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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Week of feb 14-22 SStarr Productions update

 Hey boys and gals, 

It's me- Sybil- and I have updated the Fantasy Fight Girls c4s studio and my onlyfans page with this week's new release:

FFGFAN: The American Treasures vs Classy Broads

Tag Team Champions, The American Treasures (Sybil and Sin-D) take on Team Classy Broad (Heather Owens and Betty Battles with Lady Victoria in their corner). The American Treasures wear their star spangled leotards, red shiny tights and boots while The Classy broads wear one piece suits, tights and boots.

Heather is dominant in this match and does not let the American Treasures ever get the upper hand. She wears down Sybil with kicks and punches and then hands her over to Betty to be choked and scissored. Sybil takes a long beating before she is able to tag her partner in. Sin-D comes charging in- only to be faced with Heather. Sybil tries to stop the beating that Sin-D is taking but only ends up in the melee. Stretched and row-boated, the girls beg for the Classy Broads to stop as they verbally submit over and over again.


 available now at:

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 Next weekend (Feb 27th) we have a big custom video shoot: 

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and I will leave you with a couple of pictures from my Valentine's surprise: