Friday, June 12, 2009

Strippers, Baseball and Scissors

Did I get your attention? I know I got mine! LOL

I had a really great bit of travel this last week to Chicago and Boston. . . and yes, I did see strippers, baseball and get my squeeze on! I also got to meet Mistress Savannah in Boston and I must say, she is real treat! She tells me she will be working for scissor vixens soon, so don't miss this 6 foot tall gal who is all legs!

I am cleaning out the last of my DVD's!!! All are $10 a piece! If you are interested in purchasing please contact me at
this is what I have left in stock:

Boxing: Lia Vs. Sybil
Kissing Game 1
Kissing Game 2
Kissing Game 3
Lia vs. Sybil, Comp Submission grappling
Mixed Wrestling Session with Sunfire
Queen of Tights 1
Queen of Tights 2
Queen of Tights 3
Neko vs. Jen
Sybil Teaches Wrestling 101
Gauntlet: 1 man vs 3 women
Cat Burglar vs Cat Burglar
2 vs 1, Lia and Jen vs Sybil
Brad vs Sybil, mixed comp wrestling
Sybil's Submission to Gia
Mixed Wrestling Session with Lia
Pom Poms and Lassos
Lia vs. Clayton
Mixed Oil Wrestling
Gia vs. Sybil, Pro-style wrestling
True Scissoring Angel

Again, contact me at to purchase any of these above titles for $10 (this includes shipping and handling)

Looking for places to buy Lia Labowe videos?

The newest of Sybil Starr Productions release!!
That's right, you loved the first one so much we are now releasing the second in the series, in this one, Sybil demands revenge, but does not get it!
Sybil's fans want her to have her revenge on the male wrestler who beat her so badly by using illegal crotch torture holds and moves, but they will be disappointed as she again gets beaten down completely by her larger male opponent. This includes a bearhug which almost knocks Sybil out. . . crotch torture (claws, head butts, kicks, slap and more), Poor Sybil begs for mercy, but none is found. . .

It will be available for purchase beginning June 13th! You can find it here:
and at a discount:
can't wait to buy it?

What's ahead??

More Lia Labowe videos! Queen of Tights 6!
New updates to my website every week:!
More web shows to be announced!
I am currently training to run a half marathon in Detroit on October 18th!

Next week! TAMPA!!! June 18-20th!! That's right, if you are looking for a wrestling session, or a custom video, contact me!!

also, my first professional pillow fighting matches!!
Check out all the info on my new calendar on my re-vamped website!

Thanks! Kisses and scissors,

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