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Saturday, August 18, 2012

HELL COMETH! Soon now! Custom Videos and Photos


9 women and 1 man have confirmed to shoot custom videos and photos, Starr Girls Mockumentary, and competitive Videos!

Once a year at Sybil Starr Productions we invite people in from all over the United States to create custom videos and pictures for our fans, it is our biggest shoot of the year!  We have a mat room available, two wrestling rings, and an apartment studio to shoot in. . . we have costumes, bikinis, tights and leotards. . our girls and guys are fighters and models with a diverse range of abilities and backgrounds. . . and our prices for customs are very affordable!!

The girls confirmed for the shoots are: 
Lia Labowe
Sybil Starr
Safa Warda
Lady Victoria
Josie Sojo
Ruby Nesque
Betty Battles
and our guy:
CJ Otis

 We are seeking sponsors for two competitive matches and also for our episodes of the Starr Girls Mockumentary.  When you sponsor our shoot for $100 you will receive 2 videos from the custom shoots of your choice, one comp match and the Starr Girls Mockumentary. When you sponsor our shoots for $200 or more, you will receive 4 videos from the shoots, 2 comp matches and the Starr Girls Mockumentary. Please e-mail me directly to get more information, and I thank you in advance for helping to support these feisty women!

 The shoots take place on Sept15-16 and all scripts and money must be in for the shoots by September 11th.  Please do not wait or hesitate, we already have had a ton of requests made and monies delivered and we may run out of time to film them all!!!

Thank you STARR ARMY!
Scissors and kisses,

RUFF0004 Jenn vs Betty Submission Cat Fight

Submission Cat Fight, Cat Fighting rules with Submissions! Most submissions wins in this cat fight battle between Betty Battles and Jenn

Friday, August 10, 2012

Babe of the Day

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

An Update on. . EVERYTHING!

Hello my dears!
I have made it to my new home and I also had my new internet finally installed yesterday. . . there were some snags and challenges, such as my van breaking down on my way here and other little things, but with faith and positive thinking I feel like a person can overcome just about anything;) And so I have!!!

I am currently collecting scripts for Hell and so far we have 12 in!!!  Amazing! we do still have time for a few more, the shoot isn't even until September 15th, so this is just blowing my mind but it also excites me so much. . especially to be working with such an amazing group of girls!

here is our basic pricing list if you are interested:
these are the Female Wrestlers/models that are available (so far) on this shoot. . .
Lia Labowe
Safa Warda
Lady Victoria
Ruby Nesque
Josie Sojo
and myself
CJ available for any mixed wrestling you would like to see!  He can take a beating!

and we may add some to that list if any of the other ladies who were invited get back with me.

 Also, if you have someone in mind, I could possibly contact them and check their availability!

We have rings, mats and apartment style settings available to shoot in!

We have one Competitive match so far to announce, and that is the undefeated Ruby Nesque vs Josie Sojo!

We are looking for sponsors for this match up and also to help film the final episode of the Starr Girls mockumentary!

If you are interested in any of these things, please contact me directly

We have had a crapton (my new fav word) of new releases on the clips4sale store too. . .

Bikini Wrestling
Beach Wrestling
Spy vs Spy
Leotard Humiliation Match
Mixed Wrestling
Professional Wrestling
and much more to be released this week. .

Now that I am settled into my new home I can start the work again on fixing Fantasy Fight and making it the way I want. . It may take a while yet, so I thank you for your patience. . but I will have it up and running correctly in the next 6 months. . until then there are always my clips4 sale store:

and I am slowly getting my tradebit videos listed here:

don't forget, you can become a tradebit affiliate and make 40% of the sales that you generate for us without spending a dime!!!! Our affiliates have made hundreds in the past couple of months and that makes me very happy!

I am excited to keep creating entertainment for you doing the things I love to do most!! Thank you for supporting us! Help us to get batter at serving you and your entertainment needs by filling out this survey please! It only take a couple of minutes, and I can start creating more of what you want to see!

Kisses and Scissorz!


Sybil Starr
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