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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

o solo mi o, how about some updateos

oh boy, we at Sybil Starr Productions have been working our little butts off these past couple of weeks to update and launch all of our new sites and to bring you the best we have to offer in the line of fetish entertainment!

Check out some of the new wrestlers pages!
also a ton of new clips for sale at all our stores:
including, Devon and Hellena's competitive pins match, some fantasy female wrestling and even some new mixed wrestling clips! Remember, they are always cheaper to buy through our paypal stores than clips4sale stores! And the starr membership area now has over 150 videos and clips to watch as part of your membership, and that subscription is only $20 a month! So, stop by and check it out!

well, the whole site is new, really, but the part we want to point out is there are updated pictures in the gallery section and more clips to download in Lia's video store area!

and the incredible:
yes, yes, new everything, but also new clips for sale. . . with the gorgeous Christina Carter!
this website will also be updated even more this week, with new picture sets, stories, and I have a had a comic artist contact me about doing a QOT comic! This super heroine fight in shiny tights site always makes me smile!
has had it's first updates, but more are on the horizon!

sybil's locks, will soon have it's own domain, but in the meantime:
and there have been hairwashing and hairbrushing clips added to our clips4sale store. . we will also be adding them for a cheaper price to the website this coming week. . but there has been so much positive response over this website already! It is so exciting to be starting so many new and wondrous projects. .

and the awesome site:
we have been filming like crazy for this site. . . new coats, girls and fun!

also, looking ahead:

kisses and scissors,

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