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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Autumn 2021 Update

 Autumn Update

I've been terrible at this blog this year- 2021 was an exceptionally fun and busy year for me- but it didn't lend itself well to keeping up this blog!

I would love to write a long one with everything that has been going on- but- the real reason I am writing this tonight is to put up a free video to download for my fans and friends. This is 2 years of your video purchases paying my bills-I am incredibly grateful every month, and this last month, while I was down and out after having surgery (abdominoplasty ie tummy tuck) sales were way better than I could've asked for. I am just so grateful, so- thank you.


available to download for 24 hours

Sybil vs Marrisa

Time expired



New video release this week:

FFGFAN Lesson in Manhandling 2  

soon available at  

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