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Thursday, August 27, 2020

VOD 8-27-2020 NEW FFGFAN Get Stinkfaced

 Video of the Day


New release

FFGFAN Get Stinkfaced


is is a brutal fantasy brawl between Betty Battles and SinD. Betty, as always, comes out quick and scrappy, but can she compete against the no nonsense veteran?  Neither girl wants to lose and they both utilize brutal tactics on each other, and after each fall the girl loses, she has to accept a face sit or "stinkface" pin from the other girl.

This is a fist fighting, ass kicking, brawl, where both girls use dirty manuevers in order to win.

The ladies wear two piece suits with pantyhose and boots.

Find it here:

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

VOD FREE DOWNLOAD 8-26-2020 FFGFAN050 Secretary Fight Club




FFGFAN050 Secretary Fight Club 1
These two ladies of the secretarial pool have finally decided to solve their differences the old fashioned way! After work, they decide to meet and throw down! Both are dressed in nylons, and business clothes. There are scissor holds, slapping, headlocks, school girl pins, hair pulling and more.
6 minutes

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Monday, August 24, 2020

VOD 8-24-2020 NEW RELEASE FFGPOV Deadly Feet with Lia Labowe

Video of the Day

FFGPOV Deadly Feet
Lia shows off her gorgeous feet and and legs. She tells you what she will do with them to make you beg and beat you down.

10 minute match, find it today:
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Thursday, August 06, 2020

VOD 8-6--2020 FFGFAN257 Mesmerize

Video of the Day

FFGFAN257 Mesmerize MP4

This ten minute match should be easy for SinD, a polished veteran when it comes to wrestling, but she did not count on sexy Sybil! Sybil's shimmery pantyhose on her sexy legs mesmerizes SinD. She tries to wrestle Sybil, but ends up just wanting to be trapped by those sexy thighs!!!  SinD gets put in a figure four, head scissors, school girl pins and figure four leg hold around the head. Eventually Sybil is even able to strip SinD's gear off of her- just to humiliate her more while she is mesmerized!

Keywords: pantyhose, shiny, sind, sybil starr, figure four, scissorhold, humiliation.

10 minutes, find it today for:

FREE for subscribers at

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

VOD 8-4-2020 FFGFAN258 Fantastic Foothold

Video of the Day


FFGFAN258 Fantastic Foothold MP4

Ashley Wildcat takes on Betty Battles in this classic barefoot battle!! Betty wears a tiny bikini, while Ashley wears a bikini bottom and tank top. The girls wrestle- and end up in holds such as a camel clutch, Boston crab and Indian lock. . . Ashley is merciless in the torture of Betty's feet. . Ashley tries to scissor Betty around the head- and once her feet are in a vulnerable position- Betty acts fast. . but can't hold on. . the match goes back and forth with the feet getting the brunt of the pain. . .