil (20 min semi comp in bikini) $20

Crimes Against Wrestling-Ashley vs Betty (10 min brawl w/handcuffs)$10

Promoted-Ashley vs Betty (20 min office catfight in skirts) $20

RESPECT-Betty vs Sybil (20 min pro-style apartment fight) $20

Silent Competition-Betty vs Sybil (15 min challenge match w/ lift and carry)$15

Sybil's Weakness-Ashley vs Sybil (15 min one -sided tickle match) $15

This sale is only good until the end of October!
Order now by e-mailing Sybil at
All of these videos are only available as a download.

much love to all of you.