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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charlotte, NC

here I come. .. . this is my first trip to Charlotte in over three years and there is no telling when I may be back again. . .this could be your last chance to book me in Charlotte, NC!
May 9-10

I am available for wrestling/catfighting video shoots
Photoshoots, including bondage and fetish wear
Sessions, mixed wrestling and catfighting. .

to book time with me, e-mail me directly at
stop by my site!

Kisses and scissors,

ps. book quickly as I book up fast and am already almost completely booked!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sybil Starr Newsletter for April 2009

Welcome to Spring. . . Passover and Easter to celebrate this week. . .. . !
I have declared this month "MIXED WRESTLING MONTH."

I recently moved into a larger space with a nice wrestling studio. . . . I
am very excited about the changes going on. . . and I am happy to announce
the first LIVE PPV Beat down from Sybil Starr Productions. . . . tune in to
my membership site on May 16th (time TBA) to watch joepet take the beating
of his life. . what moves do you think I should use on him? What holds
should I torture him with? How long do you think he will last???
So, keeping in the spirit with mixed wrestling month, today joepet's two on
one wrestling session, with Kordelia Devonshire and I, will begin to be
released in daily episodes on my clips4sale store:
Watch him squirm in pain and beg to get out of painful holds! Complete
wrestling domination!
While you are there, it has been a special treat to release new leg and foot
domination clips for my feet fans. . . check out Lethal Legs 3: The
Interrogation Game and also the videos of "Crush" being trampled. All Mixed,
all the month!
My website is also being updated, and will have some new pages added after
this next week. . . .

Stop by my yahoo group and vote in the poll's!
Best Male Video Fighter of 2008?
Best thing about a mixed wrestling session?

Also, for you entertainment and pleasure, I recently added two new trampling
clips to my youtube account. . .

LAS VEGAS, April 21-23rd
Chicago, April 25th
Charlotte, NC, May 7-8

If you are traveling to Vegas at the same time as me. . bring your airline
ticket with you and get $50 off of a private wrestling session. . .yep, even
more incentive to join me for a rocking time in Vegas!!! Travel is cheap
right now, and Vegas can't be beat! E-mail me to schedule your attitude
adjustment. . . .

Don't forget, the Scissors Challenge is on. . .. test your strength of will
against these mighty thighs of mine! Can you last 5 minutes in my scissors
hold without submitting or getting your jaw broke??? This challenge is free
to you, you just need to be where I can squeeze you and be able to be
videotaped doing it. . .

Also, cat fight girls out there, I am looking for you! This is a challenge.
. get to Michigan and I will pay you to fight me. . . and I will even give
you a bonus if you win! 40 minutes and it will be videotaped for sale!

As always, I find myself blessed by my fans and friends. . . and I want to
say thank you. . you see, I couldn't do what I love without your continued
support. . and not a day goes by that I do not realize that. . but maybe it
has been a while since I said the words. . so "THANK YOU." I have been
blessed by each of you in some way and I am far from worthy of all the
admiration and respect that you have shown me. . . . I only hope that you
get back from me more than you have given, and I only strive my best everyday
to keep getting better and making things better. . I don't want to let you
down. . .

Again. . THANK YOU. . . and I can't say it enough

kisses and scissors,

Sybil Starr