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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sybil Starr Newsletter

Hello Starr Army!

I just wanted to give you some quick updates from Sybil Starr Productions!

First, the Valentine's Contest winners have been announced! Check out my
blog. . it could be you!

Second, Check back to my video page often, as new clips are released every
week, and for a discounted price over my clips4sale page:
most recently a mixed tickling video with hogtie and tickle! But more will
be updated in the next two days!!!

Third, almost every other day my clips4sale store has been updated!!!
A New Queen of Tights Video! Mixed Wrestling! Tickling! Cat fighting and
Lift and Carry!

Fourth, The Submission Sisters Clips4sale store has been updated with a
Knock Out Video between Lia Labowe and Bethany Joy!

Fifth, New updates are being planned for, and new pictures
have already been added to the photo down load site and new videos have been
added to the membership site! Sometimes I am so busy updating all the
different things I forget to tell you about them!!!!!

The scissor challenge returns!!!!! If you think you can resist my scissors
for five minutes without tapping and do not mind being videotaped while it
is happening. . . I say to you STEP UP and feel the pressure of the thighs
that have knocked men and women out! Contact me to set up your challenge!

some of you know about my love of puffy jackets! and my wonderful new website!
But I also wanted to let my puffy jacket fans know that I am available to do
coat sessions with them, but only at my Michigan location! I can't take all my
coats with me while I travel. . so if you are interested in a coat session,
contact me directly!

I will be in NYC on March 25th-morning of the 27th and have some
availability left!
In Philly I still have some time available for Private wresting sessions on
the 26th!

Next month, look for me in Vegas from April 21-24th
Chicago, April 25th
And I am making my way to Charleston, NC around May 5th.

kisses and scissors,

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hey Sybil what a great Clips4Sale store you've!!
And I'm very happy to see that you're doin some Lift&Carry too. I love it!, especially when you're doin it with a another lady. I saw that one with Lia Labowe, and wow you're great. Hope that she could teach you some more very soon. So that you could give back on her a bit more and lifting her up.;)

Btw..Take care!
Hugs and kisses, //Christopher