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Monday, February 25, 2013

FFG Update6 Feb 22 FFGFAN175 Lia Poses

FFGFAN175 Lia Poses
Lia Labowe is the champ. In this video she shows off her muscles and her victory poses. She starts out in her jeans, but strips down to her bikini. Silent video.
9 minutes, $5

FFG Update5 Feb 22 FFGFAN174 Relieving Every Inch

FFGFAN174 Relieving Every Inch
Dakkota and Veronica trash talk each other about who is the better wrestler, but one girl ends up defeated over and over by school girl pins in the semi-comp barefoot bikini match!
5 minutes, $5

FFG Update4 Feb 22 FFGFAN173 Bra and Panty Match

FFGFAN173 Bra and Panty Match
Bra & Panty Match between Sybil and Betty: Cat fight in Bra and panties. Hair pulling, slapping, scissors, figure fours, headlocks, chicken wings and more
5 minutes, $5

FFG Update3 Feb 22 Your Girl, My Foot

FFGFAN172 Your Girl, My Foot!
Dakkota and Veronica take it to each other baby makers while wearing workout clothes and barefeet!
5 minutes, $5

FFG Update2 Feb 22 FFGMIX222 Mixed Judo, Sybil vs CJ

FFGMIX222 Mixed Judo Sybil vs CJ
Sybil Challenges CJ to a Judo match, both wear gi s and fight for the takedowns.
5 minutes, $4

FFG Update1 Feb 22 FFGMIX223 Tomiko's Mixed Scissors

FFGMIX223 Tomiko's Mixed Scissors
Tomiko has a mixed wrestling match with CJ, and he starts it off by grabbing her and scissoring her hard between his thighs! Tomiko gets pissed and decides that he is going to pay for that one. . over and over again, and she proceeds to dominate him with luscious scissor holds and facstits to hurt and humiliate him while wearing her sexy little bikini and in bare feet!
12 minutes, $10

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Do you have a refund coming from the government this year (you must be one of the lucky few!!!) LOL Treat yourself to one of these amazing 2012 Compilation DVD':

FFGFAN 2012 
Fantasy Fight Girls Best Selling Fem Fantasy Fight Videos
FFGFAN135 Assassin Payton vs Sybil
FFGFAN125 Payton Pins Ruby
FFGFAN152 Bikini Assassin vs Ninja Assassin
FFGFAN149 Cunt Bust Challenge
FFGFAN130 Sybil Slams Sin-D
FFGFAN119 Spy vs Spy, Sin-D vs Dakkota

FFGMIX 2012 
Fantasy Fight Girls Best Selling Mixed Fighting Videos
FFGMIX177 Pro-wrestling School Girl Pins Match with Sybil
FFGMIX Crotch Despair 7 Full Video
FFGMIX Private Judo Lesson full video
FFGMIX135 Assassin Roni
FFGMIX196 Deadly Dakkota, Bikini Assassin
FFGMIX208 Cj Wants Scissors

RUFF 2012 
Real Underground Female Fight League Competitive Videos
RUFF001 Lia vs Jenn
RUFF003 Ruby vs Veronica
RUFF004 Betty Vs Jenn
RUFF002 Iridal vs Safa
RUFF005 Ruby vs Safa
RUFF011 Amanda vs Betty Submission Catfight
RUFF013 Iridal vs Amanda Submissions Only

SG 2012
Starr Girls Professional Wrestling Association Videos
  *some haven't been released for sale yet!
SG BallGown Match Taeler vs Josie
SG Mockumentary S2E6 Dirty Leotards
SG Taeler vs Josie Match 1
SG May 2012 Lady Victoria vs Sin-D
SG May 2012 Sybil vs Lil Naughty
SG Thunderstock Champ Match Sybil vs Betty

Each video is just $50, and is valued at the very least $70! Plus there are no shipping charges for this sale!  Also if you would like to download the compilation instead,  we can make the videos available to you as a downloads also!!

Here is the order form: