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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am so excited!

Today my private fight trainer, Krazz, comes in to work with me and one of the girls from the now defunct pillow fight league. . .it will be our first time training with her and she is the first of our new "Starr Girls"

also, we have another new website!

I didn't make it to rehearsals last night, my exhaustion finally caught up with me, and I ended up falling asleep last night around 9:30. . . my body has still been aching since my run on Sunday and I needed more rest. . . I barely made it through the day on Tuesday. . . so hopefully this ten hours of sleep wlll get me through this busy weekend ahead. ..
I am heading to Chicago to work at leather and lace Saturday morning and then on Sunday Hellena will be here to film some videos with me and then she and I will head to Coldwater, MI and duke it out at the Price of Glory wrestling show. . . I haven't done a match at a pro-wrestling show in over a year. . gosh knows I have some ring rust to shake off if I want to beat her. . . We have been so incredibly busy here at sybil starr productions, but you will all see the benefits or our labors in the months ahead. . . ;)
Sybil Starr

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