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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hollywood Update

I just wanted to take a moment to capture what I am feeling and experiencing currently. . . amazement, joy. . so much more. . . this trip to Cali has been outrageous!!

I have gone to two baseball games/stadiums, I have gone sea kayaking, fought Kristie Etzold competitively, I have walked the beaches, shopped, wrestled some more, trained at Throwdown Gym-San Diego, I am currently at Robin's house in LA. . I spent a the night getting drunk on red wine with her neighbor until the wee hours of the morning. . and now I am waiting for her to return with lunch and coffee. . . . oh. . and there is this boy. . he has hazel eyes and a wonderful grin. Have you ever felt something perfectly all through your soul?

Sometimes you do become a rockstarr just by living out the blessings that are inside of you. . .listen to that little voice inside of you. . be true to it. .

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