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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hell Cometh and so does LIA!

Hello Sstarr Army!
I have been working my butt off for two weeks to bring you the finest in
fetish entertainment that I can produce!!! My production company has grown,
and I have taken on a partner (finally) a good friend of mine for the past
13 years. . I am very excited about our partnership as it gives us more
opportunities to offer you MORE!!!! And to commemorate our partnership we
have walked away from!!!!!!! It exists no longer as part
of our production company! From now on, find us at
We are working hard on launching various new websites this month, some in
partnership with other wrestlers, some are other aspects of my fetish life
that my fans have asked me to share. . . such as where we will be showcasing
superheroines/villanesses in shiny tights and leotards and short skirts.
These girls will do anything to take the anklet of victory from the queen!!
Including kidnapping her and chloroforming. . keep an eye out for this site
to just keep growing, as superheroines have been a thing for me since I was
five years old. . . I can't wait to produce more adventures of the Queen and
her friends and her enemies!!!!!

In the meantime, stop by here to see all my new wrestling videos:

Lia Labowe is visiting Sybil Starr Productions at the end of this month, and
she is available for custom videos and photo sets! Please e-mail soon if you
want a video done as our schedule with her is booking up fast! She is
retired from this industry currently and rarely does any work any more, so
this could be the last chance we have to film with her. . . sponsorships are
available for this custom filming weekend also. . . $100 will entitle you to
copies of all the content we create for her visit!
to learn more about our customs pricing, please check out this page:

the Weekend of September 11th will be Hell weekend for Sybil Starr
Productions! I am excited that we will be able to do a live event in Adrian,
The girls of Sybil Starr Productions will be taking part in the VIP show at
the Hope Center in Adrian, MI. It is a memorial show and the girls will be
vying to become a VIP girl. . (like me!) I have a feeling all Hell will
break out. . HHAHAHAHAHA. . but that being said, Hellena Heavenly, Chloe (a
former Lusa girl, we will be changing her name for our site) Lady Victoria,
Devon, Mary "Muay Thai" Princess, and Heather Raven will be here for filming
opportunities. .but, that being said, all these girls are available for
customs. . and competitive fights. . . please e-mail me regarding this: . and to be a sponsor for Hell is is $150 to get
copies of all the crazy content we will be producing from that weekend. .
also, I plan on many of this filming dates to have a Live PPV feed through
my membership site, so you could actually watch us film these videos,
LIVE!!!! I am also working on securing a wrestling ring for that weekend. .
as we have four pro-wrestlers available to work. . . I have posted pictures
of all the girls on my yahoo group. . so get over there and take a look. .
my custom pricing is fairly inexpensive and I take a lot of pride in my
customs. . so don't miss out on this opportunity!

Last chance for romance:
I am becoming a full time producer and my travel schedule will be very
limited in the coming year. . I do highly suggest that if you have wanted to
meet up with me, you do it soon, before I leave the session circuit all
together!! My plan is to produce and train as much as I can this next year.
. I want to be a ninja when (if) I grow up!!

August 23-25th, Los Angeles, CA
August 27th-30th, Lia Labowe visits SSP
September 8-9, Chicago, IL
September 11th, VIP in Adrian, MI
September 11-13th, HELL!!!!
September 18-19 Philly
September 20-21, Washington, DC

or keep updated with my calendar here:

Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr

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