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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years! Mutiny Comes to Michigan!

Sybil Starr Productions Facts for 2009
SSP launched 7 new websites.
SSP best selling video of 2009: Glossy Coat 1
Sybil Starr best selling video of 2009: Sybil Practices Self Defense Techniques
Lia Labowe best selling video of 2009: LiaJitsu
SSP released approximately 460 clips and videos in 2009

Sybil Firsts for 2009:
Professional Pillow Fighting
Saw the Tigers play in Anaheim
KO'd a guy with scissors from the back of the neck.
Got a dog
Spooky Empire
Deep Sea Fishing
Zombie Bar

And my first goal for 2010? kick Mutiny's butt!
Mutiny is traveling here! We have already agreed to a competitive match, but our sponsor dropped out! If you would like to sponsor our match, the cost is only $50 and you will have a full version of the match to download within 48 hours of it taking place! Please e-mail me if you are interested!

Also, if you have any custom scripts for us! Get them in now! Our Custom pricing is very reasonable!

Veronika Valentine will also be available to shoot with Mutiny. . so that is three of us you can choose from! All types of fantasies fufilled here! just ask

Lethal Legs
new Mixed wrestling with Lia and 2 on 1 Trampling with Crush and Sherry Stuns.

Sybil Starr
New Veronika Training Videos!

Lia Labowe
New mixed wrestling videos!

and finally
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe in your celebrating tonight!
Kisses and scissors and wishes for the best year ever!

The Zed Word: Zombie Blog: Z.E.O. (REVIEW)

The Zed Word: Zombie Blog: Z.E.O. (REVIEW)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Updates!

If you are a member of the Sybil Starr yahoo group, you already got your free download;) If you are not, sign up!

It is Christmas Eve (it was when I started writing this!), and I have found myself alone for the first time in many years. . . I have been getting ready to spend the weekend with my family and cooking and listening to Christmas music and making merry. I love Christmas time.. even the crowded stores can't stop me from smiling. I am incredibly blessed. I have my health, my family, my friends, my fans, and my businesses. . . not to mention God's gift of His/Her only son so that we might understand His/Her love and be reconciled to that Divine Force. A new friend of mine introduced me to "The Feast of the Seven Fishes," and though my Grandmother is Italian we have never celebrated Christmas eve in this fashion in the past (she doesn't like to cook, truth be known.) I love to cook, and decided that I would give it a go. . . I made it through 5 fish dishes, as I just ran out of time and inclination to do the last two, besides, I was only feeding 5 of us;).

I started my feast out with a simple shrimp ring with cocktail sauce. . easy enough, right? And then I jumped in! It has been quite a while since I made marinara sauce from scratch, but using an old Ma Blackerby recipe and some improvisations, I cooked the best marinara sauce of my life, letting it simmer for 3 hours. . . . Time to put the lemon pepper flounder in the oven to bake, and then I threw the teryaki salmon on the grill. . and after feasting on all of that I also made Mussels Magnifico (so unbelievably good!) and Spinach Alfredo Scallops and Linguine. I still have Whiting and Tilapia ready to go if I intend to do all seven dishes this weekend ;) I enjoyed yesterday with a couple of family members and friends, and today travel north to spend the day with my 12 nieces and nephews. . Merry Christmas my dears!

All of our websites have been updated. . .
Live Female Pro-Wrestling Matches!
Competitive Pins Match in Shiny Thong Leotards!
Mixed Wrestling: Devon Vs Van
Clips4sale Updated: Daily!
New Videos and Pictures with Veronika, bondage, modeling and layers!
Clips4sale Updated!
New Videos with Veronika in new strait jackets!
Clips4sale:updated for Christmas

Lia Labowe
It seems as if you are just discovering that, yes, retired session wrestler, Lia Labowe does have her own site! The content here is a mix of her old videos (still being processed, rendered, edited and archived for you!) and some original new content!
This week LiaJitsu 1 and Spy KO with Bethany are both "re-visited"!
Lia's Clips4sale

My favorite new website so far! Spy Bitches! Assassin Ninjas! Judo Sybil! Leotards and Tights! Trampling! Ball Busting! Martial Arts Gear! Looking ahead we will be running a big promo contest for Lethal leg type scripts for January, so sharpen up those pencils and get ready!

Queen of Tights
Previously unreleased Christmas Video! Kitty Claus vs The Queen of Tights!
our newly launched bondage site! See all your favorites struggling for their freedom! Christina Carter, Fantasy, Sumiko, Josie, Kordelia Devonshire, Gia Primo, Mutiny & more! Also a new bondage blog that I just started. . watch for this to develop in the next year ;)

Sybil's Locks

Mutiny is on her way here for a re-match and also to work for our websites Jan 10th and 11th! Any custom requests? E-mail me soon. . also if you would like to sponsor our competitive match!

Kisses and Scissors,

Merry Eve!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated for the weekend ;)

Very Merry Holidays ahead!

This week's updates for Sybil Starr Production websites:

the First three clips from my competitive pins match with Nikki "Pin Down Girl"
Devon vs Van, Mixed wrestling at it's finest.
Avon lady catfight (poor quality) with Nikki Fierce
Spy KO with Bethany Joy
new clips and pictures with Josie and Neveah and Fantasy! Getting tied up and kidnapped by yours truly!
I trick Fantasy into the short leather jacket. . so HOT!
so many new clips! Fantasy and Sumiko tied together. Christina Carter ties me up and tickles me. . there are topless videos here. (consider yourself warned)

a QOT exclusive! Liz Lightspeed makes her debut as "Kitty Claus" the Catfight champ of the South Pole! and a dirty fighter! the first three clips of this match are available.
trampling, Mixed wrestling and Mixed Judo!

ok, I am going to be in Chicago tomorrow and then Minneapolis this weekend, if you are looking for a butt whooping, drop me a line!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Treats

A short sample clip from the "Crotch Despair" series and a behind the scenes picture with Liz Lightspeed from the filming of QOT 8, which is just now being released at in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Today's Picture

This Picture is from an upcoming release on "Midnight Assassin"

And this picture is from a boxing video I did with Devon at Sleeper Kids world. . .

today I added a ton of clips to the female wrestling/semi-comp category . . . all are pro-style female matches, two of which are live in front of an audience. . really great stuff. . . also been going through the Lia Labowe archives and finding more hot, almost lost to us, videos. . . launched and starr-girls launch is coming up! more details soon. . .

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Poem from fred

The Laughing Goddess
She will definitely kick you while you're down
And leave Her heel prints on your chest.
Use you, and abuse you in ever creative ways!
She will take your limits far beyond what you thought possible.
She will giggle at your pain, and deliver the dreaded "butt bomb"
When you least expect it.
And yet--days later, you will caress your bruises
With longing, dreaming of the day
When once again you will be summoned
To suffer, and serve
The laughing Goddess--Sybil Starr