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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated for the weekend ;)

Very Merry Holidays ahead!

This week's updates for Sybil Starr Production websites:

the First three clips from my competitive pins match with Nikki "Pin Down Girl"
Devon vs Van, Mixed wrestling at it's finest.
Avon lady catfight (poor quality) with Nikki Fierce
Spy KO with Bethany Joy
new clips and pictures with Josie and Neveah and Fantasy! Getting tied up and kidnapped by yours truly!
I trick Fantasy into the short leather jacket. . so HOT!
so many new clips! Fantasy and Sumiko tied together. Christina Carter ties me up and tickles me. . there are topless videos here. (consider yourself warned)

a QOT exclusive! Liz Lightspeed makes her debut as "Kitty Claus" the Catfight champ of the South Pole! and a dirty fighter! the first three clips of this match are available.
trampling, Mixed wrestling and Mixed Judo!

ok, I am going to be in Chicago tomorrow and then Minneapolis this weekend, if you are looking for a butt whooping, drop me a line!


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