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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hello friends and fans, collectively known as the Starr Army! I am sorry I have been a little quiet for the past two weeks, but I have been working all hours of the day and night to get our main site,, ready for the re-launch on November 1st.  Sybil Starr Productions lost the websites payment processing abilities in April 2012, and then I split up my company and re-organized it. I also moved to Northern Michigan. The time has finally come to re-build our websites and add all our new videos to them.   I have had the task of re-organizing and re-posting the 400+ videos that we have available for purchase already, not to mention the weekly releases we have still been updating our clips4sale studio ( ) with since April. The most fun I have had in this process, besides learning a ton of things, has been finding many videos I had forgotten about.  I have posted video stills from a few of those videos.Mixed wrestling, Starr Girls 80-'s style workout videos and belly punching.. some very hot, fun and dramatic scenes. . I am very proud of my company and the work we have done, and how it has only continually improved over the years.

This weekend we did cancel our Real Underground Female Fight League event due to low response, but if anyone would like a group of feisty women to fight in their home, bar or gym, just let us know!

Also we are currently recruiting Fight Girls and models for our sites! 
Also if you would like to advertise our videos and get paid to help us sell them, our affiliates receive 40% of the money! search "sybilstarr" to see our products we have listed for sale. . . 

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Season 2 Episodes 3-4-5 Please enjoy the silliness of the Starr Girls!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

31 Fantastic Female Fantasy Fighting Videos


Belly Punch

Kordelia's Session


Fantasy Prize Fighters


LIA tries TKD

Smother Assassin 3

Primo face Sit Pins

Saturday School Lifts

Spy vs Spy

Who is the Best

buy them or re-sell them on your blog or sites!!! Just follow the link and add to cart or click on the resell product link to get directions to do so!!