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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

VOD 4-29-2020 RUFF011 Amanda vs Betty Submission Cat Fight

Video of the Day

Submission Grappling and Cat fighting rules! Amanda is a newcomer to competitive fighting, and this is her first match ever, against Betty Battles. Hard fought, close battle with both girls panting and struggling. They wear two piece outfits, and fight in a ring, barefoot.

13 minute match, find it today for:

$2 for subscribers at


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

VOD 4-28-2020 Pin to Win Lia vs Sybil FREE

Video of the Day

FFGCOMP007 Face Sit Pin to Win 

Face Sit Pin Match Lia Vs Sybil
Friendly competitive match that both Lia and Sybil enjoyed doing for a fan.
the video quality is kinda low, so why not just give away this awesome match for free? Ok, just for the next 24 hours. . . . 
20 minutes long. .


$12.99 FFG on C4S
$7 or less

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Monday, April 27, 2020

VOD 4-27-2020 CJ vs Lia

Video of the Day

FFGMIX251 CJ vs Lia

CJ has challenged Lia to a match. There is a 30 minute time limit in place and whomever gets the most submissions during that time period wins. Lia does not have mercy on this arrogant man! She continually chokes, scissors and tortures him in holds, until he is destroyed and humiliated! 

31 minutes, $28

Find it today for:
$5 for members of


Sunday, April 26, 2020

VOD FREE Download Cat Fighting Cat Burglars

Video of the Day
FREE to download for 24 hours
FFGFAN083 Cat Fighting Cat Burglars
Catfight Cat Burglars
The package has arrived and the two cat burglars have been hired to retrieve it, if they get the package? They can keep whatever is inside of it. Jasmine Tuttle and Sybil Starr cat fight for the package while wearing hot black leather coats, gloves and boots. Tons of slapping, hair pulling and down and dirty brawling. A one of a kind video you won't find anywhere else! 24 minutes/$24.99

Today find it for free at:
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Find it anytime: