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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thunder Punches

I wrote this story in 2004, enjoy!

Thunder Punches

We both travel hours-- just wanting to find a little slice of absolute seclusion in order to box it out every chance we can, every way we want-- and we find ourselves waking up in the woods on the lake. The house has a large deck that looks out, over the lake, and in the morning air there is a hush as storm clouds blow in. . .

Our eyes meet, and I whisper "Let's fight, outside." You pause and look up at the dark clouds as they roll in. "We won't have very long."
"Well, let's hurry then." I reply-- I throw on my red bikini and you throw on your athletic shorts-- we head out on the deck. We put our gloves on, the wind picks up and off in the distance we hear the thunder begin to roll.
"No rules, right?" I say-
"Just the usual." You retort. I laugh at that. .

We square off and this time I throw the first punch-- you are still a little groggy from the sleep and the long drive the day before. . so-- lucky me-- I get a good punch in-- right to your jaw. Just a jab, but it throws you a little, so I come in close and send an uppercut to your chin and then jabs into your midsection. . . you still haven't got your bearings. .
The wind picks up, and it is chilled as it blows over us. . Again the thunder growls at us.. . The storm moves closer. . We are only vaguely aware of it as we are locked up. .
You counter--clumsily. . You still manage to hit me in the face hard enough to sting. . But it just makes me mad and wakes me up more --I swing, a bit wildly, and you easily step away and come back with a deep uppercut to my belly-lightning strikes over head.
The rain can be heard to start falling on the other side of the lake, but all you hear is a rough "ooumph" escape my lips as your punch knocks my breath out of me. I am rocked a little by the blow and as you go for another, I counter and ram my fist right into your jaw. We take our punches at the same time and fall back and then into one another. . The wind is cold on my skin and gooseflesh is raised on my arms and legs as it travels over my warming flesh. I pull back and land another strike to your jaw and then pummel your midsection with jabs again, left right left right right right right left. . You grunt and groan as the punches take you and then I slam my fist into your chin. . you are rocked, your eyes glaze a bit-- I start in on you, pummeling you with lefts and rights as fast and hard as I can-- the rain creeps closer and closer-- we can start to feel it-- I back you up against the sliding glass doors and keep pummeling you-- face, then belly, belly then face.
You are out of it, and as the rain starts to fall and mix with the blows that are being rained on you, you manage to deflect a few of the punches and look up-- and I slam my glove right into your jaw-- you stumble back again into the glass door. . and I keep coming-- I have you trapped on the door, in tight and giving you blow after blow after blow. . . jabs to your face and then deep uppercuts to your belly, and though you occasionally manage to block a few, I am fierce and driven and not letting up, I just want to torture you with my fists, slamming them into you relentlessly as the rain begins to pour on us.
The rain is cool against our hot skin, the wind is chilling and the thunder claps loudly-- seemingly over top of us. . My hair begins to get drenched in the down pour, water is in our eyes, but I don't stop, though I have to grab you in a shoulder lock to keep from slipping as I nail you again and again in the face and belly-- using every muscle in my body to send my fist flying into you. . And then I concentrate only on your belly as the rain is in my eyes and I am too slick to do more than hit jabs deeper and deeper into your midsection. You are completely dominated and controlled by me while overhead lightning re-lights the darkened sky.
"Stop Please" you whisper. "No." I grunt as I slam another fist into you-- you throw me back, "No, let's take off the gloves." So we do, we toss them into the house out of the rain, and then, bare fisted, and a bit winded, we come back together again. The porch is slick with the rain and so are we, it is hard to hold our balance except by grabbing on to one another.
Locked close together, we begin trading blows, and I am determined that this time-- you will not get the better of me... I stay in tight and close so you can't get a good punch. I grab you in a shoulder lock again and go back to hammering you with blows to the face-- I know it hurts you because it hurts my hand, but I don't want to let up-- I don't want to give you the advantage at all—Finally, when you look completely dazed, I begin pummeling you in the midsection-- as I grab you around the waist and hold you close to me so that you don't fall-- and I don't go with you. I pull your body tight against my hip so that I have the perfect range to keep pummeling your midsection. . ummph oooh umph, the water pours off of us. . . I can't see anything but you and my fist burring itself in your middle-- taking your breath away again and again. . You are winded and dazed and I go to punch you in the face but am too slick-- as my fist connects, we fall. .
We tip backwards-- you land first and break my fall-- the landing for me is easy as I fall on top of you and you get the wind knocked out of you from both directions. Your head hits the porch. . you are out of it. . . but I don't let up "Come on" I whisper close to your ear as I straddle you and rain jabs into your dazed face. Water pours off of me and on to you. "Don't you have any fight left?" But you can't even answer me. . You are totally rocked. . .

But I don't let up--I get up and pull you up against the house in a sitting position, and standing above you I continue to rain blows down on your vulnerable jaw and face. . . it takes me a while to realize. . . you are knocked out. And even then—it takes a while before I stop.

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