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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sybil Starr Newsletter

Well, I land in San Diego late tomorrow night. . . and most people
know that I am on the West coast and available for sessions and video
work only once a year. . it is true and here it is. . the once a year!
I will be in the San Diego Area, available for sessions and video work
from Thursday, June 5th to Monday, June 9th. And I will be available
for the same in the Los Angeles Area on June 10-12. Please book now
or lose the opportunity! or 1-800-384-3080.

Also, new CATFIGHT! A Semi-comp, partially scripted hairpulling,
clothes ripping romp, with KORDELIA DEVONSHIRE!
Secretary Catfight

Featuring: Kordelia & Sybil

Video Length: 31 Minutes

Kordelia Devonshire plays the part of a trashy Administrative
Assistant who gets caught time and again watching pornography on her
computer at work. Sybil Starr, her boss on this assignment, has had
enough of Kordelia's bad work behaviors and is out to teach her a
lesson she won't forget! It turns into an office catfight, and even
after it seems to end there is more! Sybil Starr wants to humiliate
her Assistant by tearing her clothes off of her. This video does
contain topless footage.
order the DVD here:
or download it here:

kisses and scissors,

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