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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Review of Wrestling Session

this fight occured yesterday. . .if you want to hear the boy screaming while trapped in my scissors hold, check out the files on my yahoo group. .
it was posted by

If you are worried at all about your male pride, thanDO NOT wrestle Sybil. I wrestled her for the 7th time and I have to admit that she's improved significantly from a month ago (MMA training did something for her) and is totally out of my league in terms ofskills--she defeated me in every fall this time andI've got 50 lbs on her.I had her close with a head lock and leg scissors on acouple of falls but she broke out before I was alledgedly able to get a submission (ref made amistake and should have called it a submission).

Bighint: if she is getting you into her scissors, make sure that your arm doesn't get trapped in there--I made that same mistake twice and will never again. She had me in a new hold with her on top and me on myback that was kind of like a grapevine, except myknees were bent--I tried to bridge and move out of it but my legs were solidly locked into position by her ankles. After about 20 or so hard punches into my abs (thank goodness I've worked out on those muscles lately), very painful wrist locks (with my wrist still sore today), arm bars, and of course Sybil patented screaming head scissors that are honestly stronger than a month ago, my cardio was completely depleted while Sybil was still her usual perky self wanting more.

I distracted her for a drink of water to get a breath in. Then we went for another 10 minutes untilI was once again truly physically and mentally exhausted. She and I continued on but my slow speed and weakened muscles were no match for her.For the remainder of the time, she became Sybil's evil twin sister and just used me for her boy toy--placing me into her favorite holds, forcing me to suck her toes, spanking my butt hard while she was sitting on both arms pulled behind my back and making me rememberthe number of hits--I was wrong a few times and she started the count from 0 again. Her facesitting was pretty intense as well and she forced me to beg for her to let me up. I don't think I've ever felt so overpowered and humiliated by such a small girl before. She told me she might use me to paint her toenails--totally humiliating but I could see a few armbars and head scissors that would have me convinced that painting her toe nails was something I really wanted to do.

I did experience a knock out for the first time--very painless to go in since it happens so quickly and Sybil is the only one I think I would trust to do that to me. I woke up a few seconds later and remembered Sybil but was foggy for about 10 seconds about how I got there or where home was. Unfortunately, I still remembered how poorly I performed against Sybil in wrestling. Even so, it was interesting enough to want to try again some time.

Anyway, with that all said, I can't imagine a more awesome wrestling partner or girl that is as fun-loving and cute as Sybil. I'll still be back for match number 8 in a short time--besides, with thatbeing my lucky number maybe I'll get at least 1 submission.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just got this e-mail. . .

I just got off the road and this e-mail was sitting in my box. .. did a competitive session with a guy who had 60 pounds on me and who has over ten years of training in Judo and amatuer style wrestling. . he kicked my butt for 20 minutes, but my cardio won out. . it was so much fun. . .
NYC was great. . so great I am going back next month. . . .

Hi Sybil,Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome match. I had a great time.And that was a great place to have a match.Next time you are coming to NYC let me know and save a time slot forme. I look forward to meeting you again.I hope you get to enjoy some of the city and have a safe trip back.ciao

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Review of Foot Worship/Trampling Session

This one is from March and was posted by

Heads up to all the guys living in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and other near by states. Mistress Sybil Starr not only will trample, make u worship her feet, do head scissors on you and fight u if you want, but she is such a nice mistress too! She is a sweet lady and will go as easy or hard on you as you want. I met her last night and man she could really hurt you if she/you wanted! She is 5'4" and 120 lbs...but she is solid, and a very skilled fighter. I heard about her from the Discussions Forum here, and one week later im under her feet...what luck!!!!! You guys have to check out her site: Also a plus for us all here, she loves footworship and trample sessions and says she cant get enough footworship! She loves feeling someone under her bare soles as she walks all over you and loves trampling in heels if you can withstand it! If you have a session with her you will not be dissappointed! Here is an account of what happened last night: So it's 6pm and I have been scared all day about this. She's 5'4" and a solid 120 lbs as mentioned before and I am 5'9" and 188 lbs and pretty solid, but thin too. It was my first session ever and although I had spoken with her on the phone and she seemed so cool and laid back, i was still scared! Partly because it was someone new, and partyy because i didnt know what i was capable of handling. Shes so cute, on the phone she kept giggling about things i was saying about being walked on and i told her how cute that was. She said you won't think it's so cute when im standing on you! 6pm on the dot I knocked on her door. she answered it with a friendly greeting and let me in. She sat down on a comfy loveseat dressed in a tight workout top and tight stretchy black workout pants that showed her bare calves. Theyre very well sculpted and this girl is very lean and solid all over. shes wearing white socks that she wore all day just for me, actually she said she wore them all week lol. we began chatting about my fetish and my history with it and she propped her feet up on my legs and i began massaging her foot, and then asked , Mistress Sybil, may I massage your feet? I'm lucky she's so goodnatured because she just smiled and said yes instead of kicking me for not asking before i touched her. i ran my fingers over her one curvy size 6 foot for about five min and then gingerly massaged her sprained foot. She had sports tape all over this foot and she took it off prior to me massaging it. She had some wrestling matches early in the day so her feet were good and sweaty but didnt smell bad...just smelled like good sweaty feet after about 10 min of massaging her feet she said, ok on the ground on yor stomach. i immediately jumped from my chair and layed down on my stomach. She was very careful about an injury in my back too. I have a irritated disc and a pinched nerve in my lower back on the right side and she nicely avoided that area. Shes very knowledgeable too overall about a lot of things. she even felt my back like my chiroprator does to see how my spine is alined and she found exactly where my injury was. she is quite an amazing lady! im dressed in my yellow barefoot lounge t shirt with a blue footprint on my chest and dark blue jeans and she starts from my calves and walks up my body barefoot. she walks calves to thighs to butt to back and shouders and off, then goes back down. then she walked up to my stomach and walked on it for a minute then walked on my chest and walked on that. she placed one foot on my throat with some weight but she didnt stand on it. probably cuz i looked scared but i wouldve loved it. she stood on my chest and put her foot on my mouth and put some of her weight on it.then just stood there while i kissed her foot. she forced three of her toes in my mouth and said can u get them all? i opened up as wide as i could and she says good footstool, (i guess i got them all lol.) She also said while standing on my chest this is where you belong footstool. I said yes mistress starr i know. i ran my tongue all over and inbetween her toes as they were all in my mouth. they're very cute well shaped lil toes. she had the nicest arches too very nice and feel so sexy when they walk on you. she had me take my shirt off and walked all over my back and front side without a shirt and we both loved the bareskin feeling. she stood up and said ok im gonna kick you with my left foot, its sprained tho. she gave a couple of kicks to my gut and i kept my muscles flexed and it wasnt too bad. i was like yeah its good to start with that foot since its weaker and i havent had it before. we laughed. then she went to my left side and kicked me with her right what a difference! she must of kicked me 10 - 15 times in my stomach and i just kept those muscles flexed and towards the end it was hurting enough where she would kick me and i would grunt in pain...but i loved it. she stopped and she comlimented me on how i well i took her kicks. this mistress is so awesome! she sat on my stomach and leaned back against my legs and rubbed her feet all over my face and i stuck my tongue out and she rubbed her soles all over my tongue. her feet tasted a lil salty and just soo good. her left foot slightly smelled like tape, and had a saltier taste to it. she sat on my stomach and chest and rubbed her feet over my whole body. then she sat behind me and head scissored me and man i thought my head was gonna pop off!! she is strong!! i had to start flexing my neck muscles so it wouldnt hurt as bad. she really enjoyed this part too, i was happy i could make her happy by submitting to her. for the most part she knew all the things i wanted her to do to me and she did them, and i just laid there and let her do her thing. I had asked for heels too, and she brings out these open toed strappy shoes that have probably a 1.5 inch heel with a squarish heel probably a lil bigger then .25 inch squared. i told her i was scared but i wanted her to do it and boy did she. To help her balance sometimes even when barefoot she used her crutches, cuz like i said her one foot was sprained, and especially with the heels, the shoe was hurting her foot cuz it was swollen. just like before she walked calves to sholders and sholders to calves and when she was on my back i told her i wanted her full wt and she applied it and stayed there probably for about 15 seconds and man it was startin to get to me but i loved it. she did the same thing on my front side and when she got to my chest she stood full wt letting her heels sink in.. when she comes back to cleveland im gonna see her again and worship the hell out of those feet and have her walk all over me again and again and again and in heels and again and again. we ended with her taking pics on her digital camera of her heel marks all over my back and front side. She allowed me to lick the insoles of the heels she trampled me in and then even said you have no idea how sexy you look doing that! Before i left we hugged and she told me to kiss her toes too so i knealt down and gently took one foot at a time and kissed the tops and bottoms of her toes several times. She loved it! shes like youre so good to my toes! if u let her take pics and let her use them on her site u get the pics for free. She also gave me permission to post them here! God bless Mistress Sybil Starr!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Session Review from 6/8/06

one of my session reviews for the year. .
the author or the post is:

I have been wrestling, being dominated by women for more than seven years now, and must say that Sybil is not only the friendliest and sweetest girl I have met, she is one of the toughest and has one of the toughest scissors and facesitting I have encountered. While some session wrestlers seem to go through the motions, Sybil loves beating up and wrestling men. She really gets into it. Highly recommended.

Monkey Blog

My monkey started his own blog today

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Review of Boxing in Bikini's

I purchased "Boxing in Bikinis" from Sybil's new web site. I really enjoyed watching that video and I want to tell you why!

First, the sexy bikini attire that Sybil and her powerful opponent, Dakota wore was worth the price of admission all by itself. Also, I love the kind of boxing where MMA type gloves are used. They allow for clinching and holding as well as some serious belly and face punching. You got to see belly and leg punching as well as shots to the face.

Sybil and Dakota were focused on the boxing,not on talking, and battled hard throughout the match. The kind of video (and irl fighting) that I like is almost without trash talking. I love to hear the deep, heavy breathing and gasping of the fighters as they strain, the slapping of powerful blows into tender bellies and bodies, and the grunts of pain on the part of the victim who is dominated in the fight. In that aspect I totally loved this fight, and honestly dreamed about being one of the participants in a knock-down drag out battle after I saw it! That's what I wanted out of this video and that is what I got.

There is a very clear winner and one of the fighters is dominated at points in the match. I must admit I enjoy it when a fighter is obviously hurt by the blows of the other and I love a dominant victor.

Thanks for putting together this video...even though my preference is m v f fights I enjoyed seeing this video.