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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hell! Hell! Hell!

This is it, the biggest custom production weekend of Sybil Starr Productions
for the year!!! It is here (well, almost!) We are concentrating on
pro-style wrestling for our customs this year! And do to so, we are bring in
Devon (of Sleeper Kids world and FWA) and Hellena Heavenly (!
Locally we have "Chloe" (formerly of and we will be giving her a
new name as the first Starr Girl!) and Heather Raven and Mary "Muay Thai
Princess." Pictures of all these gals can be found here:

Here is the* sponsorship* deal for Hell!
$100 will get you a DVD with Ten (10) ten minute pro-style wrestling
matches! You cannot do better than that! You will also get a ton pf
pictures from all the productions this weekend! E-mail me to get set up
with your sponsorship package today!!! For $150 you can receive copies of
all our matches from the weekend and also video from the live VIP wrestling
show we will be doing. Contact me directly at!

Here is the *custom video and picture* deal for Hell!
$100 will get you a 10 minute pro-style wrestling match IN A RING! Pick
Hellena, Devon, Van the Man or Jobber Joe, or me, Sybil Starr, to perform in
your pro-style scripts!
I would also like to have the Muay Thai Princess to do a beatdown on either
VTM or Jobber Joe. . . but I will need sponsorships to make that happen. . .

Still up in the air about getting a custom? Our prices are super good and
so are our reviews. .

what type of customs can you order?
Mixed wrestling
Beat downs
Ball busting
Pro-style wrestling
Super Heroine
Mixed Martial Arts
Hair Videos (torture, brush, wash, etc)
Cat fighting
Scissors/leg and foot domination
Belly Punching
Puffy Down Jackets
Nylon encasments
Glamor photo shoots
and much more. . . if it isn't on this list, just ask!

What we don't do. .
Full Nudity

This group may never be together again, so take advantage of this
opportunity now!

And. . SEE US PERFORM LIVE!!!!! Adrian, MI!
Details here:

A side note:
All websites have been updated and lots of new videos and pictures can be

kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr

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