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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Quick Sybil Update!

first I want to say "I heart my fans!" and I hope that my spamtastic
e-mails of last week were not too bothersome! I just wanted my friends and
fans to get a little something back from me for all you do in my life. . . I
am grateful for your support and belief. . I wake up in the morning and
shake my head. . . sometimes all this doesn't make sense. . i really am just
a dorky. fiesty, bookwormy chick from the midwest. I love to wrestle. I
love to film videos. I love to cook, and run and read and write. . . I love
to fish and camp, and fly kites. . . but in recent years my favorite
activity has been corresponding with my friends and fans. . .

so, the news ahead. . . I get to see my sweet wifey tomorrow when she picks
me up at the airport in Boston, yes Ms Lia Labowe. . . gorgeous thing that
she is. . . and after spending the day with her I head to my hotel on Friday
where i will be kicking butt and taking names. . . I currently have one time
slot left open . . . better grab it while you can. . if you can! LOL. . And
then I get to tortu. . um. .play with my joepet all weekend. .. . I get back
to Michigan on Monday the 5th, and on the evening of the 6th I head into
Chicago. . . I am doing some sexy work wednesday morning there and then on
Thursday October 8th, Gia Primo and I, and Van the man are getting together
to do some videos. .it is going to be a blast. . and Gia and I have worked
out a deal. . which we will finalize next week, but
will be taking Gia Primo and her website under it's wing and become her
media producer, such as we do for Lia. . . I am very excited about this
opportunity for a few reasons, 1) I have always looked up to Gia, she is a
devastating beauty with a devastating body 2) this way she can keep doing
what she loves and get her work out there for her fans 3) I consider her a
very good friend of mine and I just adore her. . .

Then on Friday morning the 9th,I leave for Orlando. . . my sweet love, Scott
Kenemore has been asked to be on many panels and to make appearances at the
zombie Convention going on there, and to celebrate his most recent novel. .
. I get the honor and fun priviledge of work with the Mighty Hypnotic while
I am there. . .
I finally make it back to Michigan on October 12th, just in time for my
birthday on the 13th and Kordelia Devonshire's visit. .. . . but don't
forget, NIKKI! This girl is amazing and rarely get sto do work for other
companies. . she is a good friend of mine and I love to wrestle her. . I am
very excited about having her and Kordelia together. . .

Other news; I have two new girls coming in the third week of October to work
for my sites and get trained, they are local beauties whom I had the
pleasure and privilege of working with in the ill conceived (poor
leadership) pillow fight league. I am also shooting with a hair bondage
rigger this month and the Latex Concubine, whom I am a big fan of.

And Hellena Hevaenly and I also have a match together on October 25thm in
Sturgis, MI for POG wrestling

In other news, the Tigers are still struggling to make the playoffs, but
hanging in there

and I am playing the role of MAGENTA in the Rocky Horror Musical at the
Croswell Opera House . . Oct 30, 31 and November 1st. . .. I have never done
a musical beofre and last night was our first rehearsal. . heck I haven't
even done any theatre in 8 years. . though it is what my BA degree is in. .
. LOL. . great great things ahead! Also, we should have an actual launch
date for soon and the other sites we are launching. .
. We want to keep your blood flowing hot all winter long ;)

kisses and scissors,

ps. I thank you for all your concerned e-mails regarding someone speaking badly
of me, but why give that person any attention? As that is obviously what they
are seeking. I pray that person finds peace and happiness. But again, thank
you, my dear and loyal Starr Army. .

and yes, I will have the new calendar ready to sell by the end of october.. .
Sybil Starr

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