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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Spanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sybil Starr Productions Starr Army Affiliates Program

Recently we switched over to a new site to sell our downloads,
This site is so easy to use and has some really wonderful features! One of
the features I just realized is what they call an "Affiliates" Program. I
call it "how the Starr Army can make money." I know things are tough and we
could all use an extra dollar or hundred in our pockets. . and instead of my
company paying out hundreds to thousands of dollars to advertise all our new
sites, it dawned on me that maybe you guys and gals could utilize this
opportunity. . .
here is the link to the information:

basically, you sign up for paypal, you sign up as an affiliate, you put the
link on a website somewhere (even your myspace page or facebook would work)
and then whenever someone buys a clip from your link, you automatically make
20%. Sell a $5 clip, make a $1. Sell a $15 clip, make $3 dollars. . . sell
lots of clips, make lots of money. . . and I am offering this to anyone. . .
you go sign up for it. . you do it. . tradebits pays out every wednesday and
they have been doing this for four years now. . . if you already run a site.
. wrestling, bondage, hair. . etc and want to add a page for Sybil Starr
Productions products or just sell them as your own. . however you want to do
it. . YOU GET 20% COMMISSION on every sale. . . if Lady Victoria wants to
sell my downloads. . or Sleeperkid or anyone! Feel Free to do so!

I hope that you will take advantage of this . . . it could help pay a bill
or two every month. . . .
here is the link to all the products we have currently for sale. . but we have
hundreds more to upload and sell. . this is a limitless opportunity. .\

Sybil Starr

Thursday, November 12, 2009


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Friday, November 06, 2009

"Scissor Domination" and Sherry Stuns!

Scissordom with Shana vs Joe is selling like hot cakes over at my clips4sale store!
Checks it out!

Speaking of Scissors Domination. . it is time to feel the pain, my Midwestern brothers and sisters. . . I am coming around to take care of your wrestling needs! You boys in Michigan and Ohio who have been pestering me to meet. . . and maybe you have no references or you are a first timer? Now is your one and only chance! November 11th, Dundee, MI (an easy drive from either Detroit, MI or Toledo, OH). . book your time now. . . also Sherry Stuns is available on the 11th for 2 on 1's or solo sessions. . . . book now!

After Dundee, I will head south to one of my favorite Midwestern cities, Indianapolis, IN! I know guys, I always say I am coming, but I really really am this time. . for my annual visit! November 12-13. Also, PDG Nikki lives in that area, so if you woudl liek to see us tussle, let me know now so I can make arrangements with her!

And then it is on to CHICAGO, November 14-15. . (sorry vtm, Vancago). . . A great weekend in the Windy City. . . I will be doing sessions around the Logan Square Area. . .

I am excited to visit some of my favorite cities and see my favorite friends. . .

Also. . we need Help! Sherry Stuns is coming in on Monday November 9th, and I have no custom scripts for her! She would also like to fight me competitively? Are there any wrestling fans out there who would like a photoset? A video? A hardcore submissions match? Loser gets spanked?????? I really want her to do well, but I know with all my craziness this past month I wasn't able to get the word around. . I know you loved our chemistry in "Scissor Sluts" and so did I! So let's do more! I also want to shoot her for our new sites:

e-mail me please, if you have any questions or queries. .