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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fetishcon, Day 4 Report

I was so wiped out yesterday. . . and so was Sherry Stuns, but we managed to
get together to create a wrestling video yesterday afternoon. . . . I went
to the meet and greet last night, again I was pretty tired, but I had a
great time. . rumors are that VTM was there, but, sadly, we never found one
another. . . I got my arms tied up and walked around for a bit. . . but by
pool party time, I was just plain tired, so I didn't go to the pool, I went
to bed. . . Today I am shooting with Bout Time Studios. . and more when I
get back to the hotel this afternoon. . . .

anyhow, hopping in the shower and getting out to the hot Sstarr car!
kisses and scissors,


BigFreaky said...
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BigFreaky said...

you were so worn out you didn't make it to the pool?? doesn't sound like a wrestler that can go all the way!