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Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Ides are Upon us (& FREE Video)

 Next weekend we get together to film a new season of fantasy fighting. I am incredibly excited to create with this group of maestros I have gathered. We have a few scripts in and I also would like to film these matches if possible:

Sybil vs Lil Naughty Hair Match

Lil Naughty vs Lexx Xi bad girl vs bad girl

Jezabel vs Sybil comp match

Jezabel vs Sybil Strip Match

Lil Naughty suplexing Betty

Betty tickle match. 

Lexxi enchants leotard. Enchanted leotard match. 

Mixed tag team

Bad Bets 

Belly Punching

Scissorholds competition. 

If are interested in sponsoring ($50 or $100) any of those matches or writing a script for one- please drop me a line

20 years of Sybilization!! So I think it is time to crown a Fantasy Fight Queen! We will be taking votes via $5

Who will be the first Fantasy Fight Queen? 
You decide!

The Queen will be crowned in November. 
Each month the ladies will compete, the girl with the most votes will receive all of the money for those votes that month. The bottom two ladies will be eliminated. 
Votes are $5 each

And finally as a huge thank you and to celebrate last month's record sales- have a never before released live, female tag team professional wrestling match. 

Nemisis and Hayley Shadows vs Sybil and Sin-D

Only available to download for 24 hours:

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20 years of Sybilization! And definitely making it our best year yet. We are still- just getting started. 

Friday, May 24, 2024

Welcome to Amazing

Welcome to amazing! On June 15 we have 8 wrestlers available to you for your custom wrestling matches and videos. We will be filming in Tipp City, OH in Lady Victoria's studio. Boxing, wrestling, intergender, fem vs fem, male vs male, etc. (also comp if there are sponsors) 

 For the first time we will have Jezabel Romo from Los Angeles and her company- Lucha Girls. She wants revenge on Sybil and Betty who wrestled with her in March and left her reeling!! 

 Another first timer- Ronnie! Ronnie is currently under contract with OVW and you may know him as Reverend Ron. He has graciously agreed to give Fantasy fighting a try! Want to see him in a match? We have Leo Katzilla and Schwartzy available to work with him on male vs male matches, or there are five ladies available he could fight with. You decide!

 For the first time in over 6 years- Lil Naughty is back! Jamie (Lil Naughty) reached out to us and asked if she could be involved again. We immediately said yes and cannot wait to reconnect with this great grappler. 

 Betty Battles is back and she is up for the title "Fantasy Fight Queen" as we are getting ready to crown our first one and she has a lot to prove. 

 Lexx Xi is also up for the title and she that has been because she has demanded a chance. She thinks she can overtake all of the competition...but can she? 

 Schwartzy and Leo Katzilla are back for their second shoots with us. First time together. Both are great talents and characters who can handle complicated scripts and acting. Perfect for fantasy fighting. 

 And there is me- Sybil. I am ready to act out your scripts or help you create them. I am also in the running for Fantasy Fight Queen, and why shouldn't I win it? It's my world...... 

 This will probably be the only time this exact cast will film together. 

 On this season of Fantasy Fight World.... 
Back stabbing, winning, losing, betrayal, cheating, spandex and so much more! 
Who has what it takes to be on top and stay on top.... 

 Custom videos are: Solo/POV $125/10 minutes, $225/20 minutes 2 wrestlers: $225/10 minutes. $325/15 minutes And many more options are available including payment plans if anyone needs one & discounts that are available for multiple match purchases. 

 We are also accepting sponsors for the shoot. Sponsors will not only have access to all the videos we create at this shoot but will also be given footage from two live shows that we have not released to the public. $200 

 We only have one day to film so there is a limit to the number of matches we can do- please get your scripts in now so you don't miss out. 
 Thank you for your continued support. We love making these matches for you and the physical storytelling involved.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

20 Years of Sybilization Begins

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