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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quote of the Day!

in honor of seeing Babe Ruth's birthplace

"I swing big with everything I have.
I hit big or miss big.
I like to live as big as I can."

George Herman "Babe" Ruth

Sunday, August 12, 2007

To Hell and back

AHHHHHH. . . .

Just got back from dropping Neko the Destroyer and Clayton the Toy off in Canada and am finally out of my car after 7 hours of travel. . . .

We started at 9 am yesterday morning and finished our last video at 12:51 AM this morning. . I am sore all over. . lots of bruises. .
afterwards we all jumped into the heated pool and made a whirlpool and played and played. .. . it was perfect
There is no way I could have pulled off this weekend on my own. . . .
Thanks to Dave for letting us use his house
Thanks to Mike for taking pics
Thanks to Brad for running camera and working in videos
Thanks to Clayton for being so beat-upable. . . .
And thank you especially to the ladies who made this event happen. . . . I will take you on in Hell, or anywhere any time. . .
Lady V
Who worked 16 hours and made it a blast. What more can you ask for than a group of hot gals who love to fight, kick each other's asses in tons of different hot outfits and then party all night together? I am blessed to coutn these ladies as friends.
We produced 11 full length videos (20 min or more), some clips and several custom photo shoots. . .
That is a Hell of a lot of work!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hell Cometh


The Ultimate Fight Slumber Party!

Custom Match weekend !

There are competitive matches scheduled:

Sybil vs. Lia Labowe, the Tie breaker

Neko vs. Jenn

Sybil vs. Lia and Jenn (one vs. tag team)

Bigmouth Brad vs. Sybil

and we are still seeking sponsorships. .especially for a mixed match

Clayton vs Jenn

this is what sponsorship entitles you to:

The Silver Package--$50

For a $50 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the dvd of the matchbefore it is released to the general public and a photo CD of the fight.

The Gold Package--$100

For a $100 Sponsorship contribution, one gets a copy of the dvd of the matchbefore it is released to the general public, another dvd of your choosingand photo CD of the fight.

The Platinum Package--$300

For a $300 Sponsorship contribution, you get a copy of the dvd of the matchbefore it is released to the general public, two other dvds of yourchoosing, a photo CD of the fight, a $100 discount on a future session with me, plus the right to see the match you sponsored live in person.

The Slumber Party Custom Fight weekend in Hell, MI!!!! Accepting scripts now!!!

Girls available:

Lia Labowe ( )

we will also have males of various sizes available to wrestle

types of matches:








Custom photo shoots are $3 a picture

Custom videos/clips start at $10 a minute

please e-mail me directly for more information:

Time is running out! All scripts and money must be received by Wednesday morning August 8th!

We are here to make your dreams and fantasies come true. .An event like this may never happen again-- where you have veteran fighters like Lady Victoria in the same room as Cat fight champion Jenn. . and Lady V has agreed to fight me competitively if we can get sponsorships. . but we need sponsorships to make it all happen. . .If your idea is not on this list, or you have another idea. . just ask. .

Pantyhose MMA? Prowrestling in Prom dresses?

Hardcore matches? Brutal catfights?

Belly punching contests? Scissordomination?

We can do it for you. . . . . time has come. . Hell is here. . BE READY


--Sybil Starr