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Friday, May 29, 2009

Trample Weekend!

Welcome to the weekend of Trampling!!!! If you love Pantyhose, boots,
feet, legs, leotards, trampling and foot domination. . then boy oh boy do
you have a great weekend ahead!!!!
Check out a sample clip of this new video for free!

as you can see, I have a new account, because they took my
"privileges" away and banned my Gia Hypnotizes Sybil video. . I guess it was
too hot for them. . though admittedly, naked boobies were bound to get me in
trouble. . . LOL. . this is America after all ;)

All of these will be available at my website. . .

I was hoping that my website would be updated again this week. . but here it
is Friday and my media producer (as he likes to be called) still has not
finished any new pages. . I hate to nag. . but gosh darnnit, I want the links
to my pictures back and to Lia Labowe's clips4sale store. . and more
pictures and info on all the wrestlers. . and a links page and more and more
and more. . LOL. . anyhow. . this is my first weekend home in a long time. .
. I am taking this opportunity to finish moving in to my new space. . . be
warned, once I finish getting organized, THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!
MUUWWAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! But until I get it done, I have also grounded myself
from fun, no baseball games or hanging out with friends until I get it
finished. . so, hey, I won;t be online much today. . . but after the next
couple of days I should have made many plans for the next few months. .

also. . MICHIGAN!!! Listen up, especially you down river folks (like me!).
. . do you want me and other Detroit City Girls in your bar or at your
event? Broadcasting live on the internet???? Let me know. . . !

And I am making a public appearance in Adrian, MI on July 11th. . . for VIP, Victory
Independent Pro-wrestling!!!! Many of your favorite Michigan Indy stars
will be there to thrill you with their skills!!!!

This summer is looking hotter all the time. . especially since the Professional Pillow Fight League
starts on Tuesday nights at the Warren VFW hall on June 16th! so much crazy
fun going on. . hope I didn't make this update too long for you!

kisses and scissors,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Female MMA Fighter Needs Help!

On Saturday at 12:30 PM, professional MMA fighter Jessica Bednark went to St. Cloud Boxing and Wrestling Club for an open sparring session. A seasoned fighter with a record of 5-2, Bednark was training for a June 12th fight against Adrienna “AJ” Jenkins.

When Bednark took her gloves and head gear off, she told gym owner Scott Kelm that her legs felt like jelly. She lay down and shut her eyes. When Kelm noticed that her breathing was shallow, he called 911. Bednark’s boyfriend, Jay Gould, said that the ambulance then noticed that one pupil was larger than the other, an indication of brain trauma. A catscan indicated a ruptured artery in Jessica’s brain. ”Whether it came from a vital blow or swelling on the brain, we don’t know,” Kelm said.

As originally reported on, Bednark went in for emergency surgery at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and had part of her skull removed. She remains in ICU in a medically-induced coma.

Jessica, who does not have any health insurance, needs our help and donations. An account for donations is being set up. Until then, Derek Gould (Jessica’s boyfriend’s brother) is collecting donations. Many sources close to the fighter verify this information is accurate and that the donations will, indeed, be used for Jessica’s medical bills. Please be generous and hit your sponsors up as well. Derek Gould can be contacted at, and donations can be sent to 15824 Neon St. NW, Ramsey, MN 55303. A paypal account has been set up for Jessica, and paypal donations can be sent to

Friday, May 15, 2009


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Session review

I had the pleasure of doing a session w/ Sybil this past weekend. I wasn’t foolish enough to do a scissors challenge (I don’t know how you guys survive it!). It was actually more of a fantasy-type match.

Let me say that this was the 1st time I’ve ever done a session w/ anyone, so I totally didn’t know what to expect. I admitted to her that I was excited, but nervous about the whole thing. Sybil made me feel very comfortable. She greeted me with a warm hug & guided me graciously. She is a very good communicator…her words and her body language were totally open & very friendly. She knew that I wasn’t “sure of myself” as far as how things were to go. She made me feel special, like this was as much fun for her as it was for me.

And, might I add…as sexy as she appears online & in videos, she is every bit as sexy in person; in fact, even more so. And when you combine it w/ her bubbly personality, OMG!

I know that a number of people have posted about having had several sessions w/ Sybil in the past. I now know why they do it over & over again! I just wanted to give an account from a 1st-timer. If you are considering doing this, let me encourage you to do so! You’ll have a blast.

Sybil, thanks again for the great time. I hope it’s not the last.

from hockeysc2006

Monday, May 04, 2009

New stuff and Things

and soon to have many new changes. .

new pictures posted at my myspace page!

kisses and scissors,