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Monday, July 30, 2007

Seeking Neko Vs Jenn Sponsorships

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Competitive Matches for Hell

Looking for match sponsorships:

My fans and friends know that I love to fight competitively. Unfortunately, it is expensive to arrange competitive matches because you must generally pay the competitive participants more money than their usual rate for a scripted video, and you must also pay a good cameraman who can properly film this type of match. According to our polling you do want to see me (and some of my other session wrestler friends) in legitimate non-scripted competitive matches. Therefore, I am seeking help from my fans for Sponsorships to defray the costs of producing these competitive videos. Once we have enough sponsorship money for a particular match, we would film it soon thereafter.

We will offer the following Sponsorship packages in order to encourage persons to contribute to a sponsorship fund.

The Silver Package--$50

For a $50 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the dvd of the match before it is released to the general public and a photo CD of the fight.

The Gold Package--$100

For a $100 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the dvd of the match before it is released to the general public, another dvd of your choosing and photo CD of the fight.

The Platinum Package--$300

For a $300 Sponsorship contribution, you get a copy of the dvd of the match before it is released to the general public, two other dvds of your choosing, a photo CD of the fight, a $100 discount on a future session with me, plus the right to see the match you sponsored live in person.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Girl announced for Hell weekend!!!

Welcome Xaina who is excited to be working for Sybil Starr Productions for the first time. . and wrestling for the first time. . .

Let's get her some custom videos and photos at the Slumber Party in Hell!!!!!

Contact me directly about scripts!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Travel is Over

I am burned out.

The last two years I have spent, at the very least half of every month on the road. At first, it was awesome, I always wanted to travel and see the world, I always wanted to go to Europe, and Japan. I always wanted to fly 500 miles an hour with my hair on fire. But no more. The thought of planning another trip is dreadful to me. I am afraid the quality of my work is being affected. .. . . I just find myself not caring. . . . and I love to wrestle!!! I love to fight! To feel like this is so disappointing. . . .so I have been thinking and thinking of what I should do to rectify this feeling. .. . I am putting my travel on hold. There are a few trips I will take. . . but otherwsie, my travel will be very limited until December. First of all, I have a pro-fight scheduled for November I want to be ready for. Second, I want to see my friends and have a life. . . recently I was not invited to a party amongst my friends and I feel like they have stopped being able to count on me . . and I am tired of always saying to my friends and family, "I am sorry I can't make it, I will be in . . . . that date." So no, I will not be going to Minneapolis this weeekend, and no I will not be going to Cleveland next weekend. I will still make my monthly trips into Chicago and am often available there. . . but for now, I am grounded. Until my gypsy feet feel like dancing again.

Feel free to visit me in Michigan or Chicago.

I am sorry to let anyone down, but as the days have gone on I have done that more and more as my heart has weighed so heavily.

If I am travelling, know it is a limited travel engagement and book it, because gosh only knows when I will get back there at this point.

See you on the mats

kisses and scissors,


Thursday, July 12, 2007


AUGUST 2007!!!

The Slumber Party Custom Fight weekend in Hell, MI!!!!

Accepting scripts now!!!
Girls available:

we will also have males of various sizes available to wrestle

types of matches:

Custom photoshoots are $3 a picture
Custom videos/clips start at $10 a minute
please e-mail me directly for more information:

We are going to make Hell even hotter!
Some gals are also available for private sessions.