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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sybil Starr Session Review

this was written by: about a pro-style wrestling session:

I just had my first session with Sybil this past weekend while she was in Knoxville, TN and I hope it won't be my last.She made me feel comfortable immediately and was interested in making sure that what happened was what I wanted. We ended up going semi-competitive for about an hour and a half. I think she won the session 4 falls to my 2 (but I got her one time and she didn't expect it). She taught me a lot of new moves and showed that wrestling can be painful, even if it is "fake" (yes Sybil, I had the mark until Saturday I hope to see her again whether it is in Michigan or anywhere else. She definitely worth every penny. She is not a clock watcher and she cares for her customer during breaks in the action. If you ever have the chance to take her own, she will give you a fight inside the ring but will be one of the sweetest women on earth outside of the ring.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Review of "Starr Treatment" video

This is my review of Starr Treatment. The video starts out focused on Sybil, a vision of loveliness decked out completely in red from head to toe. Wearing a matching bra/panties set & thigh high red stockings with a pair of low cut heels. Sybil starts out the action with some buttdrops on Moose's midsection. She apparently likes doing this because of that sexy laughter of hers. Then she climbs aboard her floor for some heel trample action. Walking all over his body, digging her low heels in when she gets a chance. She even does a little bit of groin trample in her heels, though, it's not nearly enough for my tastes. :) Back up on to his stomach & chest, Sybil starts jumping in her heels. Then she starts knee dropping him & bouncing on his chest/stomach area from a kneeling position. Seating herself on the big man's chest, she has him remove her heels & rubs her stocking feet all over his face before she starts trampling him again in her stockings. She stands on his groin briefly doing a few ballerina poses. Again, I wish she would have done more of this. After some more trampling, it is time to remove those stockings & have Moose worship her sexy feet. And sexy they are! Sucking her toes, licking between them & licking every inch of her soles, Moose is a foot worship machine. You can tell that Sybil REALLY enjoys having Moose lick her feet just from the moaning & sighing she does. I swear I thought she was going to melt right on him! She even tells him how great he is at it. Lucky bastard! :) This makes the video even hotter....the fact that you can tell she loves having him lick her feet & that her reaction is not faked in any way. Then, Sybil decides to deprive Moose of oxygen by sitting her sexy ass right on his face. Sybil is a hard vicious facesitter, let me tell ya. Then, it's time for some barefoot trample. The last third of this video is the roughest part. This is where she starts really jumping on & trampling him. This was Sybil's first time trampling Moose, so she wasn't sure what she could do to him. She should have watched his other videos. :) I have been assured that the next trample videos she does with him, she will show NO mercy! :) Sybil then wants to try Moose's specialty....full weight facestands. Stepping on to his face, Sybil is honestly completely amazed that not only can someone take facestanding like Moose, but that they will let her do it. Again, you can tell that she REALLY enjoys facestanding. She does it 3 or 4 times. Again, not nearly enough of it or long enough for my liking, but I understand she was feeling him out this go round. A little more trampling happens before Sybil decides to facesit Moose unconscious to end the video. She looks really sexy perched on the unconscious big man's face. All in all....a great video. I highly recommend this video to anyone that loves watching a woman that truly enjoys trampling & having her feet licked. I can't wait until Sybil does more videos with Moose.
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