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Friday, November 06, 2009

"Scissor Domination" and Sherry Stuns!

Scissordom with Shana vs Joe is selling like hot cakes over at my clips4sale store!
Checks it out!

Speaking of Scissors Domination. . it is time to feel the pain, my Midwestern brothers and sisters. . . I am coming around to take care of your wrestling needs! You boys in Michigan and Ohio who have been pestering me to meet. . . and maybe you have no references or you are a first timer? Now is your one and only chance! November 11th, Dundee, MI (an easy drive from either Detroit, MI or Toledo, OH). . book your time now. . . also Sherry Stuns is available on the 11th for 2 on 1's or solo sessions. . . . book now!

After Dundee, I will head south to one of my favorite Midwestern cities, Indianapolis, IN! I know guys, I always say I am coming, but I really really am this time. . for my annual visit! November 12-13. Also, PDG Nikki lives in that area, so if you woudl liek to see us tussle, let me know now so I can make arrangements with her!

And then it is on to CHICAGO, November 14-15. . (sorry vtm, Vancago). . . A great weekend in the Windy City. . . I will be doing sessions around the Logan Square Area. . .

I am excited to visit some of my favorite cities and see my favorite friends. . .

Also. . we need Help! Sherry Stuns is coming in on Monday November 9th, and I have no custom scripts for her! She would also like to fight me competitively? Are there any wrestling fans out there who would like a photoset? A video? A hardcore submissions match? Loser gets spanked?????? I really want her to do well, but I know with all my craziness this past month I wasn't able to get the word around. . I know you loved our chemistry in "Scissor Sluts" and so did I! So let's do more! I also want to shoot her for our new sites:

e-mail me please, if you have any questions or queries. .

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