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Friday, November 27, 2015

SinD vs Sybil Pre-sale Videos

This past week I was on the road- Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Columbus. . . and I got to film 4 new custom videos with SinD. We filmed all four in the ring, and they were awesome!
I titled this one "Fight for my Man." The premise was that I was an ordinary, every day type of gal and I hired a pro-wrestler to wrestle, with the idea of exciting my man. . . both of us wore Black Leotard and tights. It is 10 minutes long. $10

"Hardcore Champ" is the 20 minute battle to end all battles between myself and SinD! We are both wearing full wrestling gear and use all kinds of dirty tricks to punish one another.  This one ends with a KO. $20

"Prize Fight" is a best 2 out of 3 falls brawl. lots of punches, kicks and corner work. We wear black leotards. 10 minutes, $10.

"SinD is the Best MATCH" SinD challenges Sybil to a wrestling match- and they draw paper slips to see what kind of match it is.  If Sybil loses- she will have to declare that SinD is the best wrestler. SinD cheats every chance she gets in this match. 20 minutes, $20.

E-mail me directly to get these videos.

and don't foprget about the rest of our amazing November deals- time is running out on them!
We are filming mixed wrestling and POV videos on Monday December 1st- don't miss out- get your scripts in now!~

Thursday, November 12, 2015

November to Remember Customer Appreciation Sales!

Hello Starr Army!! 
It's November- that time of year when we love to show our customers our appreciation!
All month long we have been offering the best deals we can on our products!

1st- Get all Man Handled Videos (male dominating females in wrestling) for half off- and buy 3 get one free!
and/or get the video Blood Wars 1: Ashley vs Shana- download
This video (which has not been released on any websites yet) is on sale for half off (21 minute video- now $10) e-mail me directly to purchase them!

2nd- Get Custom Videos at their cheapest prices of the year!
        10 minute POV Video with just Sybil in it- $50
        10 minute mixed wrestling video with Sybil and CJ- $75
AND NOW OFFERING Custom Videos with Sin-D and Sybil (we are filming on November 21st)
10 minute customs for $100 (no additional fees and a ring is available) or
10 minute POV videos with SinD for $50
20 minute Fem/Fem Videos for $200 (no additional fees and a ring is available for filming)
and additional discounts on longer videos and picture sets- please e-mail me directly to inquire!

3rd-SinD and I are available in Indianapolis, IN on Friday, November 20th, for 2 on 1 or tag team matches-for only $400 for an hour and additional hours at a discount also! We are also available during the day in Cincinnati, OH on November 21st (in a ring) for the same price!!!!

4th- I am on the road this month (as you can see) and I am offering a discount for all those who pre-book and pay their deposit ($50) I will discount your session price by $50!!!!!  Contact me now- I am booking up fast:) I can't wait to meet you all on the mats for some fun, sometimes brutal, play!!
11-20-2015 Indianapolis, IN
11-21-2015 Cincinatti, OH
11-21/22-2015 Columbus, OH
11-22/23-2015 Pittsburgh, PA

Kisses and scissors and thank you for all your support this year and all the years before!
much love

Monday, November 09, 2015

ManHandled Sale!

And Crazy November Specials continue!!!! 

All Manhandled Videos are HALF OFF!!!! These are videos that are Male Dominating Female! and if you buy 3, get your 4th one FREE!!!! November Madness continues!! This sale is good until December 1st!

e-mail me directly to place your order!

MH001 Broken Heart
CJ and Sybil get into a wrestling match on the bed and CJ uses his heart
punch to render Sybil helpless. CJ takes advantage of Sybil and continues to brutalize her until she can't take any more of his hard heart poundings and succumbs to unconsciousness. Sybil is barefoot. Heart punches, camel clutches, ax handle strikes, palm strikes and more. 9 minutes, $4.50

MH002 Bear Trap
Sybil believes she is doing a scissor session with CJ but soon finds out CJ
was showing up to show Sybil his famous Bear Trap! CJ traps Sybil with
his manly manly scissors until she can't take no more. Scissor hold, man
dominates women, mixed wrestling. 14 minutes, $7

MH003 Sleep Aid
Sybil has a problem, she can't sleep so CJ lends a helping hand. Sleeper,
Knock out, mixed wrestling. 7 minutes, $3.50

MH004 Pile Driver
Sybil finds out CJ has two other girl friends, Sin-D and Lia. To prove to
his Sybil all he wants is her, CJ pile drives both Lia and Sin-D to profess
his love to Sybil. Pile driver, upskirt, mixed wrestling. 9 minutes, $4.50

MH005 Scissor Switch
Tomiko has agreed to a match vs CJ. CJ is so cocky (as usual) and he
decides that he will let Tomiko have a taste of his manly scissorhold!
What CJ did not expect was for her to give back to him 100 times what
he wanted to give to her! Tomiko is so angry that this guy has squeezed
her that she decides to teach him a lesson in Scissors Switch!Tomiko is
barefoot in a bikini and there are scissorholds given and taken by both
mixed wrestlers. 12 minutes, $6

MH006 Greco Roman Bearhug
CJ squeezes the will out of Sybil in his mighty bear hug. Sybil submits
over and over as CJ takes away her ability to catch her breath and makes
her helpless in his arms. Trapped in his bear hug, Sybil finally
understands what it means to be "manhandled" by the lady tamer
himself! 6 minutes, $3

MH007 CJ Dominates Payton
CJ Dominates Payton CJ and Payton have just started dating and Payton
wants to wrestle. CJ is a very good grappler and he dominates her on the
mats while teasing her. 5 minutes, $2.50

MH008 CJ dominates Sin-D
CJ Dominates Sin-D CJ really takes it to Sin-D in this video and makes
her suffer so sexily. . .Sin-d wears a little bikini and is so helpless. . . 4
minutes, $2

MH009 CJ teaches Veronica Judo
Cj Teaches Veronica Judo CJ shows Veronica how to go into throws and
then has her try them on him. Gi top for Veronica, full Gi for CJ. Cj
seems to be a little more interested in this than what might be considered
healthy;) 10 minutes, $5

MH010 CJ Dominates Betty
CJ loves to dominate women in wrestling. These girls have no clue what
they are in store for when they get on the mats with him! Here cute little
Betty wears and bikini and gets dominated in wrestling holds by CJ. 7
minutes, $3.50

MH011 CJ Dominates Sybil
CJ vs Sybil, and in the end Sybil just has to take what CJ dishes out. . he
doesn't let her get a good move on him and mounts her and submits her
more than once in this mixed wrestling match. 14 minutes, $7

MH012 Crotch Despair 7
CJ thinks he can make a name for himself in the underground
professional wrestling scene by challenging women and making them
submit to him via crotch destruction techniques. Here we find Betty
Battles falling for his game and getting her crotch destroyed by cheating
low blows and more! 12 minutes, $6

MH013CJ Dominates Tomiko
Tomiko has no clue what she is in for when she gets on the mats with CJ.
He dominates, stretches her, body locks, hand smothers, bear hugs and
knocks her the f* out! CJ takes full advantage of her helpless predicament
to take every advantage to h...... 11minutes, $5.50

MH014 CJ Pins Sybil
During a wrestling class Sybil gets dominated, pinned, tickled and
humiliated over and over again by CJ....This footage was all captured on a spy cam that Sybil had no idea about. 7 minutes, $3.50

MH015 Crotch Despair 8
Lia is tricked into a match where her crotch is abused! She meets up with
CJ who is looking for a private wrestling match, he has requested that she
wears leotards and tights- so she does. What Lia doesn't know is that he
has lured her here just to take advantage of her. He leaves her whining
and whimpering on the mats after continually abusing her female parts!
He low blows, bites, punches, stomps and manhandles her! 15 minutes,

MH016 2 Women vs 1 Man
CJ is a 4 striped purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu, sop when these two little
bikini clad fight girls, Betty Battles and Sin-D, challenge him to a
straight up 2 vs 1 competitive match, he is totally up for the challenge. . .
and acquits himself very well against these two girls who are half his size
and experience. 17 minutes, $8.50

MH017 Break Her Back
Sybil challenges CJ to 2 5min round submission wrestling matches. Sybil
underestimates the size, strength and brutality of CJ as he humbles her
and tests the durability of her spine. 12 minutes, $6

MH018 Workout Buddy
CJ uses Sybil as his weights as he works on his squats and walks around
the mats with her on his back. Piggy back ride, firemans lift, over the
shoulder and more. 6 minutes, $3

MH019 Playful Grappling
CJ and Sybil keep it playful in this fun little grappling session with head
scissors, mounts and more. 6 minutes, $3

MH020 Crotch Despair 9
Sybil is ready to take on the Russian Wrestler known as the winter
assassin, little does she know he a assassin with the claw hold, mangling
her belly and crotch until she cant handle the pain anymore and passes
out. 20 minutes, $10.

MH021 Paying Dues101
Kristie Etzold seeks out CJ for some training in Pro Wrestling, what she
wasn't prepared for was the unusual training method that CJ brings to
the table as he squeezed the life from her with Bear Hugs, head locks,
back breakers and more..... 11 minutes, $5.50

MH022 Paying Dues 102
Sybil Starr seeks out CJ for some training in Pro Wrestling, what she
wasn't prepared for was the unusual training method that CJ brings to
the table as he tortures the life from her with head butts, camel clutches,
back breakers and more.... 13 minutes, $6.50

MH023 Dakkota Demise
Masked man is back and this time he dominates and conquers the
beautiful Dakkota! Dakkota has no answer to the air plane spin, bear
hug, wedgies and more... Dakkota's Demise is a thrill. 9 minutes

, $4.50

MH024 CJ Dominates Dakkota
Dakkota gets dominated and destroyed in this semi-comp action with
CJ. CJ shows that his size and skill are just to much for the sexy Dakkota
as she tries to get out of CJs scissors holds, head locks and more. 10
minutes, $5

Monday, November 02, 2015

Custom Videos and Photos! NOW on sale!

Custom Video/Picture Requests are now available- I have managed to finally put together a shooting studio here in the north. . . .so if you want any videos or pictures (mixed wrestling, POV, etc) please e-mail me directly. Generally-a ten minute video with two people and no additional costume or location changes costs about $125. From now until December 1st- get a 10 minute mixed wrestling video for $75 and a 10 minute POV (video from your point of view) with me (Sybil Starr) for $50!!! e-mail me!