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Friday, November 08, 2013

Kicking, Trampling, Crushing and Teasing! Recent updates!

FFGMIX245 Karen Kick Boxes
Karen shows off her amazing kickfighting skills. This one includes a few awesome face kicks and some excellent foot-in-the-face tramples. Karen is at her kicking best. From FOOTBOXER

FFGMIX244 Wrestling Prisoner
Van is a prisoner receiving his wrestling humiliation from Sybil Starr. He can't say no to being her sparring partner, and no matter what he does, she gets the better of him. 6 minutes, $5

FFGMIX243 Yoga Beat Down 2
SinD checks out a new yoga studio where she has a free lesson, but you get what you pay for! This creepy yoga instructor insists on being very "hands on" during their session, until finally SinD has to teach him the ultimate beat down lesson! Ball busting scissor holds and more. 11 minutes long

FFGFAN212 Photo Shoot Gone Wrong
The Diva, Lia Labowe, thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. . but Fantasia just can't take it anymore, this is her photoshoot too and she is tired of Lia stealing the spotlight and decides to put her in her place. Scissors, figure fours, KO's and crushing. . this tiny girl is no match for Fantasia's brutal muscles! 31 minutes, $29

FFGFAN211 Pain Challenge
Betty Battles Challenges Sybil Starr to an underground fantasy match where Betty puts Sybil into holds and Sybil is not allowed to make any sounds as she tries to get out of the holds. Betty wears a bikini and Sybil wear leotards and tights. 15 minutes, $15

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