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Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Mayhem 4 Pre-Sale- Custom Wrestling Awesomeness!

Spring Mayhem 4 was amazing!!! 
We filmed so many great matches and we did a live show. . . it was truly incredible!!  I just finished getting everything out to our customers last night- so now I can offer all these amazing videos up in a pre-sale. I let our fans have a chance to buy them now before they go into the archives before their general release to the public. . . which may take over two years at this point- since we have over 150 videos in the archives currently!!! So- here is your chance- email me and I can send you an online invoice to pay (or you can send me a check or money order) and I will send you a link to download your favorite matches!! 
I would really like to thank the customers who wrote these scripts and trusted us to produce them in a manner they would enjoy.   I am nothing without my Starr Army!

and if you missed out on Spring Mayhem- get a custom video with Safa and I! We are working together next weekend!