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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years! Mutiny Comes to Michigan!

Sybil Starr Productions Facts for 2009
SSP launched 7 new websites.
SSP best selling video of 2009: Glossy Coat 1
Sybil Starr best selling video of 2009: Sybil Practices Self Defense Techniques
Lia Labowe best selling video of 2009: LiaJitsu
SSP released approximately 460 clips and videos in 2009

Sybil Firsts for 2009:
Professional Pillow Fighting
Saw the Tigers play in Anaheim
KO'd a guy with scissors from the back of the neck.
Got a dog
Spooky Empire
Deep Sea Fishing
Zombie Bar

And my first goal for 2010? kick Mutiny's butt!
Mutiny is traveling here! We have already agreed to a competitive match, but our sponsor dropped out! If you would like to sponsor our match, the cost is only $50 and you will have a full version of the match to download within 48 hours of it taking place! Please e-mail me if you are interested!

Also, if you have any custom scripts for us! Get them in now! Our Custom pricing is very reasonable!

Veronika Valentine will also be available to shoot with Mutiny. . so that is three of us you can choose from! All types of fantasies fufilled here! just ask

Lethal Legs
new Mixed wrestling with Lia and 2 on 1 Trampling with Crush and Sherry Stuns.

Sybil Starr
New Veronika Training Videos!

Lia Labowe
New mixed wrestling videos!

and finally
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe in your celebrating tonight!
Kisses and scissors and wishes for the best year ever!

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