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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Fan Fiction, Wrestle Tickle Style

This is a story I wrote over a decade ago from a long wrestling series of mine. It features the wonderful Sybil Starr! Enjoy---PRIMETIME

The pyrotechnics exploded inside the arena and the fans went into a frenzy. This was the first show since the pay per view PANDEMONIUM ended and the place was abuzz. There were new champions and owner David Mclane promised a draft lottery between the brands, WOWE and WOWF. He told the fans that except for the champions, no one is exempt. The fans were excited about the possibility of the tWo (Tickling World Order) or the Glamour Girls breaking up. This show was a "joint" show and all the women of both groups were inside the arena tonight. At ringside, the 4 announcers from both brands sat at the announce table.

Lee Marshall: "Hello everyone and welcome to WOW!!! This is Lee Marshall and tonight we have a combined show!! The ladies from the WOWE and the WOWF are here and folks, history is going to be made tonight with the draft lottery!!! Joining me here at ringside is of course Jonathan Coachman, but also Johnny C and Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan. Gentlemen, welcome!"

Coach: "The pleasure is all yours!! But it is ALWAYS a pleasure for me to sit next to Bobby "the Brain" Heenan! Hey Bobby, who is this guy you brought?"

Bobby: "Him? I wonder that every day Coach. Just some ham -n- egger ihave to sit with every broadcast."

Johnny C: "Thanks for the support Bobby. It is always good to sit with such a 'fun' guy like you?"

Bobby: "Of course i am fun! I am the reason people watch WOWF. If they had only Johnny C, people would try to stuff hams through their ears. But tonight is a big night! a night everyone will remember! Tonight, for the very first time, the world will see the NEW WOWF United States Champion, Lana Star!!"

Coach: "You know Bobby, i thought i was always a proud American. Now that Lana Star is representing the UNited States, my American sense of pride has shot through the roof!!"

Bobby: "That's right Coach!! Now that Lana is the champion, i am sure all Americans will have that sense of pride!"

Johnny C: "If you two can stop this Lana lovefest, there is a show we have to do. Lee, what matches do we have tonight?"

Lee: "that remains to be seen. David Mclane is getting all the women together backstage and will announce the matches. In fact, i think it is time for David Mclane to address the ladies. Let's take a look....."

The WOWE World Champion, Hollywood, was seen walking backstage with a huge smile on her face and the championship belt draped across her shoulder. As she approached the entrance to the meeting room, another person approached as well. Hollywood's smile grew even bigger.

"Well, well, well. Look who's here. Hello loser....." Hollywood laughed.

Terri Gold looked up at Hollywood and rolled her eyes. "Leave me alone Hollywood."

"What's wrong Terri? feeling sad? Hey, did you win your match at the pay per view? I DID!!!" Hollywood laughed, rubbing it in.

"Look, you won okay. idont know how you did it, but you won. If i ever--" Terri started to say.

"If you ever what? there is NOTHING you can do Terri!! remember the stipulation? As long asi am champion, and I AM, you will never get another World title shot. I own you Terri. I tickled those sweet feet of yours into submission. NEVER again will you be world champion! I would suggest trying for the Continental championship, but Chyna will crush you. Terri my dear, your career is at a crossroads. What are you going to do?" Hollywood laughed.

Terri's eyes filled with rage. Hollywood was right, there was nothing she could do. "Are you done?"

"Just one more thing. See this championship belt? Take a good long look at it, because this is the LAST time you will get to be this close to it." Hollywood laughed as she held the title belt to Terri's face.

Terri looked away from the title belt and walked into the meeting room, with Hollywood behind her. Inside the meeting room, all of the women from WOWE and WOWF were inside and they were split evenly in the room. In the front of the room, the General Managers of both brands, Stephanie McMahon and Debra, sat. The murmurs were heard across the room as all of the women wondered what David Mclane was up to. Friendships could be broken up, new challenges would arise, and new opportunities. Then, the owner of WOW, David Mclaneentered into the room. Women from both the tWo and the Glamour Girls booed as he walked to the front of the room. Wearing his trademark tuxedo, Mclane began to address the group.

"Thanks for such a warm welcome..." Mclane started.

"YOU SUCK!!!!" someone shouted.

Mclane waited for the laughter to die down, then continued his remarks. "Welcome ladies to this very special show. Thank you for a VERY successful pay per view and the ratings of WOW have shot up!!! You ladies represent the best of women's wrestling in the world and i am very proud of all of you!"

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TINY BALLS?" a voice shouted.

Mclane once again waited for the laughter to die down. "That's real funny. Now, if we can get serious for a moment. Like i mentioned at PANDEMONIUM, we are going to have a draft lottery. Only the champions are exempt. If you remember, i announced that we are going to have 4 new women join us, unfortunately, 2 of them, Lady Victoria and Joy Giovanni will not be joining us due to contract reasons. However, i still am bringing 7 more women, bringing the total of new women to 9!!!! Now, let's meet the new women...."

The crowd began to murmur as two doors behind Mclane opened and 9 women walked into the room. There was commotion as the current roster recognized the women walking in. WOW was going to be a lot more interesting.

"Ladies of WOW, please welcome our new members! Introducing.....MELINA!!! ......CANDICE MICHELLE!!!!..... ASHLEY!!!!...... MARIA!!!!!...... MICKIE JAMES!!!!!......TRACY BROOKS!!!!.....SO CAL VAL!!!!... SYBIL STAR!!!! ( ) and...... MALIA HOSAKA )!!!!!!" Mclane introduced.

The new women looked around the room and saw their new co-workers staring at them. Each of them was anxious to get their WOW careers started and all had championship aspirations. Mclane then spoke to the entire room once again.

"Now that you have seen our new ladies, they will be in action tonight!! Tonight, you will see Melina vs Paradise!!! Malia Hosaka vs Hammerin Heather Steele!!!! Tracy Brooks vs Vine!!! and Sybill Starr vs Patti Pizzazz!!!!" Mclane announced.

Again the current roster started to buzz as the new members were already getting their feet wet. A lot of eyes were set on Melina as she stood in front and looked as though she was the greatest person in the room. A few women were hoping that Paradise would set her straight.

"Now, for the real fun!!!!!" Mclane started. "If you recall, i said there was going to be a draft lottery. Right now, let's get to it!! The champions are exempt, but the rest of you, there WILL be changes. First, for the new women. Going to the WOWE will be.....TRACY BROOKS and MICKIE JAMES.... which means MELINA, MALIA HOSAKA, CANDICE MICHELLE, MARIA, ASHLEY, SO CAL VAL and SYBILL STARR will be going to the WOWF!!! Now that we got that out of the way, i want to announce our first two draft lottery picks......"

The entire group of women sat on the edge of their seats to hear what Mclane was about to say. Mclane stood in front with a huge grin on his face. He knew these women were anxious at this time. He opened an envelope and then spoke into the microphone.

"Going to the WOWF is........RIOT and......ICE COLD!!!!!!" Mclane announced.

The camera had a shot of Riot and she simply rolled her eyes. Ice Cold looked stunned. The crowd began to murmer again as the first impact was felt.

"Looks like i get to destroy some Glamour Girls..." Riot smiled.

"You cant bring her over to the WOWF!!!! Are you crazy??!!!" Lana screamed.

"Yes i can and i did! Good luck...." Mclane smiled.





"ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!!! Introducing first, here is PARADISE!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

Some soft Polynesian music began to play and a very beautiful woman appeared at the top of the stage. Dressed in a floral print top with floral prints shorts and green wrestling boots, Paradise made her way to the ring. She was excited about this chance to take on a certified WWE superstar. Paradise also figured this was her chance to introduce Melina to the ways of WOW. Paradise knew that Melina would not be prepared for what she had in mind. She made it into the ring and waved to the crowd.

Lee: "It is always good to see Paradise in action!"

Johnny C: "That's right Lee! Paradise is a tough competitor and i know she is looking forward to welcoming Melina to the WOWF!!"

Bobby: "Tough competitor? Are you on crack?"

Coach: "Judging by the suit he's wearing Bobby, i would think so...."

Bobby: "Paradise is a joke!!! Sure she's beautiful, but she has as much talent as Pee Wee Herman does at becoming the President of the United States!!! Melina is going to destroy this woman!"

"And her opponent.......from Los Angeles California, making her debut here in WOW, please welcome.......MELINA!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

the crowd began to boo as Melina's music played and a group of "photographers" came out and a red carpet was rolled out. Melina then made her appearance at the top of the stage. She was excited to be a part of the largest women's wrestling organization and she definitely planned to make her mark. Wearing a gold sleeveless top that exposed her midsection, with gold wrestling pants and her fuzzy black wrestling boots, Melina strutted to the ring. She heard the boos, but it didnt bother her because she knew she was the very best in WOW as of now. She's heard of Hollywood and Trish Stratus, but now she was here and it would only be a matter of time before she was a World Champion. She made it to the ring and then put one leg up on the mat. Then she followed up with the other leg and Melina then did her usual entrance and slowly ducked under the bottom rope and into the ring. She then stood up and smirked at the crowd. Then she looked at Paradise and rolled her eyes.

Coach: "I LOVE her entrance!!! Oh man, i can never get tired of that!!"

Bobby: "And she is coming to the WOWF!!!! I get to see this ALL of the time!"

The bell rang and the referee, Sceej56, was in the middle of the action. Melina strutted up to Paradise, then in typical Melina fashion, slapped dark haired beauty. Paradise winced in pain, then Melina tore into her. She grabbed Paradise by the back of her hair and slammed her face into the turnbuckles. As Paradise wobbled from the pain, Melina then clotheslined her to the mat. Melina shook her head in disgust as she figured this was going to be an easy match. She pulled up Paradise by her hair, but this time Paradise punched Melina in the gut. Melina doubled over in pain and Paradise executed a kneelift, sending the Diva to the mat. Melina got back to her feet and was met by a dropkick. Paradise dropkicked Melina several times and finally Melina got out of the ring.

Lee: "Look at Paradise go!!! I bet Melina didnt expect that!"

Bobby: "This is only the beginning. I am sure Melina is going to straighten this problem out. Just wait and see."

Coach: "Great knowledge of Melina Bobby."

Bobby: "Thanks Coach."

Johnny C: "I think i want to throw up...."

Bobby: "Did you see a picture of your mother?"

Melina got back into the ring and locked up with Paradise again. This time, Melina nailed Paradise in the midsection and as Paradise hunched over, Melina executed a DDT. Melina then went for the cover. 1........2......KICKOUT. Melina then dropped a few elbows on Paradise, then looked at the crowd. She then let out her high pitch scream, then dropped a leg across Paradise's throat. She went for another cover and Paradise kicked out after 2. Melina was then getting frustrated and pulled Paradise back up to her feet. She then threw Paradise into the corner of the ring and charged in. Paradise saw Melina coming and raised her foot and nailed Melina in the jaw. Melina was woozy and Paradise charged out of the corner and clotheslined Melina. Paradise went for the cover and Melina kicked out after a 2 count. Paradise then winked at the crowd and awaited for Melina to stand up. Melina stood up and Paradise came from behind and put her in an abdominal stretch. Melina screamed in pain as Paradise applied more pressure. Sceej56 asked her if she wanted to submit and Melina refused. Paradise then looked at the exposed ribs of Melina. Paradise figured it was time to show Melina what it's like to be in WOW. She softly dragged her fingers across Melina's skin. She felt Melina's body jerk and she continued to tickle the skin.

"hehehehehe..." Melina giggled.

Paradise then dug her fingers into Melina's ribs and Melina exploded in laughter as she body began to shake violently. Paradise began to laugh herself as she listened to Melina's crazed giggles. Melina began to stomp her feet as she felt Paradise's fingers continue to dig into her sensitive ribcage.


"tickling Melina ticklish? yes she is!!! kitchykitchykoo!!!" Paradise teased.

Melina laughed even harder as Paradise teased her with the tickle talk. Melina then shrieked as she felt Paradise's fingers slowly circle in her vulnerable armpit. Paradise felt the soft skin of Melina's armpit and continued to tickle the sensitive skin. Paradise was enjoying herself as she had an opportunity to catch Melina with tickling. Something she knew Melina wasnt used to in a wrestling match. Her fingers would then alternate between tickling the armpit, then back to the ribs and across Melina's soft tummy. Sceej56 asked Melina if she wanted to give up, but she refused. Melina did not want to submit to someone tickling her. She then used the last ounce of her strength and managed to hip toss Paradise off of her. Catching her breath, she saw Paradise getting up and eyeing her and wiggling her fingers.

Paradise approached Melina with wiggling fingers and enjoyed looking at the look of fear in Melina's eyes. As she got closer, Melina out of desperation kicked Paradise in the midsection, then executed an "X Factor". She rolled Paradise over and went for the cover. 1...........2..........3!!!!! Sceej56 called for the bell as Melina had just won the match. Sceej56 raised her arm in victory and she got out of the ring with a snarl on her face. She couldnt believe Paradise tried to tickle her.

Lee: "What a move by Melina!!!"

Johnny C: "That was one hell of a move by Melina. She did look very worried there for a moment though when Paradise was tickling her."

Lee: "I hope she gets used to tickling because she is definitely going to experience a lot of it here in WOW!!!"


"Hello fans, this is Julie Day and i am in the backstage area trying to get an interview with a new member of the WOWF, Melina. Melina!!! Melina!!! " Julie shouted as she raced over to Melina. "You won your first match here in WOW. Are you excited to be here?"

"Who the hell are you??!!! What is wrong with this place?!! That crazy bitch tried to tickle me!!! She put her grubby hands on my perfect body and tried to make me squeal. Let me put this out there. I hate and i mean, i HATE to be tickled. So, if any of you crazy bitches out there try to do that to me again, i swear!!!!" Melina shouted as she then stormed off.

Back in the conference room, Mclane then got back to the front of the group and spoke into the microphone again. "Now, for our next draft lottery surprise. Please welcome to the WOWE...........SABLE!!!!!!"

Sable's mouth dropped as did the rest of the Glamour Girls. Hollywood and the rest of the tWo smiled as someone from the Glamour Girls was coming to their world.

"WHY YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!!!! how DARE you send me to that cesspool!!" Sable shouted.

"Mclane, you did this on purpose!!! You know the Glamour Girls are the most powerful faction in wrestling and you are trying to break us up you BASTARD!!!!" Sunny shouted.

Mclane smiled as he enjoyed the sight of Sable realizing her destiny. "And now, going to WOWF..........GORGEOUS GEORGE!!!!!"

"WHAT?????!!!! ARE YOU JOKING YOU TROLL?????!!!" George screamed.

Hollywood went to the front of the room and got in Mclane's face. "You slimy piece of worm crap!!! You are just trying to make me hate you more arent you? I NEED George here!!! Understand me?"

"Ladies, ladies, ladies....likei said, DRAMATIC changes are happening. Except for the champions, no one is exempt. I hope you eac have fun in your new homes....." Mclane smiled as Hollywood growled at him.



PATTI PIZZAZZ (Glamour Girls)

"Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing the Glamour is PATTI PIZZAZZ!!!!!!" Lillian Garcia announced.

The arena lights turned pink and the music of Patti Pizzazz began to play as Patti made her entrance. The crowd booed heavily for the "personal assistant" of Lana Star. Patti didnt seem so cheery as she normally did as she just found out that Sable was leaving the Glamour Girls. Wearing her pink cheerleading top, with a white cheerleading skirt and her pink boots, she walked slowly to the ring. Patti remembered that it was her, Lana and Sable were the original founders of the Glamour Girls and now Sable was leaving. she got into the ring and started to mope.

Johnny C: "What's bothering Patti? She looks like she just lost her puppy."

Bobby: "are you brain dead Johnny? Sable is leaving WOWF you imbecile!!!! I never thought Mclane would try to actually break up the most powerful and most beautiful faction in women's wrestling. I want to shed a tear as well."

"and her opponent........making her debut, please welcome SYBIL STARR!!!" Lillian announced.

The crowd began to cheer, but was hesitant as they didnt know much about Sybil Starr. Sybil was an independent wrestler and faced many talented wrestlers at different promotions. This was her first shot at the "big time" and wanted to make a solid impression. She made her way to the ring. She knew she wasn’t too well known and she was going to have to impress everyone in this match to realize that she is indeed a wrestler to be reckoned with. She got into the ring and looked at Patti Pizzazz. Sybil was a fan of the show, so she knew exactly who Patti was and what type of wrestling they do here in WOW.

Bobby: "Who on God's green Earth is that? I never heard of her!"

Coach: "She looks like someone that the garbage just spit out. talk about being a rookie to the big leagues!"

Lee: "Sybil Starr is an accomplished wrestler in the independent circuit if you must know. She is very good and i think she is going to make a major impact in the WOWF!!"

Coach: "why do you act like you know everything?"

Lee: "Because i do...."

Scubedu, the referee, called for the bell and the match began. Patti looked at Sybil and she began to snarl. She wanted to win this match for Sable. Patti knew she could probably take advantage of this "newbie". The two locked up and Patti managed to get Sybil in a headlock. Patti continued to wrench the hold, but Sybil managed to throw Patti off of her and into the ropes. Patti bounced off the ropes and ducked under a clothesline attempt from Sybil, stopped in her tracks, turned around and clotheslined Sybil. Sybil writhed on the mat in pain and Patti was excited about what she had just accomplished. She started doing cartwheel kicks and showing off for the crowd. As Patti continued her kicks, Sybil got to her feet and dropkicked Patti in the back. The crowd cheered it's approval.

Bobby: "How can this rookie disrespect Patti like that?"

Johnny C: "Maybe this Sybil Starr is going to be a good one!!"

Bobby: "Yeah a good loser!!!"

Sybil pulled Patti up by her hair, then threw her across the ropes. Sybil then nailed Patti with a dropkick across the face and Patti spilled on the mat in a heap. Sybil went for the cover. 1...............2..........KICKOUT. Sybil waited for Patti to stand up and when she did, she tried to kick Patti in the jaw. Patti caught Sybil's foot and twisted the ankle, sending Sybil to the mat in pain. Patti didnt want to waste any time, so she became to untie the wrestling shoe. Sybil began to panic as she knew what Patti was up to. She managed to wrestle her leg free and her eyes were wide open. Patti stuck out her tongue at Sybil in disgust.

Sybil got to her feet and the two women locked up again. Patti this time kicked Sybil in the midisection and then delivered a DDT. She went for the cover and Sybil kicked out after a 2 count. Patti then began to yell at Scubedu, but he told her it was only a 2 count. Patti then grabbed Sybil's red hair, then rammed her face into the canvas. Sybil was stunned as her face ached. Patti then went to her ankles and trapped them between her thighs, soles upturned. Patti was determined to attack her feet and began to unlace the shoes. Sybil tried to free her legs, but Patti held firm and managed to get the shoes free and threw them across the ring. She then peeled off the socks and stared at the nylon covered soles of Sybil. Patti then smiled as she began to run her fingers up and down the soles and Sybil exploded into laughter. Patti's fingers found a particular tender spot on the ball of the foot and Sybil shrieked. Scubedu asked her if she wanted to submit, but she refused. Patti then played with Sybil's toes and Sybil went ballistic. Patti tickled the toes on one foot, then tickled the arch of the other foot. Sybil continued to laugh and knew she was in trouble. She saw the ropes and began to inch her way to the ropes. Patti felt Sybil struggling, then decided to spider tickle both feet at the same time. Her fingers zipped up and down the soles and ticklish sensations ripped through Sybil's nervous system. Just as she was about to tap, she made it to the ropes and grabbed the bottom rope.

Scubedu told Patti to break the hold and Patti let go and screamed at the referee. She then grabbed Sybil's ankle and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Just as she was about to grab the other ankle, Sybil reached up and managed to get Patti in a small package pinning maneuver. 1.............2............3!!!!!!!!! Scubedu called for the bell and Patti was in shock. Sybil got out of the ring and pumped her fist. She had just beaten Patti for her first win and she was excited.

Johnny C: "What a move!!!!! Impressive first win by Sybil Starr!!!"

Bobby: "Impressive? are you watching the same match i am? She was lucky! Patti had her and was about to make her tap. Plus, Patti isnt in her right mind after learning she is losing a friend. This Sybil Star will NOT be a factor in WOWF!!! Mark my words!!!!"