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Friday, October 26, 2007

Kisses and Scissors Update!

Today I have added another five minute clip to be downloaded and the whole photo set that the Sybil Starr group's main photo is from. . Sybil Vs. Gia in a Humiliation match. . . best two out of three falls with a humiliation visited upon the loser. . . . they are great pics. . .

so now, currently in the kisses and scissors group there are 2 membership galleries from the now defunct Sybil Starr membership site. . two humiliation matches (Sybil Vs Vanessa Harding and Sybil Vs Gia). . miscellaneous sexy pics. . .pics from the clip between Lia Labowe and Neko "Ballgown Bitchfight2" and two links to download clips from. . .
last week's was She loves to Squeeze with Monica Martin scissoring me and this week is "Eat my Feet" a leggy forced trampling, forced foot worship clip. . .

How do you get your kisses and scissors?
It is very simple. . stop by my virtual kissing booth!

you may donate any amount of money! And once the donation is received, you will get an invitation to all this content by way of your yahoo ID. . .

if you don't like paypal, I also have a moneybookers account and I take cash, money orders and checks. .
Sybil Starr

1416 S. Main St. Ste 220


Adrian, MI 49221
please include a note with your yahoo id and that the money is for kisses and scissors!

I am so excited to have a way to offer kisses and scissors for all my fans and friends!
-- Sybil Starr

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sybil Session Testimonial

Testimonial for Sybil Starr
If you are considering a session with Sybil Starr, I'm here to tell you that, for me, our sessions have been the greatest things in the universe.
We've boxed about eight times over the past year and a half, and Sybil easily has won each time.
Sybil made a DVD recording of our match last August, and watching it I learned several things. Up until then, I'd been rather pleased I'd at least been able to keep up with her for most of an hour-long fight (with breaks between "rounds"). But watching the DVD I saw in fact what happened was Sybil would punch me silly, calmly wait for me to recover, then hit me again …. She used me as her punching bag and I survived for a full hour only because she let me.
At one point our arms got tangled, so Sybil muscled me back against the wall, then smashed her right fist into my belly eight times in a row — I counted — and I was helpless to stop her. (She even gleefully narrated the action while she pounded me: "You're defenseless now.")
And I saw on the DVD Sybil truly had "clobbered" me, as she later boasted. It was a massacre.
So I devised a strategy for our most recent fight, a week ago. From the start, I moved in as fast and aggressively as possible. Sybil clearly was surprised, and I actually got in several punches to her head and midsection.
This, I very soon discovered, was an ill-conceived idea.
My actions merely permitted Sybil to not hold back as much as usual. Though she may have landed slightly fewer punches overall than usual, the many that did connect were extremely powerful. On at least three occasions, it felt as if her fist had disconnected my head from my neck. She's very skilled, very fast and very strong, and she must have knocked me down four or five times. My head still aches.
When it came to the last round — each round ending with a knockdown (Sybil knocking me out flat in each case) — she informed me she now was going to finish me off. Outfitted in a bright-colored bikini and boots, she held up her gloved fists and had that smile in her eyes.
My energy had run out. Hers had not.
Sybil proceeded to pound me with killer lefts and rights too fast and strong for me to block. I couldn't tell you if her final punch was a right cross, a left hook, an uppercut or what it was. But — POW — and there followed a couple moments when I wasn't aware of anything.
Next thing I knew, I was face down on the mat, out for the count. (Does that count as a KO?)
Once I'd stood up and we'd removed the gloves, I challenged her to a test of strength. I'm six inches taller than Sybil and outweigh her by 50 pounds — I should be able to defeat her at this and regain some dignity, right? She shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, OK, but you asked for it.
We locked hands and started.
Now, as you've read in other postings on this site, and as you can see by the images, Sybil is remarkably good looking. You also know she's not a large person. Yet within moments, to my surprise, she was forcing me down.
And I noticed all these … muscles — in her midsection, her shoulders, her noticeably defined biceps. Confidently and surely Sybil forced me down onto one knee. I couldn't believe she was actually beating me.
After only a few brief moments more, Sybil quickly manhandled me off balance and onto my back. She was on me in a flash, pinning me to the mat with her strong legs.
I struggled, but it was useless. Laughing, my opponent leaned back and, bare-fisted, punched my belly a half-dozen times.
Needless to say, I didn't get free until Sybil allowed it.
One moral of this story is, once again I was no match for Sybil.
The other moral is I intend to have more sessions with Sybil. And you should, too. You won't regret it.
— M.
P.S. Her DVDs are pretty hot, too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SS Productions Video Sale! Horror Film!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Another new session review

I had my first, but not last, session with Sybil Oct. 10th. It was more than I could have imagined. Sybil is a small attractive woman which easily deceives you into thinking she will not be much competition. She is amazingly strong and quick and although I'm not a big guy I still had 30 lbs. and 6" on her and she easily dominated me with a quick pin or putting me in a hold which I could do nothing but submit. Sybil is very easy to talk with and her smile and laugh throughout my beating made the time go very fast. She thoroughly enjoys wrestling and the struggle of competition. If you are looking for that "girl next door" who is sweet and tough then Sybill is the one for you. My only regret is not meeting her a long time ago. I highly recommend Sybil Starr. Paul

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sybil Update

UGH. . I am so sore today!
I went from California, to Coldwater MI this last week. .The Mixed Martial Arts Camp this weekend was just amazing. . . and Dan Severn and his instructors really put us to the test. After 13 hours of training in 2 days I feel confident that I can take on just about anyone. . .LOL. . some of it was review, some was new, some was techniques I need to work on and drill, and I did, and some of it was just straight up conditioning. . . but my technique is definitely improved and I learned these things:
I can take a punch to the face better than most men. . LOL
I can work a bag longer and harder than most men. . . LOL
I can go out to the club until 2:30 in the morning with the boys and still train all day the next day. . LOL
I learn faster than most men. . LOL
I do not give up. . ever . . . failure will not overtake me if my determination to suceed is strong enough. . . strong enough. . strong enough. . .
Dan's wife and Mother-in-Law are good cooks. . .
Dan never stops being Dan, he is respectful, he doesn't swear, he is kind and encouraging, his attitude is generally positive. . but not just about fighting. . about life. . he tries to teach his students about how to suceed in life. . . He is truly a great man. There are just not a lot of people in this day and age you can look up to. . and TRUST. . but Dan is and always has been all natural (no steriods) He is kind and yet he takes a stand where he needs to. . and he is truly a great fighter. . so full of knowledge that sometimes when it pours out of him you just can't possibly learn it all in the time he has given you. . He is amazing and I am so proud to know him and count him amongst my blessings in this life. All in all, Camp was great. . .
and one of the guys in the class is a comic artist for Marvel. . check out his website:

The show last night was awesome. . . I got to wear a cute little dress and stripped stockings and put on glittery eyelashes and pink streaks in my hair. . after be a little roughneck, sweaty girl all weekend, it was a really nice change to go from being "one of the guys" to the hot girl "whole reffing show." LOL. . and I think The Old Timer Jeff King has a crush on me now. . he keeps asking for my phone number and to see if he can take me out sometime. . LOL

I am working on buying a house right now, so most of my day will be getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow and to see if I can can a bid put down on this place I really really like. . . . not an easy process right now. .

Then tomorrow. . TIPP CITY with Lady V
Wednesday, Indianapolis (Ahem, for all you boys who have been begging me to come back. . this is your chance!)
Thursday, Chicago with Gia. . and Just Chicago. . . then I am back in Michigan for a week. . .

I turned down a pro-mma fight for the 27th and I am still not sure what I want to do for the rest of the month. . .
I tell you this though. . NOVEMBER 24th. . HOOK N SHOOT. . . there will be two women's tournaments to decide who gets Bodog contracts. . .
I have also been approached by a sports agent about being managed by him. . . . .

It has been a very exciting month. . . and I am tired and sore, but I am not exhausted. . I feel like I am flying on Eagle's wings. . . I feel like I am soaring. .
I hate that the Tigers did not make the playoffs and that baseball is more or less over for me. . but now I can concentrate on my fighting. . LOL

This was a long update. . but I had a lot to say. .

Kisses and scissors,