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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

March 2020 Video Pre-Sale

Hey there Starr Army!!
I have been working for this past year to get new websites up for all the amazing videos I have been lucky enough to get to film for you all the past 6-7 years. I have 350+ videos in the archives to release yet! While I am only about a month or two from the launch of my new am still filming, training (in both web development, grappling, and physical fitness) and traveling occasionally to meet and beat my friends in private wrestling matches (ie Session Wrestling).
I may be done with professional wrestling though, the pittance you get paid for the matches on the independent circuit along with the risks involved don't really seem worth it to me anymore.  Two years ago I separated my shoulder during a match and it took months to re-hab. I made $125 for that match. And the risks for traumatic brain injury?  there is no insurance against that.

So these past couple of months we have filmed 6 new videos I am about to throw into the archives-and they are pretty incredible- so if you want them now- instead of in 3 years from now- email me directly to get your download!

I will also be doing another blog to promote my upcoming travel and the incredible shoot we have planned for "Spring Mayhem" this year down in Cincinnati April 18-19!

Wonderboy vs Sybil

Lethal Legs 2020

Another Lethal Legs

Saturday Night Fights

Battle of the Sexes

Spidey-Men vs Starr-Girls

Spidey-Man vs Dakkota

 These videos are only available until April 16th this year! So get them while you can!