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Sunday, February 28, 2010

When you wrestle a tough beautiful rival like f.i. Robin, what do you enjoy most: being on top and dominating or being on your back and being dominated?

I hate losing and I dislike being dominated.. by women or men. .

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For Your Entertainment this week. . .

DID you know
We have many sites for your adult entertainment!

Crotch Despair 4 with Hellena. .

new down clips!

For boxing or MMA sessions, do you supply all the equipment, or would I have to bring my own gloves, mouthguard etc.?

For boxing sessions, I have gloves and head gear available in my home studio, or if I am traveling by car and you contact me prior to my road trip, I can bring those with me, but I generally do not pack a gi, MMA gloves, mouth piece, kickers, breast protector, etc. I also rarely take on new private fight session clients anymore, to meet up with me you better have a great attitude and good references. . and I don't meet up with strange men twice my size for competitive MMA or boxing sessions. .the first time we meet, it would be semi-comp and getting to know one another. . PS I LOVE JUDO. .. . if you want/need to get flipped. let me know!

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What's the longest time you've held someone in your camel clutch without releasing your hold?

The longest anyone has gone without submitting is about a minute and a half. . but I could torture someone all day in that hold and have kept many in it long past their submission;)

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Another "What's your favourite...?" question for ya. Which is your favourite headscissors to apply (straight, reverse, figure-4, reverse figure 4, etc)?

straight from behind the neck, . . I have crazy muscle control in my thighs and find this is the perfect way to torture someone and show off my special scissor-bility!

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Do you allow piledrivers in your session matches?

LOL. . . who's giving the pile drivers? It would be stupid and insane to allow someone who is untrained to put you in a risky situation (maneuver, hold) that could BREAK YOUR NECK. . .

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what about if i wrote a pro style wrestling story for the world ladies title belt, who would you like to face? I would like to see you wrestle Bobbi "bling bling" billard..(she is a blonde model who wrestled as Summer from WOW, she cant wrestle much but

I think Bobbi Billard is a beautiful, smart woman. . and story with us both in it would be great!

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Has anyone ever not submitted when trapped in the inescapable Sybil Starr camel clutch?

no. . the longest anyone has lasted before tapping was a minute and a half. .

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What brand/shade of tights do you wear when you wrestle? I know they are shiny, but are they Danskin, Capezio or other? Are they suntan or toast?

all my good tights, that are still "kicking" after all these matches and appearances are DANSKIN. Nothing lasts longer on the mats. . the color? Light Toast. . ones like these:

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you have a pantyhose fetish and would you ever consider being totally encased in pantyhose as part of a future bondage film?

Yes I do, and I would love to. .

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Hi Sybil, I'm a big fan of pro style session wrestling with women and I have a huge hair fetish, are you open to playing the jobber in a session and having your hair pulled alot, not painfully so but pulled off the mat by your hair, hairmared, etc? Thanx!

Not a problem;)

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would you be going to the 2010 fifa world cup in south africa?

Are you helping me to get there?

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What size pantyhose/tights do you wear?

small-medium, usually a "B" I am 5'4" 120#

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is lia labowe your friend from a long time?

she is my best female friend and we were also married in a civil ceremony by Elvis while we were in Vegas a few years ago. . so technically, she is my wife. . though not legally. . LOL I adore her. .

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

which do you enjoy more: ballbusting men or boxbusting females?

ballbusting men

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in my story she is the world ladies title holder and the meanest roughest woman in pro wrestling...could be bloody..would be in a steel what you think? should i start writing? lol

sure, sounds great!

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During fantasy wresting sessions, would you allow people to put you in submission holds?

Maybe, If I knew and trusted the person I was working with..

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Do you offer nude or topless sessions?


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Any plans to visit Australia any time soon? We'd love to have you :)

I do not currently. . but maybe I should make some?

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ARE you aware that there are people who masturbate on lia labowes mixed wrestling viideo more than yours?

What in the hell is wrong with you?

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What are your top three favorite pro style submission holds?

hangman, bearhug, crippler cross face. but I have so many others!!!

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Do you enjoy knocking your oponents out with your figure 4 headscissor?

I have never KO'd someone with a figure four head scissor for real. I have KO'd people by punching them in the face, reverse neck scissors, neck scissors from behind, sleepers holds and triangle chokes. Figure 4 not tight enough to stop blood flow to the brain>

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You seem to do an awful lot of lesbian stuff in your videos. Is there a reason for that or just personal pleasure?

I enjoy wrestling gorgeous women. I am bi-sexual, have been my whole life, and it sells well. . . so hey WHY NOT???

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what brand of pantyhose or tights do you wear in some of your matches

which matches? queen of tights type of matches or pro-wrestling? I am a huge fan of shiny tights & pantyhose and own many pairs

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why dont you apply for wwe, i will support you.

women usually retire from the WWE at my age. . 34. . they don't generally hire us older ladies that don't even start wrestling until they were 29. . I am a late bloomer. . but don't worry. . i have something I think is better than WWE in the works;)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

By the same token, you also do a pretty good job as the domme in the girl on girl trample stuff. When will you be standing on some poor girls face again? :)

I guess the next time someone orders a custom video/photoset of it? I am glad you like my foot stuff, but at heart I am all fighter. . so if I can use my feet to humiliate during a match, well, that I don;t mind at all. . hope to do so today..

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Whats the most acclaimed wrestling organization that you've ever worked for in the past?

"acclaimed wrestling organization" the only one of those I know is Calliflower Alley, and yes I am a member

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You do a pretty good job licking feet & being trampled. When will you be under some hot female feet again?

never unless I am well compensated. I can't stand being trampled.

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Sstarrproductions Updates

Thanks for letting us post this weeks update. . we update our sites every week, I just can't always find the time to remind everyone! LOL
Str8-jacket Sybil 8- Hell Raiser Jacket Suspended to the ceiling
Str8-jacket Jamie T 4, red and orange custom jacket with girl next door outfit and bare feet
Str8-Jacket Tomiko 1 Short black leather strait jacet and secretary outfit
Sybil Hooter Bound
Jamie T in scarf bondage
Jamie T in pink duct tape
Nylon Encased Oil Wrestling with Nikki
Queen of Tights 9 parts 1-4
Bad Bets 3 with Sherry Stuns

and check out more of our sites at

kisses and scissors.

Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

200 for an hour I am offering.

now it would have to be $500 plus to make me interested

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What song do you want played at your funeral?

If I Ever Leave This World Alive
by Flogging Molly

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I love farting, but I prefer to pay women to fart in front of me. Can I pay you?

probably not. how much you offering?

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Do you enjoy farting?

do you?

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What's your favorite movie of all time?

Beverly Hills Ninja

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You've been wrestling for quite sometime now. Do you ever run into people that say something like "Oh my gosh, you're sybil starr."?

yes. I get recognized more often than I expect. . which is at all. . LOL

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who is the hotest chica you hav competed with?

Blonde: Robin
Brunette: Lia Labowe, btw, I prefer brunettes!

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when will u work with sleeperkid again? i loved your match vs him and your boxing stuff!

as soon as he will have me! or as soon as we can get together. . . I just love SK and the whole fun rassle group down in Hotlanta!

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Friday, February 05, 2010

DEAR GAWD! so much news!

I am going to try my best to keep this as short as possible, but there are so many cool things going on that everyone should know about!

Travel News!!
First! I am hitting the road soon, to a city near you, perhaps;) And I know I need to add a couple more trips to that list, so keep your eyes out!
I am available for sessions, video/photo shoots, pro-wrestling shows & other such things! Just e-mail me directly to inquire about bookings

Feb 9th, Toledo, OH with Veronika
Feb 13, Chicago, IL
Feb 15-17, Tuscon, AZ
Feb 17-19, San Diego, CA
Feb 20-21, Anaheim/LA, CA
Feb 27-28th, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH,
March 3-7 Tampa, FL
March 20-28, GFIGHT Summit, Evansville, IN
April 13-15th, Buffalo, NY
April 19-21st, Las Vegas, NV
July, Ireland
August, Tampa, FL Fetishcon

SSProductions Shoot News!
We are very proud and happy to announce that Tomiko will be here to film with us on Monday! That's right, this Monday, February 8th! Tomiko is a great actress/model/fight girl who has experience in every thing from a super heroine shoots to hard bondage. . This is a first for Sybil Starr productions and who knows if the opportunity will come again! Do not miss your chance to get a custom video with Tomiko in it, or to sponsor our competitive match on Monday.

Customs are an inexpensive way to get to live out your fantasies in the privacy and safety of your own home and we do our best here to make sure you are satisfied with your custom order. . also our pricing is very competitive, Click here for more info on CUSTOMS

In other news?
Veronika Valentine is back to work on her wrestling skills and shoot with us on February 23rd.

In my travels to Arizona and California, I will be working with Robin and Ariel X. If you want a video with us, please feel free to contact me!

We are also excited to have a chance to work down in Ohio again! On February 27th we will be at Lady Victoria's facility and we can film with Lady Victoria and Sin-D, and then on the 28th we will be in Cincinatti and we will have pro-wrestling gals such as Josie, Neveah, and Hellena Heavenly available to shoot with.

Looking forward to March, we have Jamie T coming back and a couple of new girls we are starting to work with.

and finally,
SSProductions Newest releases and video/website news!

First I would invite you to head over to the Sybil Starr Productions Clips4sale store
where many of our older videos have been marked down for sale. . .

stop by and check out all the new pictures that have been added to the galleries!

Sleepy Time For Devon Part 1
Sleepy Time for Devon Part 3

More pictures at

More videos up with our newest model, Chalky Skyline, over at
Duct tape bondage and a steamy hot Sybil self bondage scene over at

Also. .
Look for the contest info in my next Blog!

Kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr Productions

Wednesday, February 03, 2010