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Friday, August 28, 2009

Review of Custom Products!

This looks like a good opportunity for me to chime in with my review of Sybil's work on custom videos and photo sets. In a word, it is beyond first class, beyond awesome! Her most recent work for me was a video at fetishcon done with two experienced pro wrestlers, one as her opponent (Sin-D), the other (Hellena Heavenly), as ref. It was a mix of pro wrestling holds with a prominent fetish overlay, which was both skillfully executed and great fun. My instructions were very general in nature and included my usual request that the participants have fun, which indeed they did. I have found that my enjoyment of a video or photo set is directly related to the enjoyment the participants experience in doing it. With Sybil's peerless skills and creativity, a successful and immensely enjoyable outcome is always assured. The repartee alone was worth more than the price of admission.

Prior to my first experience with Sybil doing a custom for me, I had had a number wonderful customs done by pro wrestlers, mostly through Lexie Fyfe's Slamminladies operation. When I prepared my first request for Sybil and one of her most experienced colleagues (Jenn), I was concerned that my very general instructions for what amounted to a semi-competitive cat fight, with pro wrestling holds in the mix, might be unintelligible. Suffice it to say that Sybil turned them into a production of astonishing quality and entertainment value. I was ecstatic, and the reactions of others in the Group were very positive. Perhaps the most striking thing for me was the way in which the considerable skills and exceptional attributes of both Sybil and Jenn were displayed to great effect. Both women looked phenomenal, and the match was most creatively done! The kissing conclusion was none too shabby!

The two photo sets were more of the same. One, pro wrestling holds done by Sybil and Dakota, was professional work of the highest order, and delightfully sexy too. Two awesome women doing their thing -- superb!!! The other was a sheer fun thing, Officer Sybil throttling and ultimately kissing, a very hot con (Kordelia D). Awesome!!! Two wonderful ladies and close friends doing their thing to the utmost!!!

Sybil communicates very well, gets the finished product on its way very promptly, and conducts herself in a thoroughly professional manner throughout. Reliable to the nth degree, Sybil has always carried out my wishes more creatively and marvelously than I could anticipate or even dream of. A custom done by Sybil is a sure thing and then some, as creatively skillful, classy, sexy and entertaining as any of us could possibly want!

Bless you, Sybil!!!


Anonymous said...

Well good for you. My custom from Sybil and Jenn a few years ago was a waste of money. The action wasn't what I asked for, the girls were on the verge of giggling, and the photos were stamped in the middle with a watermark making them completely unviewable. Worst. Custom. Ever.

Be warned, YMMV.

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