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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fetishcon Day 3 report

Yikes. . .
holy cow. . .
WTF. .

ok, so soon after I woke up yesterday, Christina Carter went swimming in the pool at the Mighty Hypnotics Superstarr Hideout. . . . and she did it NAKED! And you know what? I was so happy. . LOL. . .I went swimming too! But after she was done. . . . LOL
After a mocha, my media producer and I headed in to Tampa proper to check in to our hotel. . . . and we weren't the only ones. . Devon and Sappire arrived soon after and so I had a drink or two with the girls while I made lots of new friends. . .Tracy Jordon, Sherry Stuns. . . and tons of other hotties. . who let strange men and women do strange things to them. . . WHAT A WORLD!!!! WWWOOOOHOOOO! Gigity! From my sheltered midwestern upbringing. . to . . . FETiSHCON> > >> yep. . my life is different now. . and I have a feeling that is is still going to be different tomorrow. . .

I also met different fetish producers and some relatively famous photographers. . .my impression is that people think they are famous or something. . . but really, would any of us even be here without the fans who appreciate what we do????

A bunch of us managed to go to the Crowbar last night for a sexy, kiny burlesque show. . . AH> . . . . I had often dreamt of seeing Angela Ryan's naked breasts in public. . and oh, boy. . . also, I would have to say that Kendra James looks just like her pictures, she is beautiful. . . I also played with a girl who was tied up in a cage. . . and well, I may have danced in a cage myself. . I am pretty sure there are lots of pictures of my shenanigans from last night. . but when my money ran out, and I had no clue where I was or how I would get home. . Kordelia and Dan put us all back in their car and brought us back to the Hotel. . . my belly hurt from my multiple brews and all the laughing and drooling. . . and I hit the hay around 2 am. . . I know Devon was hoping I would hang more. . but hey.. . it is only my first night ;)

I hope to put together a more multimedia blog later today or for tomorrow morning. .
in the meantime, I have already booked some wrestling shoots for today and now, I am going back to bed for a bit as my head is still spinning. . . .

kisses and scissors,

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