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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leaving Philly

well, Sybil Starr has left the building. . .almost

I head out of Philly shortly

It has been an awesome trip

I have wrestled so much that every muscle in my body aches

I have had so much fun that I was able to create a lifetime of memories in two days

A night with Jenn where we fought each other in next to nothing and then broke out a bottle of wine. .

A night in Atlantic City by limo and Billion being a RockStarr Queen, hanging out at the Borgata Casino, and eating at the Old Homestead, watching a live band at the Gypsy Bar, and winning at craps.

I guess I better head back to the middle of nowhere Michigan. . . a girl has to rest sometime. . LOL (when I die would be fine with me!!!)

kisses and scissors,


Friday, January 18, 2008

New Session review

My neck hurts...where she choked me into submission twice. My ego hurts...she got me on my back through leverage and strength, without sweeping me...although she did that too!

My chiropractor and I are very good friends...LOL

Our session began with a struggle for position in the clinch...she knows just how to position her body to negate my strength advantage and we tussled for what seemed like two minutes simply in the clinch...bodies tightly clenched together, she managed to escape my takedown and we tumbled to the mats together. Quickly, she got my back and attempted to take me in what I think was a sleeper hold attempt....I escaped, but again and again she got my back, locked in hold after hold, until I tumbled her off of my back onto the mat. I locked in a headlock but, working and struggling, she eventually countered and escaped. I chased her...big mistake...after some smoke and mirrors she again conquered my defense, wrapped her body around my back, and when I let my neck open she pounced and clamped off my air...I struggled mightily, pulling and straining, feeling the weight of her lovely body forcing me to submit to the biceps crushing my throat...I gasped...she asked if I was submitting...before I began to pass out I tapped...she pushed me away and reminded me that I could be severely damaged and that from behind me she could not see if I passed out.

After a brief rest we started again, and for a while I dominated...but she caught me again, after a desperate struggle, in another choke to which I quickly submitted. While she was defeating me in that fall she repeatedly used her "parasitic holds" of a strong knee to the belly, a suffocating hand smother, andher deadly scissors...once she clamped the scissors on and held them for almostten seconds....then my nerves exploded in pain as she released the hold...I slumped...but Iescaped the triangle scissor attempt as I slid away, only to bechoked a few seconds later.

I slipped off my shirt to feel more of the intensity of the contact I crave entire body stiffened as she repeatedly attacked but, without my shirt, she was a bit handicapped in that some of her holds slipped off of mybody because of the pouring I slowly began to gain some advantage.We clinched again and instead of countering my clinch attempts the way she had been she seemed to tense her body to take what force I could give out and let me get a hold going...from which I believe she thought she could escape...but she quickly said "Oh, he's going for the bear hug", which I was, and instead of slipping away from my best hold she took it on...she blocked my arms from reaching that hug position once...twice....she could have escaped and off-balanced me, I think, but instead she kept countering my attempts to wrap my arms around her while staying directly in front of me...had she beaten back my hold attempt I would have been humiliated, I think, because in this clinch itwas strength against strength, leverage against lose to skill and speed is one thing...but to have a small woman out-muscle me would have been something that would have only made me feel completely dominated...maybe she knew this...and if she countered successfully would have then overwhelmed me...but she did not escape. Eventually, after much effort, I got some control over her body...I began to feel my body tingle, every muscle tensing, realizing she was giving me a gift of taking on my charge without "smoke and mirrors", as she put it. And I was ready to accept. She strugged to escape but then her struggles began to ebb...she wasn't submitting easily but it felt like she was daring me to give it my all, to see how far she could go, before deciding whether to submit or escape...I did not care...I kept up the pressure while she narrated the struggle.. she said "Can he get the hold in...ohhh, he got we go....' as I squeezed mightily, using technique I actually learned from her...her breath came in a shallow gasp and I grunted loudly with the exertion...suddenly her luscious body stiffened and I felt her hand tap my back....she told me later she literally could not breathe for a moment as she tapped...we took a break and went for one more fall...

She was stiff from the training the day before, and maybe not quite as flexible as usual...we struggled in our last clinch, countering and attacking,until I again pulled her down roughly and went for a headlock. We struggled intensely as I leaned slowly down on top of her, trying to control her while atthe same time not by simple bulk but by technique...I wrapped my right bicep around her head, trying to find a pressure point but finally just wrapping whatever of her head I could squeeze....I moaned in pain and exertion, every muscle fiber straining to keep her under control....again and again she moved, struggled, fought...she let out a loud yelp of pain as I forced my shoulder against her face...I have to admit I enjoyed hearing it, for she made me yell with her scissors...I squeezed again and again...she somehow found the flexibility to slam her knees into my back...again and again...she hit me so hard I thought I would literally cry...between the struggle to hold her, to overcome her high pain tolerance and to take the force of her knee smashes the pain and intensity was glorious and I have to admit a highly sensual experience...finally, she tapped...I had not made her submit as much as I had been able to hang on like a barnacle...and I have the feeling that if we were fighting for as long as we wanted to she would have found a way to escape...but she did not, and the session ended at that point.

I did not win...but did not lose either...besides, no one who has the chance to spend even a minute locked in a power exchange with Sybil Starr is ever a friend, I thank you for a wonderful friendship and an awesome fight!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Fantasy Role-Play Session Review by VTM

Ok i'm a Van who rarely wrestles and tells but rather then face the harsh consequences of not telling about my session today i will gladly do so. So here we go..... My session began with me tring to take a few toys from the Dungeon of the Chicago Mistresses. Ya know i thought i might take a whip or 2 home with me as souvenier. Big mistake! Just as i was about to slip away with the goods bursting through the door came the newest edition to the CM staff Sybil Starr. I knew it was trouble and it was! POW, BAM, WHAP and a JUDO FLIP. I was down and rarely got up again. I was then put through so many holds i can hardly remember them all. I'm sure my Van screams were heard by the other Mistresses as there was just nothing i could do to stop this strawberry blonde hottie from teaching me crime doesn't pay. (Well actually it pays sometimes:) LOL I tried every sneaky VTM trick in the book but nothing seemed to work. Eventually all i could do was curl up in a little ball and feel my Vanhood being taken away from me. Sybil had me and submitting was my only option and that's what i did! Well what can i say sometimes a Van's gotta do what Van's gotta do! :) What an awesome time and i can hardly wait for my next adventure with a true wrestling Starr...VTM

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I've learned two things
To let go
clean as a kite string
and to never wash a man's clothes.
These are my rules."
Sandra Cisneros

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My legs wrapped around your head!

I have been so pent up I could kill something with my bare hands. I am a feisty girl. If I don't fight, or run, or expend some of this energy that naturally builds up everyday, I am not the same sweet girl most people expect me to be. And lately. . UGH! Snowed in, in Michigan. I have taken to working out to try to help. . I have one of those magic circles from pilates, and I put it between my thighs to try to get my daily scissor squeezes in. . but I bend the dang thing until it is flat and it is just not as gratifying as hearing sighs and screams of pain as you struggle. . .
The snow has finally melted here, and a client from NYC had called earlier in the week to let me know he would be in Detroit today. I met him at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino downtown Detroit. I know him very well, sessioning with him numerous times in the past three years. I donned a orange and yellow snakeskin thong bikini to tussle in. And we started. I wrestled my much larger victim (6'-250#) to the ground and proceeded to torture him with devastating scissor holds, scissors from behind his head, reverse head scissor, figure fours, mean head locks, body scissors, hammerlocks, arm bars, facesits, hand smothering, neck cranks, chokes, breast smothers, grapevines, wrist locks, key locks, pressure point toruture, slapping, punching and kicking. . . and when he was finally exhausted and all the fight had left him, I made him lick my feet and I trampled him for fun. I love to tease and torture my victims. I love to let them feel my sweet warm body all over them, love to watch the pleasure watch over their face. . and then turn it into pain and fear. Life is about pain and pleasure, suffering and happiness. . and you can't have one without the other. . but maybe. . in the end. . it is one in the same. . . .

Kisses and scissors,

Friday, January 04, 2008


"The Last Goodbye"

I don't believe you
And I never will
Oh I can't live by your side
With the lies you've tried to instill
I can't take anymore
I dont have to give you a reason
For leaving this time
Coz this is my last goodbye
It's like I hardly know you
But maybe I never did
It's like every emotion you showed me
You kept well hid
And every true word that you ever spoke
Was really deceiving
Now I'm leaving this time
Coz this is my last goodbye
I've gotta turn and walk away
I don't have anything left to say
I haven't already said before
I've grown tired of being used
And I'm sick and tired of being accused
Now I'm walking away from you
And I'm not coming back

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bodean's Song

"The Understanding"

Boy we get so excited pointing fingers each day
Don't take the time to even blame me
No we'll give it away
The expectations that we're painting
They go from paisley to white
I see right through them, stand up to them
Oh and I'm up for the fight
And with these eyes, I never see right
When I look in the mirror
I'm lost in golden red and blue
I'm losing ground holding on to you
And I understand more than I want to
And I stand more than I choose
And under these eyes I'm busted
But I'm understanding you
It's the understanding, that kills me
So I return into my head and I begin to see
This image is not the place for me
Is it someplace for you?
'Cause the destination is never changing
When I guess a change could do
When I try to move I fall,
Try to hold you and I lose it all
But I understand more than I want to
I stand more than I choose
And under these eyes I'm never really understanding you

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year! Update!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 be your best year yet!!!!!

In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship,but never in want.

To celebrate the fresh start of a new year, I have uploaded exclusive photos to my kisses and scissors yahoo group! They are mixed pro-wrestling where I get totally squashed by a much larger male. There are camel clutches, hair pulling, chokes, stomach claws, crotch claws, slams, scissors, hammerlocks, bow and arrow stretch, back breakers and much more in these 80 pictures. I am wearing a red one piece swimsuit, shiny pantyhose, and wrestling boots, my opponent wears a mask. Don't miss these photos!
Come get your kiss! Let me kiss and scissor you into the New Year!
I also uploaded a clip to the group for download. . one of my "test" matches from pro-wrestling school. Blue mat match 3!
Oh, and if you missed it, you had better stop by my download store! Sybil Starr Productions newest clip features Lady Victoria and Jenn ( . . it is called KO's and Jenn gets put out again and again!
and to celebrate the new year in style. .tomorrow I will release "Lia vs. Clayton 1" a clip of true competitive mixed wrestling featuring Lia Labowe!

Time to plan travels for the new year! First stop? Chicago! On the 9th I am heading in to one of my favorite cities in the world, and I have a place in the northwestern suburbs to session at and also a place near downtown through then I will be heading to Milwaukee for a day and then back to theChicago area through the weekend.
Next stop? Philly then NYC.

I also have a huge video shoot getting arranged for February. . . wait for it! Hot girls for your customs!
This is going to be the best year yet!

kisses and scissors,Sybil