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Friday, December 11, 2015

Season's Slobber Knockers!

 UPDATE! Order all 5 videos directly from me (e-mail me at from 12-15-2015 until 12-19-2015 for just $20!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!
This year, to celebrate- we are offering "Season's Slobber Knockers." These are some awesome competitive matches from when Sybil and Lia were in Greece in 2006.

You can buy them individually from this blog (below)- or if you want to order direct- just send an e-mail to me at and I will sell all of them directly to you for $40!!!!  If you were to buy all of these matches individually- they would cost you $83- but from now until New Years- buy them directly from me for only $40 and save yourself $43!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends out there in the wrestling world. .. this year has been full of ups and downs and many amazing and challenging times. . . and I am glad to see what 2016 has to bring!